I Reincarnated Into A Bat Chapter 13

13 Chap 13

'That expression...you do understand me, don't you?' Slow paced, surprised, and the hoarse voice rang from the skeleton.

'Ah surprise, ah fear, ah curiosity... do your eyes reflect!' His following words were a bit more forceful.

Wait, how's the skeleton speaking and how do I understand him? Well, does it even matter now...

The skeleton stretched out its bony hand in my direction, the black robes sleeve sliding down loosely.

'Your noble blood...may you kindly offer?' The hoarse voice was trembling with longing.

My blood? Did this lunatic just ask for a blood donation? Why? You're a goddamn skeleton! Uh, mommy warned me not to trust suspicious strangers...so, forgive me, sir, I'll have to decline.


'Your silence...I should take it as a refusal, no?' The skeleton withdrew his hand and once again spoke in a low, yet forceful tone.

Yep. That's clever of you.

'Hehehehahahahahaha, I'll redeem it myself, then!' The hoarse voice boomed, echoing across the cave.

Well, kiss my ass. Without any warning, I made the right decision and fought the enemy...Nah, I fled along with my gang.

Hmmm? What's this uneasy feeling? I looked back, only to hear a resounding cackling.

Wait...why can't I feel its presence?! I have a high perception, so why?!

My heartbeat quickened from fear.

The enemy is after us, hiding in the dark, while I am exposed in the light.

Heh, so what? I know your target, so I've got you!

I continued flying in a certain direction, accompanied by my seven subordinates. There was no longer any fear in my heart, but excitement as schemes ran through my head.

Despite being excited, in no way did I dare let my guard down, but in contrast, my nerves were taut.

Stealthy monsters weren't anything new, but monsters aren't that good at hiding their intent, unlike that skeleton. However, this makes things much more interesting!

I was so tired of being a weakling! I'll show you what I'm capable of, so chase me, you dirty bag of bones!

I signaled my gang through telepathy as they slowed down.

As per my orders, everyone spread their perception to utmost, following which, the tremor bat opened its maws, giving birth to rippling soundwaves.

Resonance! It's not only good at amplifying sounds but connecting our perception too. This is why I chose these bats as my companions, not for their sonic attacks, but for Control!

My senses were heightened to a new degree as I started seeing the world differently, in more detail and accuracy. Our perception was interconnected and amplified, acting as a radar, that nothing can get through.

Heh, I see you!

Nope, actually, I don't!

I let myself reek of fear...birthed from deception.

Hah, now come at me!


The blue fire missile tore through the air at breakneck speed, aimed at my heart. Too bad, I was prepared for it!

Everyone, scatter!

*Bang, crack, crackle

The missile hit the stalagmite, which exploded into smaller pieces of stones, that fell down with a resounding thud.

'How did you...!' The astonished, hoarse voice rang, which I didn't bother listening.

Everyone, now!

The amplified, orchestrated sonic shriek visibly rippled the air.

The skeleton didn't even appear dizzy from the attack...that's because the attack was never aimed at it.

Several stalagmites broke off from above and rained down on the ground, crushing deafeningly.

Without hesitation, I continued fleeing. Let's play hide and seek if you wish, little skeleton. I was always good at games, besides, I've long since memorized the layout of the cave.

'Amusing.' The skeleton laughed and followed, unharmed.

After taking several detours, I flew to where hundreds of my cousins gathered.

It's still following, heh, how foolish.

Everyone! There's...oh, wait, shit, you guys can't see the stealthy bastard, eh? Well, fuck, alright, plan C, let's go pals.

Time to visit some forbidden grounds. I chuckled sinisterly.

Let's see whether you give up or persist. Either way, I'm in full control here, so no harm.

There are some dangerous monsters in the cave. However, the threat they possess to me is limited as I can fly. The skeleton, however...hehe, has anybody seen a flying skeleton? I haven't...and I don't wish to see one either, especially now.

One bat broke off from my small team and returned with a rock.

Good, now, let it go!

The rock accelerated as it bashed and broke the fairly large egg.


The cave shook as a 5-meter long fat, ugly monster screamed in anger and started wreaking havoc down below.

Good, now let's see the show.

[ Vorpal Basilisk, R3, Level ??

HP: ??/?? ]

'Humph, how unfair.' The skeleton in black robes snorted as it appeared, standing in the basilisk's path. In order to chase after me, there was only one way, to get past it.

The angry, mindless basilisk howled as it charged at the skeleton to vent its anger.

The skeleton's short white hair fluttered as blue flames in its hollow eyesockets burned more vigorously.

'This can not stop me, however!' I secretly booed at him for boasting overconfidence.

You'll beat this thing? Get outta here. I'll cut off my tiny bat nipples if you do. I sneered while observing the unfolding battle with folded...wings.
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