I Have Countless Legendary Swords Chapter 432

Chapter 432: Chapter 432 The Final Battle

Zhou Xuanji did not know that his identity had been exposed. A huge group of enemies was on the way toward him.

He laid on the stone pillar and waited for time to pass.

In the blink of an eye.

Only five days were left before the Ascenders Examination ended.

Zhou Xuanji was already reputed in the Mysterious Tribulation Crater. He only robbed other ascenders and did not kill anyone after all.

The news about him robbing Gu Moyuan spread like wildfire, which made him on par with Mo Yuhe in people's eyes.

All the ascenders looked forward to his battle with Mo Yuhe.

It would be best if the two most powerful ascenders were to kill each other.

However, Zhou Xuanji and Mo Yuhe were not hostile toward each other and did not attack.

Especially Zhou Xuanji, who merely laid there and did not move.

The ascenders understood his intention.

This guy wanted to rob the other ascenders' Earth Core Crystals?

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