I Am Supreme Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Ive Found You

Chapter 64: Ive Found You!

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The Cirrus House was abuzz as usual, songs and dances performed along with harmonious melodies as workers and customers came and went. Many had arrived to find that the rooms and the ladies were occupied, but they did not leave, sitting in the foyer downstairs to wait instead.

It was only natural that the Cirrus House did not ignore these people and served them tea and cakes.

Among the Twelve Golden Flowers of Cirrus House, the one featured to play in the hall today was Qing Shanxue.

She wore a white dress and sat behind the light chiffon drapes; her opaque silhouette and resonating string melody were undeniably alluring. Those who visited, whether they be loutish men in the martial arts world or scholars themselves, had all put up refined and courteous fronts with no exceptions. Even the sharp lines on some of their brutish faces seemed to have softened upon hearing the calming tones of her music.

On the side, there were a few people sitting up straight. Although they were wearing casual clothes, their militant aura was clear for all to see. These people were also enjoying the string music with squinted eyes.

However, the arrangement today seemed a little different than usual.Behind the feathery chiffon, there was another white silhouette about the size of a fist hopping and running around actively.

The string melody went astray.


An exclamation came from behind the curtain. Right then, a tiny white shadow sprinted out from behind the curtain. It was a minute white kitten the size of a fist; it was absolutely adorable with its fluffy fur and blue eyes.

It paused for a bit on the floor before scurrying under one of the tables.

Giant Snow! Qing Shanxues panicked voice rang from behind the curtain. My Giant Snow ran out

Was it Qing Shanxues pet?

Instantaneously, Qing Shanxue came scuttling out from behind the chiffon as her eyes frantically searched the floor; anxiety painted on her beautiful face.

Just standing there, she had everyone in the hall staring unblinkingly

Her pitifully weak look coupled with her charming beauty had stirred everyones protective nature and brought it to the fray.

Can everyone help to catch my Giant Snow? Please dont hurt it Qing Shanxues voice soft as velvet as she gazed shyly towards the crowd with hopeful eyes.

Dont worry, Ill help you get it back!

The crowd exploded into action.

It was only a cat.

What was so difficult about catching it?

A maid walked through the hall as she bent low to find the kitten under the tables, calling out, Giant Snow Giant Snow come out quick

With a sudden flash of white, a kitten sprinted out from under a table. Someones hand stretched out to catch it but the kitten jumped aside and avoided it with an agility belying its little frame.

Suddenly, the white kitten actually scratched the maid who was bent over on her buttocks with a swish.

It had scratched a large hole out at once; even her undergarments had been torn from the swipe, exposing her plump pink flesh, causing everyone to stop and gawk at the sight.

Eek! The maid straightened up with a flushed face, one of her hands covering her rear end in embarrassment. Giant Snow, you naughty thing

She covered her buttocks with her dress and fled in a flustered huff.

Good job, Giant Snow! someone cheered, whilst some brave others whistled in appreciation.

The kitten nimbly steered through the crowd, obviously unafraid of humans. Another maid went over and the kitten sprung up, scratching with her sharp claw.


The dress around her buttocks was torn again.

Cheers and whistles arose right away. Even those so-called scholars and gentlemen who had managed to act with utter prudence and reservation had shining eyes even as they muttered, Wheres the decency? Wheres the decency in all of these?

Without hesitation, their eyes were taking honest peeks at the exposed flesh from the torn dress.

The maid ran away covering her face as whistles emanated from all around the room.

The maids were trying to catch the kitten but all the other customers were half-hearted in their efforts because they could see that this kitten seemed to like scratching womens dresses!

A classic thug of a cat it was!

A splendid job I say! Let it scratch a few more, why dont we?

All of them began to herd the kitten towards the maids around them. The kitten was exceptionally agile as it sprung up and hopped down, slinking away through grasping hands; the maids were exclaiming in their velvety voices but came nowhere near catching the creature.

Suddenly, a quick swish had a rotund set of buttocks scratched, exposing a large, spherical hind end. The men laughed. Councilor Li, thou art fair indeed!

Councilor Li laughed as well. After all, men were less reserved compared to women. He laughingly scolded, This naughty, lusty kitten! He lifted his robes to cover his buttocks and sat down after taking two steps back; the man did not intend to leave despite the state he had gotten into.

Swish! Swish!

More peoples robes fell victim to the kittens sharp claws.

The hall was in a commotion. Everyone was laughing and shouting, whistling vivaciously. How could this be the Cirrus House that used to be so quiet and refined?

Qing Shanxue stood still, in stupefied shock.

Yun Zuiyue appeared from the second floor and said angrily, What is going on? Catch the kitten quickly! Xueer, I told you not to bring the kitten around. Look whats happened now, what has become of this!

Qing Shanxue said tearfully, Sister Yue Im sorry, I didnt think

Upon Yun Zuiyues insistent urging, everyone quickened their movements but the kitten was unbelievably agile. When it seemed that it had nowhere to go, it would flip unexpectedly and escape. A few more men and another two maids buttocks were doomed.

The laughing and chiding got louder and higher, yet no one was angered. It was obvious that everyone thought of this little accident as a strangely fun game.

Soon, the few men with the bearing of militants stood up as well; two of were hefty and had a full face of hair.

The kitten ran around like a ball of lightning. Suddenly, with two quick swipes, it tore through two of the militants robes.

The boisterous laughter and unabashed exclamations were loud and delighted.

Swish! Swish!

Another handful of robes bore the brunt of the kittens ire as well.

In the hall, there many patches of exposed skin moving about. Of course, most of them were men and they were unbothered by it, since it was only a small patch of damaged cloth. They wouldnt even have cared if they were naked!


Just as the last bearded man stood up, the robe on his buttocks was shredded to bits.


The fellow cursed under his breath, to the glares of the surrounding people. How could you scold such an adorable kitten, one that truly understands what a man wants?

You dont know whats good or bad for you.

Over in the other direction, both Yun Yang and Yun Zuiyues eyes shone with triumph. On this mans buttocks was a crescent-shaped scar.

They had found him!

Yun Yangs gaze turned dangerously icy.

Who is this man? Yun Yang asked softly.

Zhao Binglong. Yun Zuiyues voice was even colder than his as she said, Deployed in the east throughout the year. He holds the highest rank and was once deputy marshal of the easts military troop. People called him Northwest Zhao!

Zhao Binglong, Northwest Zhao! Yun Yang immediately filed this persons information in his mind and smiled lightly. No wonder he looks unfamiliar. Hes a high-ranking general of the northwest.

This person is brave and skilled in warfare with a cultivation base of mystical Qi at the fourth level. He is also cunning and a schemer, his achievements in the war on the east are renowned and intimidating. In addition, he commands many skilled militants and courageous warriors. He is cautious by nature and countless men are willing to sacrifice their lives to stand by his side. His janissaries were even called the Thirty-Six Northwest Raiders, theirs names are known far and wide.

Yun Yang tried to recall the records on the military dossier regarding this Northwest Zhao.

This persons military service was filled with merits, his name known imposingly far and wide. Unfortunately, hes a satyr. Word has it that he keeps more than thirty concubines at home and is constantly searching for more women. He has made numerous offers to claim Xueer but Xueer doesnt agree. Neither do I.

Yun Zuiyue said softly, I have always felt that this man was a tad... shady. He seems to quickly abandon the old for the new. I wouldnt agree to have Xueer follow him.

Yun Yang nodded. Sister Yue, I have found him. I have caused you enough trouble these past three days.

Coquet with grayed curly beard and physically well-built. A satyr with a crescent-shaped saber scar on his buttocks.

It was him, and rightfully so.

All the characteristics matched.

Yun Zuiyue said, Please dont mention it. Instead, if I had a chance, I would hope that I could kill a few of these animals myself.

Yun Yang said darkly, Sister Yue, if there is a will, there is a way.

At that point, a maid came forth with news, Sister Yue, General Zhao wishes to meet Sister Yue for a discussion.

Yun Zuiyues expression was bleak as she said, Cant you see I have a guest here?

The maid retreated timidly with a blanched face.

A while later, sounds of a scuffle came from just outside the door, General General, you cant enter A rough voice guffawed. Which honorable guest is Lady Yue meeting that she doesnt even wish to meet me now?

The door was pushed open abruptly.

A burly man stood there, his eyes quickly scanning the room.

It was General Zhao Zhao Binglong, Northwest Zhao!

Seeing Yun Zuiyue, his gaze glinted in surprise as a hint of lust crept up. However, when his eyes came across Yun Yang, they squinted in irritation even as a chilling glow flashed across them.

Yun Yang frowned.

He had wanted to put an end to this General Zhao tonight, at his own leisure. Who would have known that this fellow was even more impatient than he was, sending himself right to the door!

Who is this? He doesnt look familiar, Zhao Binglong said coldly as he pompously entered the room uninvited. Not even waiting for the host to welcome him, he sat down on a chair.

Yun Zuiyues face was pale with fury. General Zhao, could you not be a bit more civil?

Zhao Binglong laughed and said, Lady Yues words are simply odd. I been over here continuously for four days straight just to meet Lady Yue for a discussion of some matters, but have been denied an audience. How could I not be impatient?

He said in a frosty tone, I have bathed in the blood of enemies killed at the border; people in the military are rough around the edges. I am slightly ill-tempered and impatient but I am certain Lady Yue will be able to forgive this.

The threat in his words was thick and laid out heavily.

Your father has killed plenty of people, I have innumerable brave soldiers at my beck and call, all rough and aggressive. If they were to do something unpleasant I will not be held accountable for it!
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