I Am Supreme Chapter 554

Chapter 554: I Have Three Ways

Chapter 554: I Have Three Ways!
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Venerable Lord Sword and brothers stood together in a spacious house and wore grim expressions on their faces.

The release of the Dictum of Death held equally heavy pressure on the three of them.

"The Dictum of Death can basically prove the truth in Yun Yang's words. The Merciless Tower has indeed ganged up with the Hall of Crimson Blade; both sides have come together. Now that they have assembled the world's assassins, the situation is very bad for us."

"We have less than two hundred people here. There are only seven of them who are above heaven realm! We are too weak, the difference between our capabilities too vast. We can't even begin to compare ourselves to them."

"What do we do now?"

Both Venerable Lords were looking at Venerable Lord Snow, who was musing while pacing the floor.

Venerable Lord Snow was deep in thought, a frown on his brow.

What should they do? This was a valid question.

It was about this time that a clear voice rang out, "Are the three Venerable Lords here?"

Yun Yang!

Yun Yang had come at an opportune moment.

"Do enter, Young Master Yun!" Venerable Lord Snow's eyes brightened with glee.

To the three of them, Yun Yang was smart and crafty, in addition to having a significantly powerful cultivation base. His spontaneity exceeded that of the common man. The three of them were fearless after years of battling in the martial world, but they could hardly produce a stratagem to overcome this chaotic situation. Yun Yang's aid in coming up with a strategy would be invaluable.

The breeze blew strongly. Yun Yang had come to the yard in his purple gown, slowly pacing towards the room.

"Young Master Yun has come at a good time." Venerable Lord Snow wore a deep frown and a grim face. "The situation now"

Yun Yang breathed in deeply and replied, "I've come exactly for this reason."

"We would like to hear your opinion," said Venerable Lord Frost.

This time, even Venerable Lord Sword lifted his head and watched Yun Yang in anticipation. It was easy to discern that the three Venerable Lords were rather clueless when faced with the current dilemma.

It was true that the three of them wanted to seek revenge for Venerable Lord Ice, it was also true that they would be willing to face death in obtaining vengeance, but now that the Dictum of Death had changed the situation and all the skilled assassins of Tianxuan Continent had flocked over from all directions like a swarm of ants, the massive scale of the operation frightened even the strongest of the Venerable Lords.

Even though they regarded their capabilities highly, they were not narcissistic enough to assume that the three of them could fight off all the world's killers. After all, the three of them no longer recognized themselves as the Four Seasons Tower's Venerable Lords, thus their biggest wish now was to obtain revenge for their brother and then live out the rest of their lives in seclusion in the forest.

Nonetheless, they did not manage to find the Hall of Crimson Blood and Venerable Lord Ice's killer, Hong Zhan. Based on Yun Yang's intelligence, they had expanded their ambush to The Merciless Tower as well. While they had managed to kill more people, they still did not catch their enemy's key personnel.

When they faced The Merciless Tower's assistant leader, Yu Fei, in the previous battle, the latter's capability was much higher than they had expected; the three of them were not his equal if they were to fight him individually. Even when the three of them combined forces, they did not manage to seize their opponent.

By this calculation alone, they would definitely lose in a three-on-three once they actually went head to head with The Merciless Tower's leaders, Hen Bieli and Hong Zhan, whom they had been searching for in addition to Yu Fei. If this were not so, they would not be gathering the Four Seasons Tower's resources in Tiantang City.

It beyond their expectations that The Merciless Tower would use the legendary Dictum of Death when this organization still had some combat strength in them. For a moment, the trio was befuddled. After all, nothing should have caused the situation to progress to this stage, no matter how one looked at it.

Had they regarded the three brothers too highly? This sort of treatment was more suitable for the likes of Mr. Nian! It was akin to killing a chicken with a butcher's knife for them to retaliate against the Venerable Lords this way.

When Yun Yang came, the three of them instantly felt more assured. It was truly a strange feeling.

"I believe all three of you are clear of the current situation. Not only is it complicated, it is very harmful to all of you. Even if you have the Four Seasons Tower behind you, the situation is still tricky."

Yun Yang said, "We know each other, thus there is some sentiment at play, especially when it was my message that brought all these about."

Venerable Lord Sword spoke quite impatiently, "Stop beating around the bush. Just tell us what we should do."

Yun Yang chuckled and spoke unhurriedly, "Of course there is a way out, but it depends on what the Venerable Lords are thinking."

"May I ask what Young Master Yun means?" Venerable Lord Snow questioned in a composed manner.

"I have three ways for you three to pick from, ranging from the best to the worst," Yun Yang replied.

The trio listened intently.

They had been unable to come up with anything for so long, yet the youth had three different solutions in hand the moment he walked in? What a clever mind he had! Was this what separated the wheat from the chaff?

"We would love to hear about these ideas," the trio said simultaneously.

"The best way, the best method, to counter this current situation is to just leave." Yun Yang said seriously, "To begin with, I'm rather confused about what has happened. After all, what the three of you have done is in stark contrast to the actions of the Four Seasons Tower in the past."

All three of them nodded with long faces.

Yun Yang had personally witnessed the fight between the Four Venerable Lords and Lei Dongtian and servant that was then drawn to Mr. Nian's emergence and forceful finish. He knew well about the Four Seasons Tower's hidden capacities and its monstrosities. He was equipped with an adequate cultivation base, thus it was expected that he would reach such a conclusion from the hints that were presently available.

"You didn't manage to kill Hong Zhan, but there are plenty of men from the Hall of Crimson Blade who died at the hand of you three. From a certain degree, it can be considered that Venerable Lord Ice's death has already been avenged. I believe he would be able to rest in peace down there."

Yun Yang spoke with kind intentions, "From what I can see, no matter how colossal the Four Seasons Tower, there must be a limit to its abilities. Can it really support the three Venerable Lords? If the three of you insists on pursuing this matter, it may enrage the Four Seasons Tower's higher authorities. When the time comes, it may be very harmful to you. After all, what you've offended this time is one of the most notable assassin forces on the continent."

"The goal has pretty much been reached by now. Why not put it aside for a while, and hide to ensure your safety? Wait for a better opportunity in the future and act upon it. This will be the best way!"

As Yun Yang spoke, the trio's expressions darkened significantly. By the time Yun Yang ended his speech, all three of their faces held animosity while their gazes towards Yun Yang were already tinged with hostility.

They were ready to fight, yet his best way was to flee? If they were to escape just like that, there was no need for the youth to even present his idea! Even though Yun Yang was being reasonable and the Four Seasons Tower no longer supported them like it used to, so what? The Venerable Lords were adamant about avenging their brother's death!

"No." Venerable Lord Snow did not look happy. "Our brother has just passed on and we haven't actually taken revenge. How can we leave, just like this! Even if the three of us have to die fighting, we won't just give up!"

Yun Yang sighed and said, "Since all three of you insist, then let us go to the second best option. Actually, it is simpler than the best way. I would suggest persevering while waiting for support."

"Persevering while waiting for support? What support?" asked Venerable Lord Snow.

Yun Yang feigned surprise. "What support? Of course, it would be the support from the Four Seasons Tower. Actually, the current situation isn't any different from the day when the Venerable Lords fought my friend, Lei Dongtian. It's just that one is fast and the other slow. Currently, no matter how amazing the Dictum of Death is, there will still be a few days gap until the world's assassins assemble. I believe the Four Seasons Tower's relief troops can rush here in time. I still remember the glimpse I caught that day. Although that fear still lingers, it was a truly amazing sight!"

The three Venerable Lords' faces fell once they heard Yun Yang's second suggestion. Their already dark faces darkened to a point where it was about to absorb all light.
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