I Am Supreme Chapter 920

918 A Gallant Death

His fate was sealed the moment the outermost mystical Qi protective layer was breached. Qiu Mengcheng only felt a stabbing pain in his chest as the pike entered from the front and protruded out from his back.

The pike that was initially bent was released, springing back instantly to its original shape. The pike, which was over a hundred feet long, completely penetrated Qiu Mengcheng's body in the midst of his screams!

Everything happened too suddenly and quickly. Even after he was stabbed, he still could not help displaying the prideful momentum he was wearing when he fell from the skies. Qiu Mengcheng was still baring his fangs when he descended upon those four men on the mountain peak!

The series of events happened in the blink of an eye; Qiu Mengcheng had arrived! He came with thunderous gallantry, coming forth as if he had brought along the apocalypse with him. Then, out of nowhere, his chest burst open in a spray of blood.


Stabbed all the way through, from the front to the back!

Then, he fell, blood spilling into the air as he plunged downwards.

However, that was still not the end to the bizarre happenings today. After tearing through his flesh, that strange pike — the remaining end of it — was still lodged in Qiu Mengcheng's body. It suddenly vanished into thin air, dissipating from his chest.

The direct outcome of the pike vanishing was a round hole that appeared in his chest. The four men standing on the mountain peak could see the sun through his torso!

This was a horrifying sight — a frightful one indeed!

Gallant Qiu Mengcheng let out a tragic scream.

In the midst of that scream, he plunged downwards.

Like before, he faced the sword and saber pairs head-on as the four leaped into the air!

Contrary to before, however, both of them were in vastly different conditions. Qiu Mengcheng's protective mystical Qi was already breached and he was badly hurt!

Fatally wounded, the only feeling Qiu Mengcheng could comprehend was the frenzied burning sensation of his internal organs. It was the sort of pain that suggested that he was nearing his end. He could thoroughly sense his life force draining away rapidly, feeling as if he was about to hit the rock bottom of hopelessness. There was also the torturous pain stemming from the intimate contact between his chest wound and the violent winds that tore through it...

Every single brush was painful to the core — to the point where he would rather be dead than alive!

He could even feel the gush of air lapping against him from the momentum of his rapid plunge which began to peel away his organs one by one…

His vision was starting to blur, reducing his ability to fight.

Even his deific consciousness was starting to lose cohesion.

He could not even react in time when the two sabers and two swords sliced against his body. He only let out a huge roar the moment blood spurted, as if he had just awakened from a trance, and grabbed on to a saber and a sword in each hand.

However, he was not able to take care of the other pair of saber and sword. Yun Yang imbued the Divine Edge with his entire reserve of mystical Qi before plunging it mercilessly at Qiu Mengcheng's left shoulder. With one swift swing, his arm, from shoulder to palm, was lopped off completely!

The blow served by Shi Wuchen was a sword thrust right through his sternum. The sword slid into the flesh with a ferocious vigor and exploded like a bomb in Qiu Mengcheng's chest!

Qiu Mengcheng screamed in absolute agony and despair, his body quivering all over as bloody foam trickled out of his mouth. His internal organs — those that were still intact — were reduced to particles by the aura of the sword. Both his hands that were holding on to a pair of swords and sabers involuntarily released their grasp!

Lan Ruojun's saber regained its freedom. With one smooth gesture, he lopped off Qiu Mengcheng's right arm. Ren Qingkuang made a large, circular overhead movement with his sword, and with one swift, horizontal stroke resembling a large cleaver blade, he lopped off Qiu Mengcheng's head.

All that this Saint Level Three pinnacle expert did was to show up and arrogantly made his way here. However, in just moments, he had been sliced into pieces. Dead within seconds — without a full corpse!

Even until the moment his head was separated from his torso, or right up till he drew his last breath, his body had not even landed on the ground!

It was still in midair.

The outcome was eternally sealed in that brief moment.

Qiu Mengcheng's eyes in the cavities of his lopped off head were filled with terror and disbelieving shock.

Right up to the point of his death, he still couldn't understand — what was going on?

How could there be a pike like this in midair?

Yun Yang caught Qiu Mengcheng's severed left arm with a wave of his hand. With a gentle tug, the spatial ring was now his.

The possessions of a Saint Level Three expert must be worth a lot, so of course, they had to take it. They would seize the slightest opportunity they came across, so how could the Raiders of All But God even leave this place with nothing?

Time was running out!

The thunderous noise from afar was closing in.

"Let's go!"

Upon hearing Yun Yang's urgent command, the three other men turned around quickly in midair before they could even sheath their blades. Shi Wuchen grabbed the ends of Yun Yang's robe. With his own cultivation, he was hauled up into the air by Yun Yang.

Lan Ruojun and Ren Qingkuang could not switch their Qi in time as well. They each grabbed one of Shi Wuchen's legs and was also brought up into the air.

The three men shifted their Qi and exerted their strength at the same time. This huge burst of energy started to push Yun Yang forward instead, and Yun Yang took this window of opportunity to inhale a huge amount of basic Qi. He dashed forward at full-throttle, stringing the three other men along.

In the blink of an eye, the four men were abreast of each other, catching their breaths; with a huff, they sped out of the skies, and in a flash, traces of them were nowhere to be seen.

Behind them, the ten or so silhouettes landed at Swallow's Hill in just the matter of seconds, the aura they exuded as imposing as a mountain. However, they were still too late — the only sight that greeted them was Qiu Mengcheng's corpse, torn from limb to limb. His eyes were not even shut.

Those who saw Qiu Mengcheng's dead body could not restrain themselves from sucking in a breath of cold air, recoiling in terror!

"Qiu Mengcheng!"

"Protector of Emerald Cloud School!"

"A Saint Level Three pinnacle expert!"

"How did he die in such a short window of time, and in such a horrible way?"

"That was definitely a shocking sight to register just now, but we clearly saw him take off first before we followed his trail. That's at most half a breath's worth of time, and they must've had a battle in this short duration. How did Qiu Mengcheng die so easily? Although the opponent might have the numbers, this shouldn't' have happened! Really, the more I think about it, the more bizarre it seems!

"Is it possible that someone among the Raiders of All But God had the strength to kill a Third Level Saint? It's… impossible, right?"

"Definitely impossible, or else, why would they flee?"

"Don't jump to conclusions and don't touch anything at this crime scene. Let's investigate the cause of Qiu Mengcheng's death — that's the matter we should prioritize now."

These men had gotten themselves here as soon as they could as well. Although Qiu Mengcheng was quicker, they were not too worried about it.

Everybody here was a veteran of the martial world after all, and this was something they knew very well in their hearts.

Qiu Mengcheng might be fast, but the Raiders of All But God were not exactly the best company to deal with as well. As it turned out, taking them down in an instant was not possible, despite being a Saint Level Three pinnacle expert.

It did not matter that Qiu Mengcheng was the first person to reach them — having someone to pin down the Raiders of All But God was not at all a bad idea.

They would be ours when we arrive!

He could also help us weaken the Raiders of All But God while he was at it.

However, very unexpectedly, Qiu Mengcheng had died just because we were slightly late.

He came here with such insufferable arrogance and died just like that…

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