I Am Supreme Chapter 922

920 He Doesnt Care

"Incredible!" Shi Wuchen and his party were completely dumbfounded.

They were truly impressed by Qiu Mengcheng's little hobby!

There was nothing that could be considered as too ridiculous in this world. As long as one could imagine it, surely it would exist!

"So this is why this piece of trash was still at Saint Level Three when the rest of his peers of a similar term — if they're not dead yet — have already ascended to become Royal Saints…" Lan Ruojun snorted. "It's not like there wasn't a proper reason behind it."

Yun Yang was also speechlessly full of sighs.

He was initially feeling rather hopeful with regards to this Saint Level Three practitioner's spatial ring, but now, from the looks of it, aside from its comparatively bigger size and volume, the belongings that were held within were still relatively quite a let down compared to the possessions of most people…

It was simply a big disappointment.

This spatial ring was mostly part of the reason why he had formulated this risky plan of a raid. However, from the looks of it now, the items in the ring were really not worth that risk…

Furthermore, that fight would definitely have set the Emerald Cloud Sect on their heels with a deadly vengeance.

Yun Yang felt that this was the most erroneous decision he had made since he ascended to the Bound of Universe.

Due to a moment of greed, the price of this outcome was a heavy one.

Yun Yang instantly reminded himself; I can't be greedy in the future! Knowing when to stop has to be a principle I have to commit to! Otherwise, if the case like Qiu Mengcheng's keeps recurring, it'll bring irrevocable annihilation to the Residence of Nine Supremes.

"May we learn from this lesson!"

Yun Yang was silently determined to adhere to his mantra.

"Let's dispose of the items first. Then, let us stabilize the experience we gained from the fights incurred recently; together with the Ethereal Amethysts, enhance as much as you can using the pills and precious ingredients — improve your body's potential to the highest degree possible."

"You lot return to the sect first. I'm going off to do some business." Yun Yang chuckled and then vanished on the spot.

"Boss's divine little gimmick is truly enviable…" Lan Ruojun was filled with admiration as he watched Yun Yang vanish before his eyes. "If it wasn't for this divine gimmick, I'm afraid we might've already…"

"The name of the Residence of Nine Supremes shall send shudders throughout the world!" Ren Qingkuang's eyes were filled with passion!

Tired of being constantly pushed around in the past, Lan Ruojun and Shi Wuchen were actually equally inspired as Ren Qingkuang, suddenly seeing hope, then feverishly latching themselves onto it!

"Let's return to the sect!"

Shi Wuchen patted the dust off his derriere as he stood up. "Remember to change your clothes and freshen yourselves up. Don't bring that vile reputation of Raiders of All But God into our grand and honorable sect. The Residence of Nine Supremes is a sect that means business, a sect filled with serious individuals and honest men."

Lan Ruojun and Ren Qingkuang felt the air binding in their throats.

"The construction of the sect is nearly complete. I'll follow the leader's orders to activate the Hill Defense Formation. I'll let you two peasants feel where the benefits of the sect truly lie!"

Shi Wuchen laughed, but his eyes were also filled with longing.

"Let's just have a discussion to determine the suitable candidates for the Residence of Nine Supremes."

Lan Ruojun frowned. "Our leader might not be familiar with the personalities of the rest of the Demiurge-Flawed Ten, but we are. We can give primary consideration to the outstandingly defiant ones."

"That's right. However, don't you think it's strange that our leader simply allowed anyone of us to enter the Residence? Isn't he worried that we'll gang up against him? I mean, he's got to know that when the forces of all ten Demiurge-Flawed Ten are gathered together, overpowering our leader isn't just something remarkably easy to do — it's practically something that might naturally happen. He would definitely expect us to pull off that stunt!" cried Ren Qingkuang.

Shi Wuchen rolled his eyes. "I say, you're too narrow-minded. Do you really think the boss isn't aware of such stakes? Do you think he cares?"

Lan Ruojun smiled ruefully. "Not bad. The boss clearly isn't concerned about this, and I would be perceived as a despicable man for even saying this… Maybe he's blatantly waiting for us to overpower him by giving us so much authority… and when that time comes, surely he'll have some sort of terrifying way to counter this and make us all docile and submissive in a single stroke."

Shi Wuchen opened his eyes wide in surprise. "From how I interpret your words, do you have more faith in him than I ?"

Lan Ruojun guffawed. "Yi Tuo, in the eyes of those with wit, everything he sees is wisdom; in the eyes of those with trust, everything he sees is loyalty; but in your eyes, Yi Tuo, everything's just a pile of... It's alright, it's totally understandable and forgivable."

Shi Wuchen took a deep breath. Suddenly, there was a thunderous roar. "Lan Ruojun! I, Shi Wuchen, am not able to coexist with you in this time and place — we're absolutely irreconcilable!"

Before his voice could falter, he bellowed once more before wading in with a flurry of kicks and punches.

Lan Ruojun did not seem to be caught by surprise. Without missing a beat, he retaliated, lashing back at the furious man.

Within moments, they were both black and blue, swelling to the point where they did not look human.

Ren Qingkuang closed his eyes and sighed.

"With that… Do you think our leader even had to worry about us ganging up against him? So much for 'naturally' and 'definitely'... You fellows are a joke — an inevitable joke."

His words were rewarded with a kick from each of them. "Come over here and discuss official matters, right this instant! Can you be more serious about the matter?"

The three men discussed as they walked towards the direction of the Residence of Nine Supremes.

Compared to the previous occasion, Yun Yang's loot this time around was not a lot in terms of both quality and quantity, but the General Commerce League still accepted them happily.

Feng Guohai even came out to entertain him personally. He even offered to purchase the goods with at a price higher than the market's rate, but Yun Yang was having none of it. A business is a long-term engagement — one should not simply gain from a brief moment's benefit. He insisted on using a normal transaction standard.

"When… can you…" There was a glint of anticipation in Feng Guohai's eyes.

"Enter the Spirit's Grave again?"


"I thought I've made it clear the last time. Activating the grave can be done at any time."

Yun Yang's face reflected traces of melancholy. "However, the problem now lies in the item passed to a certain someone. With this little bunch of items in my possession… I was already damned lucky for not getting killed, so how can I ask for more?"

When this was mentioned, Feng Guohai seemed a little embarrassed.

He could not blame Yun Yang for this. After all, Yun Yang had brought it up many times before, and the goods promised by the headquarters had not yet arrived. Asking him to enter? For what purpose?

"Brother Yun, by your calculations, how much resources do you need for one entry?"

"From these few recent trades, the amount of spiritual jade accumulated in my possession now is enough for the moment, but that's just enough to cover my own insignificant life. As for other resources…"

Yun Yang's brows furrowed. "It'll be sufficient if I can just have a few stalks of those thousand year's worth of precious ingredients. Of course, it would be best if a few pieces of uncommon metals and rare, precious gems can be added into the pot as well."

He smiled ruefully. "That was my initial plan — to provide lesser initially, then slowly increase the quantity so that we have some space as a buffer. If we provide too much in a one-off manner, their demands will get even higher and their appetite will grow even bigger. At that point, it'll be hard to meet such demands, and if we can't keep up, we'll lose the entire game. However, the reality now is that we only have enough to fulfill the lowest requirements needed to activate the Spirit's Grave, for we've never managed to gather the rest of the other offerings. It's a grand pitch, but it's not one that can be digested easily!"

He referred to themselves as 'we' in a natural manner. When Feng Guohai heard it, everything seemed even more pleasant-sounding to the ears.

This was a matter that had always required hard work from both parties!

When he thought of that, Feng Guohai truly believed in this entire "Spirit's Grave" matter without a doubt.
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