I Am Supreme Chapter 490

Chapter 490 Vulnerable Point. Had Han Sanhe Turned Stupid

Chapter 490: Vulnerable Point. Had Han Sanhe Turned Stupid?
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Yue Rulan sighed. "I do not know if what I did was overboard but you need not worry because it was I who did it, not you. I couldn't have avoided doing this. Shangguan Lingxiu is a good lady, pure in heart, exceptional in looks; her family background is extraordinary. In short, she's a rare beauty. But sister, this man, Yun Yang, is not like anyone else. You can't be blind in this situation. It's precisely because of Shangguan Lingxiu's sentiment towards Yun Yang that led me to do something like this!"

"Yun Yang is not like anyone else? What?" Ji Lingxiu asked, feeling rather lost.

Yue Rulan sighed again. "You are innocent and nave. As your older sister, of course, I have to think for you. I know I shouldn't have done something like this but I forced myself to. It's because Shangguan Lingxiu is kind with a good temper. She is pretty too, yet she doesn't seem to care about a lady's mannerisms for Yun Yang, hence why I had to do something like this. If it weren't for the fact that she was so exceptional and had done all that she could, I wouldn't have needed to worry about you and take on the role of the antagonist.

Ji Lingxi was still confused. "Huh?" she asked.

Yue Rulan was struggling to deal with her sister-in-law's naivety. She explained listlessly, "Let me ask you. We both know that you like Yun Yang. But have you thought about marrying him? To be together with him, forever?"

Ji Lingxi stomped her foot in indignation and covered her burning face. "Sister Lan! How can you say something so embarrassing?"

"It's just the two of us now, what is there that cannot be said between us? Let me ask you something else. Shangguan Lingxiu likes Yun Yang too. She's a girl but she's carried Yun Yang without a care. If it wasn't true feelings, how could she have acted so? Even before two opposing armies, she wouldn't have behaved in that manner. That being the case, she would likely be hoping to go further with Yun Yang too. Here comes the problem. If you two were to contest against each other, would it be you and Yun Yang who end up together? Or would it be her and Yun Yang to spend the rest of their lives together?"

"This" Ji Lingxi went pale and speechless.

"She's a nice person and she treats you well too; this is undeniable. But it also cannot be ignored that she likes the same man that you fancy. Will you take a step back just because she's nice? Will you pass her your opportunity at a lifetime of happiness with your own two hands? Yue Rulan asked in a low voice.

"I I really didn't think so far" Ji Lingxi stammered quietly, increasingly dazed.

Yue Rulan chuckled bitterly. "See, how could I not play the role of the antagonist? I'm meant to be in pain my whole life, but how could I watch you spend the rest of your life in heartache too?"

Ji Lingxi was at a loss for words.

She had not expected her Sister Lan to confront Shangguan Lingxiu for her just now.


Ji Lingxiu mumbled, "Is there no other way?"

Yue Rulan placed her head in her hands in speechless incredulity

This innocent girl, how could the matter of love be done in any other way? She might regret if she contested, but if she did not, her regret would be lifelong!

Yun Yang had fallen unconscious due to fatigue and a severe loss of blood.

Qiu Jianhan who was nourished by Yun Yang's blood had been saved by a stroke of luck. He was, however, still in a coma.

Both Yutang's explicit and secret figures of significance were knocked out but the warfare would not stop just because of their coma! To phrase it more accurately, this war of the century between these two countries would not stop for anyone or anything!

In fact, from the moment Qiu Jianhan was rescued until now, the battle had not taken a single break. The rest of Fu Baoguo's time, when he was not concerned with the old marshal, was used to arrange military formations and to defend against Dongxuan. It was thanks to the old marshal who fought for a prolonged number of days, that Fu Baoguo had the extra time necessary to build the geographical location he needed and start another tug-o-war with Dongxuan.

What Fu Baoguo truly rejoiced in was the fact that ever since Qiu Jianhan was subdued, it seemed that Han Sanhe had not struck again. All the battles were currently being commanded by Zhan Ge.

Zhan Ge could also be ranked among the world's most reputable generals; acute in both war stratagems and planning. In addition to that, he was not that far off from Han Sanhe. Yet in spite of these insurmountable odds, Fu Baoguo felt that he could still persevere and hold out with the limited military strength he currently held.

If Fu Baoguo had to give a reason for his hope, it was probably because as long as he was not facing Han Sanhe, he would not have the suffocating feeling as if he was struggling amidst a raging sea! He had been feeling oppressed whenever he faced Han Sanhe, and would prefer to take an exceptionally passive stance.

However, even when his current military strength was still lacking about two times lesser than that of the enemy's, his confidence only grew. Zhan Ge was more sure of himself that he would not fall, the mere idea of defeat did not exist to him.

Reality played out just like the judgment that Fu Baoguo had made. Every loophole in Zhan Ge's command maybe it shouldn't be called a loophole but rather the communication gap between him and his orders - Fu Baoguo could exploit them with precision and apply a counterattack. Sometimes, it was reorganizing his troops by using the gap and then to stabilize their state.

The overall picture was still increasingly disadvantageous to Yutang because Yutang's military strength was decreasing steeply from the battle a substantial price had to be paid for the weaker side to fight the one with more manpower, but Fu Baoguo managed to quell it. Their side had managed to hold out, far exceeding initial expectations and the days that followed that they did not fall were additionally earned. Every day that they managed to hold their ground was another percentage of chance added to Yutang's victory in this war!

Fu Baoguo no longer kept any reserve soldiers; instead, he divided the Steel Cavalry into three squads and sent them for attack respectively. The remaining Serving Troop was reshuffled into two squads, assisting the Steel Cavalry in an attack. Other than these, Fu Baoguo gathered the army's ace cultivators and formed a special force.

These people were led by Bai Yixue, Fang Mofei, and Marquis Yun to charge at the enemy as well. What was different was that the special force only focused their attacks at the loopholes of the enemy's strategy; only then could each attack deal the most damage to the enemy with the least amount of casualty on their own side.

It began to dawn upon on Fu Baoguo where their edge was now. Although their military strength was lacking, their combat power weaker, their manpower lacking, and they were too far behind in terms of overall progress moreover, their defensive line was on the verge of crumbling as the enemy could breach it at any time. But the biggest advantage he had right now was the three super experts in his team.

Bai Yixue!

Marquis of Heavenly Clouds!

Fang Mofei!

The martial power of these three people was unsurpassable in spite of the millions of soldiers from the two warring countries.

They were his trump cards, his most prized resources.

Fu Baoguo would hurry towards any point in time or place that the battle was losing out. "My brothers, help us charge forward."

Currently, Bai Yixue was the unluckiest of them all. Whenever it happened, he had to lead the special force seven out of ten times. It was because his cultivation base was the highest, insanely high, at that.

Besides, there was actually another reason

"Big brother, I've just charged just now" Bai Yixue was growingly less courteous to Fu Baoguo now, giving up calling him marshal and opting instead to call him big brother; in fact, Fu Baoguo should have felt honored to be called big brother by an ace cultivator of the heaven realm!

"Old Marshal doesn't look too good over there," Marquis Yun said, "I'm a little worried, what if"

Before the Marquis of Heavenly Clouds finished his words, Bai Yixue bolted out with a long face, not saying anything in reply.

An incomplete sentence was the magic weapon that could render Bai Yixue thoroughly speechless right now Qiu Jianhan had been shot under his protection. It worked every time.

"Old Fang, it should be your turn for the next battle huh?"

"Old Bai" Fang Mofei looked troubled. "The young master is still unconscious. I'm worried, what if he's shot"

Therefore, Bai Yixue moved away, not before shooting him a dirty look.

He was lamenting inwardly, "Ah, one really can't have even a single vulnerable point or else others may capitalize on it. It's for this small matter that I'm being made to wok a slave now. How dare they!"

Bai Yixue grumbled bitterly, "I, Bai Yixue, was renowned in the martial world back in the years too; But now"

He sighed heavily, "I protected someone many years ago. That journey was filled to the brim with battles and when we finally reached our destination, I was wounded from head to toe, on the edge of death. Can you guess, however, regarding the well-being of the person I was protecting?" Marquis Yun asked.

"I'm not guessing! I'll just lead the team!"

Bai Yixue stormed away once again, looking livid.

"One really can't have even a single shortcoming!" This was Bai Yixue's enlightenment regarding what had happened. Once a person's vulnerable point was taken advantage of, it would be a very long time before a person could recover from the experience.

The situation was improving, but Fu Baoguo, as Yutang's main marshal, remained uneasy and perplexed. According to the current state of the war, Han Sanhe could breach the Tianxuan Cliff and then sweep away the entire Empire of Yutang without any obstacles, as long as he put in some more effort.

This would also mean the glory of expanding Empire of Dongxuan's territory was right in his grasp!

Moreover, Dongxuan's position as the continent's hegemon would be built from this and secured forever.

However, Han Sanhe suddenly kept his hands to himself at this critical moment. He had passed everything to Zhan Ge! Then, he stepped aside for a break.

What did this mean? Fu Baoguo thought it was absolutely ridiculous! If it were him, he would most definitely follow up on a victory with hot pursuit at this critical juncture.

Even if Han Sanhe wanted to drill and cultivate his descendant, would he need to do it as such a turning point? It was important to teach his own disciple, the heir to his career, but was there such a need to train him at this time?

To put it another way, it akin to losing the bigger picture over something petty; on a more serious note, it was delaying the military's chance at success. Such a crime was unpardonable!

Furthermore, it was obvious that he was passing the great merit of territory expansion to Zhan Ge with both hands!

This confused Fu Baoguo even more.

Had Han Sanhe turned stupid?
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