I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Our Intelligence Is Enough To Crush Them

He didn't act rashly and chose to observe the situation.

It wasn't that he was afraid but that some things weren't as simple as he thought. Who didn't know that Alliance were trying to draw him out.

He could only wait and see.

"There are so many people and if there was a conflict, it will lead to more problems. I have to be careful."

Lin Fan didn't dare to attack carelessly.

He was also worried that this situation would happen.

Based on the situation, they didn't notice him, for now.

This was the best situation.

Lin Fan hid behind a giant tree and observed. Suddenly, he felt that things were a little off. Those people who were far from him started to close in towards him.

In the distance.

"Noticed target, he is over at Team A, please support."

"They don't know that we have noticed him. Calm down, act like we are still searching. Once we get close, then we will attack together."

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