I Am Supreme Chapter 382

Chapter 382 Spread Out The Giant Net Wait For The Fish To Come

Chapter 382: Spread out the Giant Net, Wait for the Fish to Come!

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Yun Yangs style of exerting both grace and ferociousness was extremely exquisite, rendering both the critters subservient instantly.

The strategy was to make one surrender on the surface as well as in their deepest beings!

They now worshipped Yun Yang without restraint!

What was more, he had earned the sense of belonging and attachment. There was nothing else to ask for.

"After this, you fellows have to pay heed to instructions, alright?" Yun Yang was patiently giving guidance.

The bear and the snake nodded hurriedly, like chicks pecking at rice. It was the epitome of a subordinate.

"As long as you pay heed to instructions, there will be nourishing food for you."

The bear and the snake's four eyes shone as brightly as Luminous Pearls. Once again, they nodded continuously. Saliva dripped from the mouths of both the snake and the bear, indicating their longing.

It was pure gluttony, and they were in danger of being labeled worse.

They would do anything that they were asked to, for a chance to consume such a nourishing meal!

To become a slave and sell their own bodies was not unacceptable to them.

It would even be worthwhile to suffer a beating every day.

Yun Yang did not know that within the hearts of the bear and the snake, they had actually given birth to a completely consistent plan. Squinting at each other, they secretly whispered in their hearts; was this fellow my competitor? Within this woods, it was either me or it; there was no way they could avoid being competitors!

"Okay, you can now go back to your respective homes, and continue being your own kings." Yun Yang grunted, "Remember to be obedient when there is a need for you to work, dont be cunning, dont escape, dont"

After repeating the 'don't' ten separate times, the bear and the snake became dutiful and compliant, from the start until the end, maintaining the pocket-sized figure. They kept on nodding and fawning and only separated after a while.

Yun Yang, having settled the two giant kings of the mystical beasts, would start on the next step of the plan. First, he had to continue staying here!

The outer appearance was the first to be changed. After all, Yun Yangs appearance was too outstanding and could be considered as the epitome of a charming womanizer. He required a substantial level of change to escape detection.

However, this was not something difficult for Yun Yang. It merely required fifteen minutes of time. WIthin that period, Yun Yang had transformed himself into a recluse, a recluse who had been living here for many years.

The age was not apparent, the outer appearance was not handsome or ugly, his body was not considered as very tall; it was merely one and three-fourths of metres. A roughly modest look, which would only gleam in the eyes of a child.

The shoes that had been worn off at the foot had been replaced by an animal skin and piercings; only the attire that he was wearing was the original set. There were some changes made, turning it into a jacket with a more worn-off look.

However, the biggest change in Yun Yang was the forest scent that was still carried by his body.

With two, loud, thundering crashes, a cave had been carved out on the side of the mountain wall. A curve was then carved within it, and after some decorating, a bedroom had been formed. After thinking for a while, he then created a stone wall at the curving corner.

He then threw some of the fur and skin of the mystical beasts outside and called up a fire to burn the corner areas on the top of the cave, creating a sooty look that one would believe had been caused by long years of oil and smoke.

After that, he released a stream of water, the current bursting out in a large flow.

The cave had been engraved with signs of being washed out by a strong current of water...

It was only an hour's effort, but the cave that had not been inhabited for decades or even centuries had been formed in an old-fashioned and identical manner.

Yun Yang then turned into wind form, going out for a round, and returned with countless feathers. He then transformed into a confluence of water and fire of the two mystical Qis, immediately forming a transpiration state. The feathers then became clean immediately. He then had the bed planked, with two blankets simply thrown on it.

At this point, the project in setting up the accommodation was fully completed.

Yun Yang then fell asleep in the cave. To his surprise, the environment in the cave was quite comfortable.

The deific consciousness spread all over the lavish forest.

Through the deific consciousness, Yun Yang knew that just within a day and night, there were seemingly no fewer than thousands of people that had entered into this section of the forest. Although they were still limited to wandering at the outer boundaries, their numbers had swelled greatly.

This piece of jungle covered a vast area. Yun Yang judged that although there were tens of thousands of people that had come in, they would not encounter each other if they didn't come from the same direction and the same route.

Within one day and night, there were hundreds of men; some had gone, some had died, and some were still wandering.

Yun Yang did not bother about it at all because the people that he was waiting for was not these people.

Now, Yun Yang did not wish to be as anxious like he had been initially. Furthermore, he wasn't even anxious at all!

Since the enemy had set out such a wide-arrayed formation, his intention was to aim at the masses of the Nine Supremes. Being the absolute bait, Old Dugu would definitely be treated well enough.

After confirming this point, Yun Yang could then be more at ease in handling things, and to be more thorough in his preparations.

This piece of jungle, in addition to the presence of beast hunters, traders, hunting teams, would also be traversed by people who came for trials, personal training, school grinding, and young masters from the official families who were out for a session of wild trekking and hunting!

For this point, Yun Yang had already explored the area thoroughly and had set the layout accordingly.

Subduing the two mystical beasts was the first step. If there were no such kinds of mystical beasts in this jungle, Yun Yan would naturally have found other types of mystical beasts.

Yun Yang was waiting for an opportunity.

if Supreme Cloud were to pronounce himself as second in this world concerning waiting for opportunities and creating opportunities, then there would definitely be no one who would confidently say that he was the first.

In order to remain hidden, Yun Yang did not even utilize the Eclipse Panther.

What he was going to do right now was to wait for a group of people, to draw them in, in order to carry out his subsequent plan.

Yun Yang did not mind the sort of person who was going to enter his scheme; whether it was from the military administration or even from the aristocratic major families.

Those things, for Yun Yang, was not important. They would be of no great import. However, as long as someone emerged, Yun Yang was confident that he would treasure and rely on the others authority to blend into Zilong City, and to even rely on the power of the other to accomplish even more things!

"If I had known that there was going to be this trip today, I would have obtained some permits from all the empires. At the very worst, I would then let Shui Wuyin summon the hidden manpower to provide support. No matter how it would not be to the extent of the situation I am in now, so bereft of preparation. Relying solely on his own adaptability, the factor of risk was too great. "

Yun Yang sighed in his heart and decided to get it done after he returned.

One could not blame Yun Yang for not being better prepared. The transformed figure of the Nine Supremes was ever-changing, and almost could cater to any of this worlds catastrophes; since when was there even a need for something so commonplace like a road permit?

However, now that he had actually encountered such a situation, Yun Yang was indeed utterly speechless.


Within the lavish woods, the sudden shouts of people and the neighing of the horses could be heard; the voices were unexpectedly loud.

The brigade's hunter had entered into the outer part of the jungle.

A cold sneer appeared across Yun Yangs face; popinjays who were able to create such a commotion seemed to spring up everywhere.

"It's time to take action!"


"Young Master Lan, we can, in no way, advance further. To move forward a few hundred miles will then mean that we have to enter the territory of the ninth class mystical beast king. Lets us search around here for the trails of the mystical beast!"

A person clad in black uttered modestly.

"Shut up!" The expression on the other youth was solemn, "Whether to go forward or not, how can it be you to decide? Young Master Lan will have his own mind. We all will just listen to him." Apparently, the person who was speaking was a pandering sort of fellow.

The head of this group of people was a tall, fair youth. The face of this young man naturally carried a dominating attitude. With a slight grin, he displayed a very unflustered look.

After a while, the twittering sound of women could be heard.

"The scenery was really good, but the route was a little bit difficult to walk."

"Yes, Sister Bai, I absolutely agree. Apparently, there are so many people here responsible for opening up the route, yet my cloak still suffers cuts. I believe they are actually members masquerading as if they actually had the abilities..."

"Although the quality of today's harvest is normal ..." a lady clad in blue uttered lightly, "The overall number is still quite a fair bit. What if we call it a day? Lets go back."

That expression of the blue lady was tranquil, but her words seemed to have another purpose.

Another lady cut in halfway and uttered, "How can we stop here? The Cloudmallow Squirrel that Sister Zi wants is yet to be found. If we were to go back now, we will not know when is the next time we will be coming out again. Now that the current situation is so tense, it is really difficult for us to come out on our own will!"

Upon hearing the lady saying that, the expressions of few young men around them changed instantly.

Due to a mans honor, even if they had got the mind to return, they would in no way to say it out loud.

After all, they were in front of a woman that they were interested in; how could they get defeated so easily?

That was something that could never be done by the vast majority of adolescent boys!

The extravagantly clad youth smiled faintly, " The time is still considered early. Until now, we have only been out for just three days, and to end the expedition in such a way, I think, will cause dissatisfaction in all quarters. Moreover, our team has more than two hundred people and there is no shortage of masters within. Having to come out in such a majestic manner, ending up just to catch several third-grade mystical beasts in the end; we're going to be the laughing stock among our people for ages!"

Another youth then burst out laughing, "What has been said by Young Master Lan is reasonable indeed. The last time the few bastards harvested a few fifth grade mystical beasts, it was just by a fine line that they did not boast about it! If we were to go back like this, it will be damning indeed. In fact, I do not mind, but Young Master Lan... "

The leader, Young Master Lan faintly smiled and said, "There is nothing if I were to lose my honor. However, the Cloudmallow Squirrel that is being sought after by the Lady Yunyan has yet to be caught in hand. It is an unforgivable matter."

That girl clad in blue smiled and said, "It is merely a Cloudmallow Squirrel. It is better to have the safety of everyone as a priority. I believe that after the passing of this period, there would naturally be great opportunity to get it."

Another lady opened her mouth and uttered, "Since when is it easy to catch the Cloudmallow Squirrel? If it was really that easy to catch, Sister Yunyan would not have to look forward to it for so many yearsIt is rare that the name of the Cloudmallow Squirrel and Sister Yunyan is so commensurable to each other. It is like it was set and created by the heavens. We came bearing excitement, how can we not enjoy ourselves to the fullest? Lets just continue to walk forward."


Five or six youth simultaneously answered the call; one after another, their eyeballs swept across the faces of the few ladies who had gathered together.

"Look, a Cloudmallow Squirrel!" A girl shouted in delight.

A tiny animal was bouncing between the branches and foliage of the dense forest, fearfully crashing through the brush without giving thought to its path.

That glance of the blue lady instantly brightened!
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