I Am Supreme Chapter 879

878 The Ethereal Amethyst?

A white banner!

Yun Yang regretted that he did not check the calendar when he went out today. He was unbelievably unlucky.

'I'm just setting up my sect today and you're giving me a white flag that symbolizes surrender!'

"Why is the banner white?"

The official scolded, "What's wrong with the white flag? Do you want an Amethyst banner? What banner, if not a white one, can I be giving you for a school that has just been founded? Should I be giving you white buttocks? Fool! When are you going to stop being an idiot?"

A low chuckle came from inside.

"We still have an idiot like this during such current times What a wonder"

"Don't you speak ill of these wonders. This child should be a recently-ascended bumpkin A single-celled being who doesn't know anything. His good looks are probably the only thing that can get him by. Your mention of white buttocks earlier should be more than enough of a kind reminder to him"

Yun Yang was indignant.

'Oh God, oh earth, oh the faraway powerful universe master, please allow me to kill!'

'I can't take this anymore... but I have to.'

'If I don't, I'll be struck by lightning and have my soul and spirit destroyed, broken down into irrecoverable pieces!'

Yun Yang muttered in his heart repeatedly, 'A moment of forbearance will find you calm and peace Desist Forbear Words spoken during anger will only serve as regret, let the wrath burn in your heart let it go when you can, forgive when you're able to I'll hold myself back!'

"You're done, why are you still here?" It was spoken from inside, "Waiting for me to buy you a meal? To admire your white butt white banner?"

Yun Yang walked out, clenching his teeth in rage.

Bits and pieces of conversation flowed behind him.

"This dumbass must be enraged. Look at him having to hold his tongue back, it's so pretty so gratifying!"

"My favorite thing to do now is to torture these idiots. This is our biggest benefit and pastime."


Loud guffaws could be heard; "Who's next! Quickly! Don't be a slowpoke."

Yun Yang walked out holding his stomach. If he did not, he felt like his stomach would have exploded from sheer fury.

The intelligent Supreme Cloud of Nine Supremes who had triumphed over the world since when had he ever been mocked and humiliated like this? What he had experienced today could not be erased even with all the water in this world!

The registration of his sect was successful and it was a joyous occasion, but Yun Yang did not feel even the slightest bit elated. Instead, he thought he was about to erupt and he needed to vent it urgently.

Fatty was ecstatic as he skipped over.

"Big brother, it's done?"

"Done," Yun Yang answered weakly.

"That's great! What's our group called?"

Yun Yang rolled his eyes.

"Let me catch my breath first."

A short while later, Yun Yang regained his breath and replied, "Residence of Nine Supremes!"

"Residence of Nine Supremes?"

Qian Duoduo was chirpy.

"What a domineering name! Residence of Nine Supremes Haha Obviously, there are nine highest leaders, right? Which Supreme am I then?"

"You're the majordomo!"

"Majordomo which Supreme is that considered to be?"

"A Majordomo is a majordomo!"

"Not a Supreme?"

"Yes, it's not. Of course, it's not."

Fatty was crestfallen, replying in a disappointed tone, "I'm not a Supreme, am I?"

Yun Yang sighed and said, "You can be a Supreme if you want. However, each time there's a mission, you have to attend to it personally. To kill, to risk your life, to go through any situation required you have to go, despite the danger, go where the danger is, stand at the frontline."


"How else do you become a Supreme if you can't lead and be the one who handles crises?"


"On the contrary, the majordomo is a support member. You take care of the money, of the members, of connections, of resources All the wealth of the Residence of Nine Supremes is in your hands. Actually, your main responsibility is to earn, to make the Residence of Nine Supremes the wealthiest organization in the world becoming the actual Qian Duoduo (a lot of money) is your ultimate task."

"Do you understand? You're not a Supreme, but in the Residence of Nine Supremes, your authority is the highest after me."

Yun Yang cajoled the man, exaggerating and linking any dots he could find.

Fatty's eyes were twinkling as he listened, his tongue wetting his lips again and again.

"I see"

"Okay, I'll give you a chance. If you really want to become a Supreme, I can break the rules and let you be Supreme Qian (money) you'll be commissioned to kill. If you don't want to become a Supreme, be Majordomo Qian!" said Yun Yang, "Pick one of the two."

Qian Duoduo sprung up.

"I want to be Majordomo Qian!"

"Alright then, my Majordomo Qian. You shall officially assume your post today. It should be celebrated. This is your chance, buy your sect leader a meal."


"What money?"

Fatty had no tears left to cry.

"I'm a majordomo and I have so much power. Even when our sect is just starting out, there must be something I can take care of Give me something even if you're not giving me money You must let me look after something"

Yun Yang thought about it.

"Okay, look after this for now. When you have no money or when you need money, exchange it with this."

A spatial ring was pressed into Qian Duoduo's fleshy palm.

The majordomo pursed his lips.

'You're just a new Ascended. What great treasure could you possibly have? At most, your cultivation base is higher. I'm guessing that you must have spent all the resources you have collected How dare you boast now? Exchange this with money when we're poor? Be careful not to bite your own tongue!'

Taking a look upon receiving the ring, it was true that there were not many things inside. There were only about a dozen purple, dazzling items.

"What are these?"

As Qian Duoduo used his divine senses, he easily retrieved a piece of the item into his palm. Then

He was stunned his jaw dropped straight to the floor and he became tongue-tied!

In his palm sat a violet crystal, glowing with a soft luminosity. Once the crystal appeared, the spiritual Qi potency around them thickened immediately. Its concentration was unimaginably high, saturating quickly within the blink of an eye.

Fatty's brain shut off.

He thought that Yun Yang would not have anything worth marveling at, yet as he retrieved it, he knew that this was easily an earthshattering gem! In addition, he was the only one who knew that there were a dozen such gems in the spatial ring!

Fatty was dumbstruck, his mind refusing to function, until someone exclaimed from his side, "The Ethereal Amethyst?!"

The passerby was deafeningly loud.

Immediately, an inexplicable rustle and buzz came from all around him. Countless pairs of eyes zeroed in on what was lying on Fatty's palm.

Fatty kept the Ethereal Amethyst swiftly, his heart thumping and his palms sweating. His beady eyes scanned around in panic and fear.

How could he take something so precious out in public? And to have been frozen still for so long!

'I I How grave a mistake have I made?'

'Oh my God Trouble will be on our tail now!'

'It's going to be worse than the Rimed Orchid, for sure'

"Let's go, let's go quickly."
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