I Am Supreme Chapter 320

Chapter 320 Seven Emotions Praxis

Chapter 320: Seven Emotions Praxis!

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Old Mu was rather taken aback when he heard his young lords words. He replied only after a while, "Young lord, pardon this old servant for spoiling your mood. Yun Yang looks exceptional and is gifted with an innate jade physique its rare, true, but hes not suitable to be taken as nourishment. Especially when young lord has never fancied the yang side how can young lord suddenly have a change of heart for this man? If this is really so, all the more that this man must not be kept alive. This old servant shall get rid of him right away at least that pretty face of his must be tarnished! Young master, please dont act rashly!"

It was Lei Dongtian who was taken aback now. He stared at Old Mu, tongue-tied and in danger of spitting out some blood. He managed to speak after a timely pause, his tone filled with exasperation.

"Old Mu, where has your mind carried you to? I said I wanted Yun Yang as a cauldron, but its not for unscrupulous deeds. My Seven Emotions Ripping Psionic has only gotten through two stages. The selected candidates for the third stage are Ji Lingxi and Yue Rulan who are now within our plan but were still looking for the fourth stages candidate Im thinking of Yun Yang"

Lei Dongtian said in a murmur, "Would he fit the bill?"

When Old Mu heard about Lei Dongtians intention, he knew he had made the wrong assumption. He chuckled embarrassedly, "My thoughts have gone astray"

Lei Dongtian rolled his eyes.

Old Mu sat quietly to listen then, no longer speaking rashly. All in all, he was only a servant. His understanding of Lei Dongtians cultivation methods was incomplete as it was from his young lords usual behavior; he was not at all in the know of the complete situation. Otherwise, he would not have thought that Lei Dongtian had been enticed by Yun Yang and wouldn't have gotten ahead of himself.

Truthfully, Lei Dongtian would not let him know the mystery of his own cultivation method either.

"Happiness, anger, worry, longing, grief, fear, and shock"

Lei Dongtian ticked off the items meticulously in his mind, "Ive already completed happiness and overturned worry. As long as Ji Lingxi and Yue Rulan come into play, they will help me complete fear as for anger and grief I have nothing yet If I utilize Yun Yang, perhaps he can be cultivated into the embodiment of anger"

"Its just that the realm of such anger must be the stage of breaking down from fury and losing ones mind Only then can the effect be seen I might have to work harder during this period then" Lei Dongtian frowned as he continued to plot in his mind.

After a while, he shook his head in frustration and said, "Old Mu, do you think that what Yun Yang gas said is true?"

Old Mu thought for a long time with a crease in between his brows and said carefully, "Young lord, I think that the things Yun Yangs said cant be false. There are too many statements within that can be verified. A simple check will prove that his words are false but its also due to this that we can conclude that what he said is real!"

Lei Dongtian nodded in contentment. "For example?"

"For example, the time when the Nine Supremes met their mishap and the time this Supreme Wind reappeared this is one of them. Secondly, the cultivation base before Supreme Wind met his doom and afterward; thirdly, the rapid growth of his cultivation base after Supreme Wind appeared the distinction of his power can be tracked into the details. Fourth, the accused officials after Supreme Wind appeared and caught the culprits are also public knowledge Fifth, He Hanqings identity is something that was impossible to be covered up"

Old Mu said, "These are cases that are public and cant be faked intentionally. With a round of verification, it can countercheck the truth of Yun Yangs words!"

Lei Dongtian replied, "From tomorrow onwards, go and confirm all of these. The credibility of Yun Yangs words is high but to be safe, its better to do it for my peace of mind!"

"Yes, this old servant understands."

"After the investigation, if everything is correct, then I shall prepare to forge a good connection with Young Master Yun." A mysterious smile hung on Lei Dongtians face.

Old Mu asked in surprise, "Is young master thinking to do it at the same time?"

"Its easier to manage with preparations than to do it in an impromptu manner."

Lei Dongtian nodded in agreement.

"I shall befriend him wholeheartedly so we become firm friends who shall care a lot for each other and accompany each other through the hardships of life, even through death. Lastly, Ill turn everything around in extremity at the most crucial moment. The emotional hurt he will experience then shall spur his rage and fill his entire being with fury, so much so that he will break down and never believe in friendship or brotherhood. Ultimately, his core spirit will be fragmented and lost before becoming one of the links in my Seven Emotions Praxis."

Old Mu said worriedly, "Still, the process is an arduous one. After all, the young lord has to be sincere in the beginning too. The taboo of such seven emotions cultivation is mayhem in the cultivation path; once the cultivator loses control of his emotions, it will instigate the internal demon to counterattack himself instead. Although Yun Yangs individual capability is low, his background, identity, and influence in Empire of Yutang are measurable. He might not be the best choice"

"No, Yun Yang is the perfect target. The emotions of cultivators of Seven Emotions Praxis will ascend to the perfection of apathy but the process requires the cultivators to go through all sorts of emotional turmoil. If I keep refraining myself from being hurt, itll be difficult for this praxis to achieve perfection. Only when we stand against each other hurting him and being hurt in return, can the praxis be completed. Its like a fight of two tigers, the winner will take everything the loser has. Do you think its so easy to reach the stage of apathy and manipulate the emotions of everyone in this world?"

Lei Dongtian said indifferently, "By then, even those whose cultivation bases are much stronger than mine wont be able to defend against the rush of emotions facing my Seven Emotions Praxis. This is the perfect cultivation method that cannot be defended against!"

Old Mu was dazed as he listened, unable to imagine the cultivation methods application in the future.

Lei Dongtian was thrilled, though, as he said with a smile, "You wont understand. Some realms are only attainable by those who are absolutely devoted or someone who is extremely passionate or crazed about something."

"People like this, they usually keep or guard a sentiment dear to their hearts." Lei Dongtian said faintly, "My Seven Emotions Praxis can destroy that sentiment instantly; even an unrivaled expert can only await his doom I face him then!"

"As for the condition of executing the skill Well, theres actually only one. One has to accurately find the sentiment the opponent cares about."

"Let us go to sleep," Lei Dongtian said firmly.

Old Mu hummed in agreement and went to rest in the next room.

After Lei Dongtian had asked Old Mu to rest, he did not do the same but retrieved Ji Lingxi and Yue Rulans portraits to hang above his bed.

His gaze lingered on the ladies portraits in infatuation, a crazed devotion pouring from his eyes as he murmured, "Perhaps you dont know it yet, how much I like you two I like both of you as if I am turning insane. I desire the both of deeply but I cant; I must destroy the both of you, destroy this sentiment entirely Do you all know the anguish in my heart?"

From the portraits, the girls cold gazes greeted him like four sharp arrows.

"Only when the physical aspect is free and safe but the mental state has broken down upon the inability to endure extreme fear and hopelessness can I obtain the Pure Yin of Chaos to complete one of the links in my Seven Emotions Praxis. How would you know how much I have to suffer for this?"

His gaze was of desire, but there was also a sense of manic. "When I complete my cultivation, you two would have died, but I will remember you forever. Do you know that is torture as well? At least, before I reach the stage of apathy, both of you will entrap me like a nightmare!"

"However, there is no comparison for this."

"It is absolute worth the sacrifice! Do you all know this? Do the both of you understand? Your sacrifice will build an unrivaled expert! In the end, the both of you will be filled with joy!"

He mumbled in a crazed trance, the volume of his voice extremely low. It seemed that he had used the chance to vent his long-suppressed emotions.

Outside the window, a cloud of fog drifted quietly before dissipating into nothing.

"A sliver of the Nine Heavens Figment is still useful."

Yun Yang was deep in thought, sitting in his room at the Residence of Yun.

Lei Dongtian, a person of the upper universe What should he do to maximize his current gains?

His short-term goal was already completed having instigated the fellow to go head to head against the Four Seasons Tower. From how things looked now, his words were apparently credible enough to pull off the trick. After all, his words were all true, based on surface evidence. There would, however, be a huge lurking danger later on. Once Lei Dongtian fought with the Four Seasons Tower, they would not know of each others capability in the first or second encounter, so there would be a huge conflict in the beginning, but things would be different afterward!

Yun Yang would never dare to assume that the Four Seasons Towers men were stupid or mute.

Facing such a powerful opponent, they would certainly investigate his background. Even if Lei Dongtians origins were mysterious, he was too powerful to ignore. The Four Seasons Tower would connect the dots and suspect him; when they fought again, the tower would definitely probe him with words. Once the situation reached such heights, the entire plot would be exposed and Yun Yang would have to face the fury from both sides at the same time!

This was where the loophole was.

Yun Yang would never be nave enough to hope that both sides would take another side as irreconcilable enemies and fight to the death once they met. After all, both Lei Dongtian and Four Seasons Tower were not idiots!

How should he go about mending this loophole though?

Yun Yang racked his brain contemplating it.

How could he get them to attack each other viciously and intensify the battle so that one side could completely wipe out the other without even considering the possibility of Yun Yang being involved? It was best if both sides could proceed to the degree of irreconcilable enemies and beat each other up without saying a word, ending the fight by dying together

This was simply a very precarious technical issue.

Yun Yang knew that he had to lay out the groundwork delicately or else the scheme would fall apart around his ears!
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