I Am Supreme Chapter 494

Chapter 494 The Nine Supremes At Tianxuan

Chapter 494: The Nine Supremes at Tianxuan
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Han Sanhe had gone back to rest more than two hours ago, but Zhan Ge was still deep in thought, perched at the top of the mountain.

He was determined to fight to the death!

Zhan Ge's gaze burned brighter as his resolve grew increasingly stronger.

Fu Baoguo asked, "Has the Old Marshal's carriage gone on its way?"

"It left the base four hours ago!"

"Good! Has Young Master Yun left as well?"

"We didn't see him, he should have left with Old Marshal too!"

"Good! That's good!"

Fu Baoguo breathed out slowly. "Now, I can finally attend to this battle and fight to my death without any more worries!"

Yun Yang unleashed his powers and sped like a wisp of smoke towards Tianxuan Cliff, concealed by the dark night.

The Temple of Nine Supremes stood at the highest point of Tianxuan Cliff and it was Yun Yang's destination right now.

"I'm sorry, my brothers I have to take this step after all The peril of subjugation gives me no more room to hesitate!" Before long, Yun Yang stood in front of the Temple of Nine Supremes, alone in the nightfall.

The Temple of Nine Supremes loomed right before his eyes.

"Majestic Yutang, Glorious Nine Supremes" the words on the door stopped Yun Yang and he stood there for a long time. He looked at the words; it was these words that had led to endless slaughters and blood debts!

It was a moment later that he slowly stepped into this familiar place that he had parted with some time ago.

Standing in the foyer alone, and glancing at the statues of the Nine Supremes, Yun Yang was at a loss. It was like he had become one of the nine statues, no longer belonging to the human realm.

"If things hadn't come to the worst, I really wouldn't want to use your powers"

Yun Yang murmured, "I am truly under pressure now No matter how reluctant and unwilling I am, I would never have wanted you all to see what is to happen If Yutang were to fall, I would be ashamed to see all of you in the underworld, so"

Aside from Yun Yang, there probably was no other person in this world who knew that there was a huge secret of the Nine Supremes hidden here at the Tianxuan Cliff.

The ambush on that fateful day at Tianxuan Cliff had used the Spiritual Restraining Formation to seal Nine Supremes' power within their physical forms. It was after that battle that Nine Supremes perished, becoming the biggest catastrophe to befall Yutang for nearly hundreds of years.

The Nine Supremes had fallen.

However, it was also because of the spiritual restraint that their powers did not dissipate after their deaths, sealed in the vicinity of the cliff. Other than belonging to Residence of Nine Supremes, to heaven and earth, the power had been sealed in the area without any decrease in potency, even after their owners had died.

The humans had died, but the powers remained!

This was due to the fact that the nine powers belonged to the sky and earth anyway; it was due to the Spiritual Restraining Formation that they were temporarily sealed, but it was also due to the formation that this secret stayed here quietly, all along.

If no one had come to instigate it, the energy might have slowly diminished over a very long time, to become the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth once more. As for the person who could stir up this power of Nine Supremes again, he had to possess a skill of the same source; other than that, it would be useless, no matter how remarkable the person's cultivation base was.

Perhaps things were truly destined in this world; fate worked in mysterious ways. There was only one person who survived among the Nine Supremes Supreme Cloud.

Supreme Cloud of Nine Supremes had come to personally trigger this force. As long as he was willing to, he could easily manipulate it.

Yun Yang had known about the existence of this force for a long time. Since the day he returned to the Residence of Nine Supremes for the very first time, he had sensed another location in this world where the Nine Supremes' powers were gathered. As long as Yun Yang made his way there, he could improve himself massively using the force but he had not touched it all along. Furthermore, he had not entertained other, similar, thoughts. He kept the powers as they were. Previously, he would rather have practiced extensively himself to cultivate the power of flame and wind than to lay a finger on this force.

There was no other reason for his reticence except the fact that this was the last bit of energy his brothers had left in this world. It was also concrete evidence that allowed Yun Yang to feel that his brothers were still alive.

If he were to use this force as well, there would be nothing else left. There would be no more traces of the Nine Supremes having existed in this world!

Today, however, Yun Yang knew that he was forced into a corner. If he did not trigger this energy, Yutang would surely be defeated. The entire country would be under Dongxuan's steeled hooves; lives would be sacrificed and the nation and its people would cease to exist.

Yutang was the land he and his older brothers had guarded their whole lives. How could he watch it fall just like this?

Yun Yang kneeled down quietly and bowed harshly. When he stood up, there was blood on his forehead.

"Brothers, young nine is useless please forgive me."


Before Dongxuan made any move, Yutang had acted first, taking the initiative to launch an attack.

Yutang's army was neat and tidy, or thereabouts. It was not that the soldiers did not want to clean themselves properly, but it would be rare for a soldier to be without wounds and have a complete armor if they had fought to this day. Even when they were stained with blood and wore torn clothes, they did their best to clean themselves up. Any tattered shreds were sewn to their best effort, their belts were secured tightly, and their pants were tied neatly.

They departed, troops with shiny helmets yes, they wiped their helmets until it was without a speck of dust.

Their faces were also the part where everyone was uniformly clean. They washed their faces, and there many who washed their hair as well, as if they were not going to a battle where their death was certain, but to meet some important people.

Troop after troop walked out from top of the mountain or the forest or the base, falling in line on the spacious plane in front of the mountain. The Yutang army walked and lined up while singing.

Looking from afar, they really did not look like a battalion that was about to join their last battle; they looked more like ceremonial troops who were there to attend a banquet.

Every sergeant of the troop puffed their chests high, standing at the frontmost spot of their teams.

All structures that Fu Baoguo had built and worked on throughout the period of time were destroyed, there was nothing else for them to stand behind to shout their defiance. What Yutang was left with now was only flesh and blood only lives!

Then, they would build another Fortress of Resilience that belonged only to Yutang with their lives, their flesh, and their blood!

The horn blared with a rousing cadence.

Uniform sounds of galloping hooves beat out a chilling rhythm.

The Steel Cavalry appeared in squads, coming from the left side of the battlefield; the Serving Troop came in teams as well, approaching from the right side of the battlefield.

The atmosphere was grim, the people solemn.
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