I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens Chapter 286

Chapter 286: No, It Must Be An Illusion

At that moment.

Lin Fan wanted to point at their noses and ask.

Did you all see that, this is what happens when you bully people. Do you really think that honest people are easy to bully?

He would open his ultimate skill to kill these bunch of silly people.


The golden sun disappeared and everything returned to normal. He looked around proudly. Did you all see that? His attacks were just so strong.

Those God Essence Realm experts were strong but under such maniacal attacks, they were like kites; even if they wanted to fly into the sky, it depended on whether their bodies were strong enough.

"Haiz, these scenes make me feel so helpless."

Lin Fan was confident in his own strength. Looking at those God Essence Realm experts, if it wasn't for the battle of the defence line, such experts would be recruited, no matter where they went.

But in such a high end battle, they weren't strong enough.

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