I Am Supreme Chapter 691

Chapter 691: The Final Moment

Chapter 691: The Final Moment
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The Ten Kings of the Underworld seemed to be waiting for something

As Yun Xiaoyao entered, they came to attention, full of anticipation.

Yun Xiaoyao did not make an attempt at long-winded pleasantries. He got straight to the point instantly instead.

"There is something that I still do not understand. To those present - do help me clear up my confusion."

The Ten Kings of the Underworld exchanged knowing looks. "Do speak, sire."

"The thing that I can never seem to wrap my head around is" Yun Xiaoyao began. "All of you great kings present here are also members of the martial world, or even prominent, top assassins - is it possible that you have no interest at all in this dragonhide treasure map, that was said to encompass the greatest secret in the galaxy? Somehow or other, you all seem very calm about this. It even seems like you don't plan to intervene."

First Court King Qing gave a bitter laugh, and said, "How can we not be interested? To put it in another way, we deeply desire it, but our physical being denies our will - that's all there is to it."

"What do you mean?" Yun Xiaoyao exclaimed.

"Even if the treasure map was in our hands, we cannot use it." King Chujiang sighed with a rueful smile set upon his face.

"Perhaps it is not known to King Yun - the source of the energy we practice is not mystical Qi. However beguiling and mysterious the legacy of the Seventeenth Master of the Abyss, it is still a useless item to me. Even if I possess it, I cannot use it!" Third Court Emperor Song gazed at Yun Xiaoyao with a slight smile.

"Not mystical Qi? How can this be possible?" Yun Xiaoyao was stunned for a moment. This bit of information was still new to him.

Practitioners from the whole of Tianxuan were fueled by mystical Qi - was it even possible that there was another source for practice?

"Yin energy is what you practiced with. The way it is wielded is clearly different from the masses, and it determined your path of cultivation, fated to be completely distinct from ordinary practitioners." Yun Yang walked in from outside, smiling as he explained.

"Young Master Yun possesses a sharp eye - we are highly impressed." The Ten Kings of the Underworld laughed simultaneously.

They would have taken the initiative to explain about this point, even if Yun Xiaoyao had not inquired about it.

The situation had already arrived at the most crucial, final moment.

As they observed from the sidelines, the two dragonhide treasure maps in Hen Bieli's possession would most likely return to its original owner, and find its way back here. If no proper explanation was given at this moment, some misunderstanding might inevitably arise.

Then, this would amount to an unhappy outcome.

Therefore, every king in the Concourse of the Underworld simply rode on this topic of conversation to explain himself, completely eliminating every point of doubt that could potentially arise.

They had been waiting. They had been waiting for this opportunity all along.

The opportunity to explain.

"The fighting has already started on that side. The opportunity to completely resolve this issue has arrived." Yun Yang gave a slight smile. His words, however, were naturally uttered with a chilling undertone.

"Young Master Yun, will this issue finally be settled?" First Court King Qinguang asked.

Yun Yang smiled. "The subject matter this time around has already been achieved, so it will not bring us any more good to drag or delay the remaining arrangements. After everything is done, I would like to present a gift for all of you."

King Chujiang laughed heartily. "Have a pleasant experience working together, everybody! You are too humble, young master. It embarrasses us to accept your gift, but it would be disrespectful not to."

"There is no need to feel embarrassed for accepting this gift, for we cannot even use it. Instead of wasting it completely, why don't you use it to advance yourselves even further - there is no harm in accepting it," said Yun Yang with a smile.

With that, the ten kings of the Underworld all had a gleam of interest in their eyes.

Something that they can't put to use, but we can what kind of gift is that?

Compared to the dragonhide treasure map which we cannot wield, but they can then this gift Could it be Yin energy?

When that thought came to mind, all ten kings had expressions of joyful glee etched on to their faces, itching to get on with it.

Yun Xiaoyao furrowed his brows. "Yun Yang, do we really have to do this?" he asked in a worried tone.

"The outcome of this issue is already set in stone - we have to do this," replied Yun Yang.

Yun Xiaoyao sighed. "This...is rather..."

"Rather what? This is the proper way to get something done once and for all," replied Yun Yang.

Yun Xiaoyao let out another sigh.

Yun Yang said, "Your reluctance is genuinely unimportant. It doesn't matter. Even my opinion doesn't matter, as long as Yutang can bear this weight."

Yun Xiaoyao smiled bitterly and let out a long sigh, speaking no further.

"Perhaps we will discuss this again in the afternoon."

Yun Yang gazed at the East City which was brimming with billows of smoke and squinted his eyes. "Now, however our men can already be pulled out." His words were spoken gently.

The violent battle at the East City was still ongoing. The exchange of swords grew even more intense, and the battle transcended into even more brazen levels.

The atmosphere of the battle this time around was even more horrifying than before as the stench of blood permeated the air and breached the very horizon. The forces of the Assassins' League clearly understood that the battle had reached the final stages. Whether or not they could survive all depended on whoever that would stake the final claim on the outcome of today's battle!

Confident that victory was within their grasp, the good men of the martial world still did not slack at all, for they knew that this moment was the most crucial moment. Whether or not they could seize the treasure map, or be bestowed with part of the profit - today would determine the outcome!

Should they miss this day, the opportunity would fade away into uncertainty, never to resurface again.

If the assassins managed to escape successfully, not only would it be an arduous task to hunt them down in this vast world, the life and safety of the pursuer's own would certainly be at stake!

Who were all these besieged men? Every one of them was a notorious assassin of the world!

Merely speaking about their means of assassination, it was clear that it was not something one man could handle. There was no need to even consider how it was totally possible for these men to lay their hands on the treasure and inherit the teachings from the legacy of the Seventeenth Master of the Abyss. How can they not seek vengeance for the today's events!

The thirst for revenge amongst these men was extremely immense.

Should the chance today be forgone, perhaps one would live the rest of their lives in fear and restlessness - even one's descendants would be constantly plagued by impending danger at any moment!

Hence, no matter the circumstances, these gang of assassins had to be annihilated now, once and for all, in order to prevent trouble which might potentially arise in the future.

Both forces exhibited a fearless, unfaltering resolve, undaunted by the perils that lay ahead.

A few thousand men were retreating silently, so quiet to the extent where not even a single person noticed that amongst the forces of the martial artists there were people fleeing from the combat troops.

A little while after that, these men who disengaged themselves from the battle - those who fled from the sight of the battle forces, and especially after finding something to hide behind - would vanish with a turn of their bodies.

It was as though they had never participated in this battle of the century at all.

It was probably because the battle was too intense, too dismal. Nobody knew who these men were from the beginning until the end.

Although some men had disengaged themselves from the fighting, the battle carried on, and the slaughter continued.

A great, muddled battle with millions of men - was it really possible that not a single person noticed how we lacked a little in numbers?

At this moment, everybody had been thrust into a state of total frenzy from the massacre, their gaze only reflected the manic urge to slaughter!

When they charged inside during the beginning, most men were thinking of the dragonhide treasure maps, or how could they escape if they managed to seize them. At this moment, however, there was only the simplest thought, which was to kill, regardless of life or death.

The number of assassins was reduced drastically.

Although Hen Bieli and the rest might have already devised a strategy, it was tough to execute, as they were restricted by the pledge taken by the Assassins' Association that very day. They could not simply just pull themselves out of the battle right at this moment and abandon the other assassins whom they had shared an oath with.

What they could only do was to preserve their strength and duke it out on the battlefield. That was all - there was nothing further they could do.

However, if they could persevere until the moment of the Assassins' League's total annihilation, the plan they had devised earlier could be executed as scheduled!

Therefore, although the circumstances before them did not align with their expectations, it was still not too terrible a situation - one that should not be too hard to handle!

However, the unforeseen event that came next created more ripples that marred the battle's progress, instantly transforming the situation into one more unimaginable than anyone could think of!
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