I Am Supreme Chapter 679

Chapter 679: To Be Found To Be Killed

Chapter 679: To Be Found! To Be Killed!
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The main reason why Yun Yang did not mind using the two pieces of the secret map as the pawn in his ploy this time around was so that he could attract the sects and schools that were involved in the war between the two empires.

He wanted to annihilate them, in the same manner as he had done to the Ma-i Sect; he fully intended to use the goriest and extreme method to serve as a warning to others.

It was compulsory to achieve a horror of such great extent that no one dared to forget it and no one would dare to try again. Martial world sects and martial artists should mind their own business in the future when two empires were engaged in the hegemony of the world. The fight for dominance among the kingdoms was not something they should get involved in!

Yun Yang was certain that there would at least be ninety percent less martial world schools that would still be brave enough to participate and enter the battlefield, should there be war after the incident this time around. Not many sects would risk the possibility of extinction while contending for worldly fame and fortune.

Yun Yang's second objective or rather, a more concealed purpose was Ouyang Xiaoshe!

This person was one of the people Yun Yang loathed the most in this world, ranked right after the Four Seasons Tower's veiled higher authorities!

Ouyang Xiaoshe had a piece of the dragon hide treasure map as well, and the original owner of the map was Old Dugu.

Since he had a piece, the attraction of the two pieces of the map that were presently out there now had to be much stronger to him than to others. He would definitely come. As long as he came, he would die here there was simply no other end for him! After all, the whole of Tiantang City was currently a large trap from which no one could escape.

Old Dugu had waited far too long underground. It was time this vengeance was settled!

Therefore, the current ploy of deceiving the world's assassins into being massacred was only a secondary aim to Yun Yang in this set-up. Be it those who were employed by the crown prince or those commissioned by any other princes, he would kill them all.

When the connection to the outside world was thoroughly severed, they would have to stop their plan since they could do nothing about it!

It was due to this that Yun Yang had been roaming above that part of the city these past few days, eager to observe the current situation. His plan to return to the Residence of Nine Supremes at once upon recovering his Nine Supremes power was not even followed through.

He would have the chance to increase his capability but if he could not trap Ouyang Xiaoshe this time, he would be hard-pressed to find another opportunity, seeing how vast the world was.

Shui Wuyin's intelligence labyrinth was fully utilized as well. Now, Shui Wuyin dared to say so to Yun Yang, "Even if a mosquito flew into Tiantang City, I could tell you whether it's male or female!"

However, there was no news about Ouyang Xiaoshe, despite the fact that a long time period had elapsed.

Yun Yang frowned. "No matter how careful Ouyang Xiaoshe is, he couldn't possibly have noticed that this is a trap set specifically for him. The fact that he has a dragon hide treasure map is absolutely confidential and it's impossible that he won't be moved by these two pieces of the map that just emerged. There must be another reason he hasn't appeared."

"Pay more attention to those people who came in disguise."

Shui Wuyin felt powerless about this.

Those who came in disguise were distinct or easily identified as their arrivals were always recorded, but it was something else altogether to ferret Ouyang Xiaoshe out from these people. It was a difficult challenge.

Although it was a challenge, there was still a solution. Moreover, it had to be done, no matter how arduous it was; the task had to be completed!

'Ouyang Xiaoshe lean and sculpted with white hair and a slightly bald top. The crow's feet on his face are severe, while there's a blade scar at the corner of his mouth and a black mole under his chin. His eyebrows are slit and he's always hunched over. He coughs habitually before killing someone. Six feet and a half, wears a grey robe all year long, and speaks with Ziyou's capital city accent.'

'His famed weapon is the saber within his sleeves, while the secret weapons he uses are a sword beneath his feet, with arched back needles and darts within his hair'

Ouyang Xiaoshe's information was being collected and refined as the days passed by.

Finally, Shui Wuyin came out with a summary. "Old Dugu's incident saw Supreme Cloud attacking aggressively in the Empire of Ziyou's capital, Zilong City, causing Empire of Ziyou to weaken since the battle. It was also the start of the four-nation siege's breakup."

"Old Dugu and Yutang's Nine Supremes share a similar story; they have come a long way from it. No one in this world has not heard of the tale, so it's impossible that Ouyang Xiaoshe does not know about it."

"Therefore, the Empire of Yutang or Tiantang City is prohibited land to Ouyang Xiaoshe. He won't possibly be caught in this location. He'd easily lose his life here!"

"Due to this reason, we can't be certain if Ouyang Xiaoshe will actually come. After all, no matter how important the treasure, it's not as important as one's life especially when there are only two pieces of the dragon hide out there now. Even if he were to obtain them, he'd only have three pieces, not even half of the total. The attraction of the whole venture would diminish rather severely."

Yun Yang nodded with a profound gaze before speaking, "Your thinking is how an ordinary man would think. Ouyang Xiaoshe will definitely come."

Shui Wuyin's expression belied his confusion.

Yun Yang stood up and continued. "When Old Dugu assaulted the generals and high ranking officials of the various empires, Ouyang Xiaoshe, as his best friend, would be aware that Old Dugu is related to the Nine Supremes a very significant tie between them, at that!"

"The entire continent would also know that someone from the Nine Supremes is still alive. Ouyang Xiaoshe can't possibly be unaware of this fact."

"Nonetheless, he has still performed a malicious act against Old Dugu for a piece of treasure map!"

"You must remember that he did that even when it was only for a corner of the secret map!"

"Now, there are two pieces of the map here. Combined with the one he has, it's already half a treasure, despite having only three! Besides, if my guess is right, there's a high chance Ouyang Xiaoshe has another piece of the dragon hide with him."

Yun Yang smiled. "If it were only two pieces of the map, it wouldn't be of use to most people, or very minimally so. However, when one has three or four pieces to himself, perhaps he could roughly estimate the rough location of the treasure. At the very least, it could provide some hints."

"This is especially true for the veterans who have roamed the world for far too long; they might already be able to find the location. This is basically a foreseeable hope to rocket into immortality."

"Since his success the last time, Ouyang Xiaoshe should have already formed an obsession towards the dragon hide treasure map; perhaps he might have even gone entirely mad for it. How could he stop just like this? Even when he knows this city is a threat to his safety, he'd have to come for it!"

Yun Yang's eyes gleamed icily as he spoke through gritted teeth, "The pressing matter currently is still to maintain the two pieces of the treasure map with the assassins. Then, all of them shall be contained forever in the city's east!"

"Even when a certain price has to be paid in the end, all the assassins must be killed here!"

"As long as these assassins don't die, as long as the turmoil remains, it is bait enough!"

"Only when this chanced circumstance stays as it is will there be a maximum probability that Ouyang Xiaoshe shows himself."

"Ouyang Xiaoshe must be found, no matter what!"

Yun Yang dispatched his last order.

"Tiantang's turbulence is to remain as long as Ouyang Xiaoshe doesn't die!"

"Utilize everything we have this trap must not end!"

"The plan must not stop since the purpose has not yet been achieved upon releasing the dragon hide map. It'll be more beneficial to Yutang the longer this goes on. The longer it is, the harder it'll be for Ouyang Xiaoshe to hide."

"I am no saint, but my purpose must be achieved!"

This line had everyone who heard him feel Supreme Cloud's determination.
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