I Am Supreme Chapter 665

Chapter 665: Dearly Beloved Brothers

Chapter 665: Dearly Beloved Brothers!
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Countless gales of laughter interweaved in the air once more!

The man howled with laughter, but he had actually taken a direct hit as he charged out like a tornado. Spitting out blood, he hastily leaped out of the window.

He was possessed of quick reflexes and an excellent cultivation base. After all, he was facing the combined forces of twenty people from the four noble young masters among others. It was quite an impressive feat to have escaped with only a spittle of blood.

Unexpectedly, the snatcher had just leaped out of the inn when he saw the sudden glint of a blade that appeared alongside a sinister voice, "Did you think we would just give it to you? Like you deserved it?"

The moment he witnessed the unexpected glimmer of the blade, the head of the fleeing man was lopped off before he could emit any sound. The ghost-like silhouette winked in and out and was already hundreds of feet away the next time it appeared. It was a rare sight to see something move at such a speed that was uncannily fast.

In the wake of decapitation, a few men leaped into the air, their wielded blades and sabers exchanging glimmers of light. "Put down the treasure!"

In the blink of an eye, those present at that location vanished abruptly, having decided that it was a better idea to be far away from here.

A whistled sound of humming came from afar, originating from all four directions various signals and flaming rockets ignited the night sky.

Boom, boom, boom.

Dong Tianleng held his hands together in a daze, staring absently ahead with glazed eyes, his face as white as a sheet. After a while, he burst into tears. "What should I do... I-I...think I've created a huge amount of trouble..."

Everyone let out a huge sigh at the same time.

To think that this chap was holding the world's only treasure map that was made from divine mystical beast hide and was flailing it in the air, lighting it on fire and slicing it with a blade

Although they knew that was the best course of action, most people still could not help but berate the fellow deep down in their hearts, 'What the hell, you did not just do this, did you? The treasure was already in your arms, but you still took it out to show off...'

'Your father has never seen such idiocy in my entire life!'

On the journey back, the four young masters felt extremely dispirited, while the sixteen escorts trailed behind them like a bunch of lifeless corpses.

However, no matter what else transpired, the existence of the two pieces of divine mystical beast hide treasure map in Tiantang City quickly spread, as though it had wings. Soon, the whole martial world knew about it.

Yun Yang knew about it that very night.

Yun Xiaoyao then dispatched a set of orders.

Seal off Tiantang City!

From now, one could only exit and not enter.

This decision was the right call.

You can take the treasure map out of here just don't stay in Tiantang City to create chaos and destruction.

Another order was dispatched at the same time fortify the defenses!

The military troops are to be on guard!

Streams of orders rained down as quickly as lightning.

Everybody already knew in their hearts that this was yet another catastrophe that was looming on the horizon. The target was none other than Tiantang City, the national capital of Yutang!

"Boss, it's done!" Dong Tianleng was no longer his panicky self at the inn earlier; his entire being was absolutely enraptured. "You need not worry about the way we handle things, it's perfect!"

Yun Yang rolled his eyes. 'Done? Do you still need to say that?'

'The whole empire already knows about it!'

'Even I already knew about it!'

'Furthermore, this was literally just reading out your lines - you just had to act accordingly to the script! I even designed the lines for you! If there are further mishaps, it's definitely your problem; what is there to feel accomplished about?'

"Now that the first step has been completed, commence the second step immediately. Stick to the plan, as we have discussed before."


On the second day, Dong Tianleng invited the guests to a different tavern. This restaurant might not be considered one of the classier ones in Tiantang City, but it was the restaurant that had the biggest floor area in the world; The House of Spring Flowers and Autumn Moon.

Those present today were made up of the younger generation in Tiantang City hardly anyone was left out.

Besides the fixed attendance of the four noble young masters, there was the sole heir of Yun, Young Master Yun, who was presiding over the main chair. After him, there were the two young princes of the royal blood; and then there was the long-lost Young Master Ma, Young Master Qian, Young Master Wang, Young Master Niu, and a few Young Masters who showed their faces for the first time in what seemed to be forever.

There were ten big tables altogether, each occupied by fifteen to sixteen people it was filled to the brim!

Dong Tianleng looked like he was in extreme anguish and grief like he had lost his parents, as he settled himself in the main seat.

The guards of each household had already positioned themselves at every window, doorway, ceiling every blind spot was heavily guarded. To put it in a glorifying manner, it was a serious case that required utmost secrecy!

However, the guards gave each other a knowing glance amongst themselves as their hearts uttered 'son of a b*tch', they were sorely tempted burst out in anger impulsively.

'What the to keep a secret?'

'A chap like you invited two hundred guests, and the numbers of guards that came along are more than any I've ever seen before what form of secrecy is there still to be discussed?'

'To hell with secrecy.'

It's only called a secret if one person knows about it.

If two people knew about it, the probability of that secret being leaked would rise to eighty-percent.

If three people knew about it... that would be equivalent to having the whole world know about it!

Now, there were three hundred plus people... Do you still want to keep it a secret?

It was extremely laughable.

"What's going on here?" A young master asked impatiently when everyone had just settled into their seats. "What's going on? You summoned every last one of us brothers was it to carry out some big plan?"

If it were the four noble young masters of the past, any reputation they had was surely due to infamy and notoriety. They were the failures of the martial world's most affluent families and their presences were better off undisclosed - they were not even close to gaining the attention of the Yutang noble young masters.

They were simply of two different levels, two worlds apart.

However, the current four great young masters not only earned the merits of having the courage to fight at the Fortress of Resilience, shedding blood on the battlefield, they even had abilities that could easily trump the power of the so-called Tenth Perfection legendary warriors. Their current reputation could not be compared to the past, or else Dong Tianleng's invitation would not even be entertained by these people.


Someone gave a light reminder. "What are you so worked up about didn't you see Young Master Yun is present as well? He hasn't even said anything yet - who the hell do you think you are?"

"Ahem. " Yun Yang let out a cough.

The sound rendered the whole place silent. Every guest straightened their back and gave Yun Yang their undivided attention.

Indeed, how you carry yourself would leave an impact of equal magnitude. Although there were two royal princes seated there as well, nobody dared to compare themselves to Young Master Yun. His existence was too awe-inspiring - he was the true embodiment of a name that sent tremors across the world, a name that incited Tianxuan's various empires!

Did you not witness the moment Young Master Yun caused grievous injuries to the third prince, nearly turning him into a nitwit from shock? His Majesty did not even utter a single word!

The crown prince did not even seem like he obtained any benefits before the presence of Young Master Yun!

Those who dared to disobey Young Master Yun in Tiantang City were insufferable idiots, insolent fools - wise men would do no such thing!

"The reason why everybody is gathered here today is due to two key things, with one of them being Dong Tianleng Young Master Dong's private business. Hence, I call for everybody's assistance today, to lend a helping hand... this matter of his is really an unexpected misfortune. Sigh, well, he is truly a little dumb, a little thick, and can be quite an idiot sometimes...if it wasn't for all that, he would seem to be a decent sort of fellow..."

Yun Yang sighed, giving Dong Tianleng a disappointed, resentful stare. "Why don't you explain yourself instead pray tell, how do you always get yourself involved in these rare occurrences?"

Dong Tianleng stood up with a tearful expression, his face slightly blue, looking as if he was about to cry at any time. "Dearly beloved brothers... m-my dearly beloved brothers"

The young masters present today who proclaimed themselves knowledgeable and well-informed could not help but feel nauseous upon hearing his opening line - they had a peculiar look in their eyes and a layer of goosebumps crawled all over their skin.


What is he playing at?

Did he just say 'dearly beloved'?

Just say what you have to say! Why are you doing this?
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