I Reincarnated Into A Bat Chapter 14

14 Chap 14


With a swift motion of its bony hand, the skeleton pulled out his icy rapier from the sheath, concealed behind his black robes.

Flames slowly spread from the hilt to the tip of the sword, wrapping around it like a layer of coating.

Huh, didn't see that coming.

Well, no matter what else you're hiding under those robes, you'll eventually be forced to expose it. Let's see who runs out of cards first.

The mad basilisk charged at the skeleton while haphazardly waving its giant body left and right. Its ugly head shook rather disgustingly.

Midcharge, its stomach bloated. It opened stinking mouth, revealing dozens of irregularly shaped teeth and sprayed the green sizzling liquid at the skeleton guy.

Eh? Why's he running that way? Isn't that a dead end?

With a push, the skeleton jumped in the air. I stared with mouth agape as he began running up the steep wall.

The basilisk tilted its head upward, directing the green poison vomit at him. With a push, the skeleton shot off the wall and while spinning, slashed twice mid-air.

The flaming cross was birthed from the slashes, which began to accelerate, aimed at the basilisk's head.

Sensing the danger, the monster flung its sharp tail and neutralized half of the attack. The rest of the flames, however, didn't dissipate and exploded on the left side of its face.

The angry beast howled as the flames began consuming its head. In a matter of seconds, its left eye was ruined.

The skeleton landed on the back of the monster and plunged the flaming sword in its scaly back.

The beast howled in pain as almost half of the sword was struck in its flesh. Its short limbs crushed the stone underneath as its giant body sunk, while shockwaves spread from the trembling sword.


He's so fierce! I guess...the basilisk's internal organs are a mess now. I was hoping this one would be enough, but seems, I was just thinking too much.

The heated battle continued. The enraged basilisk rolled on its back to crush the skeleton. In response, he somersaulted and landed safely. Without delay, the skeleton darted at the monster's head with lowered body posture.


The seemingly vulnerable basilisk gave a deafening cry, which rumbled throughout the cave. The charging skeleton was suddenly pushed off, but the monster's attack didn't stop there.

With a swift motion of its rear end, the beast's tail lashed at the unprepared skeleton, who only managed to lift his sword in defense, before being struck.


His thin body was flung in the air and thrown quite a distance away, harshly bouncing off the ground and finally crashing into the uneven stone wall.

With a powerful side push, the basilisk managed to get on its feet, but after doing so, it vomited gallons of blood, wrecked from the previously received internal injury.

The skeleton staggeringly got up with the help of his sword and limped forward. Coming to halt, he slightly bent down and...


...Put the leg joint in its socket.

Damn! How's it attached in the first place?!

Screw it! Maybe I should just stop questioning the logic in the fantasy world. Haven't I learned my lesson already?!

Well, the big lizard's of no use now. Time for plan D!

'You're not getting away!' The skeleton ignored the heavily injured basilisk and ran after me and my squad.

I felt uncomfortable from its stares. How creepy...

3 bats split off, going their own way, as per my orders. The rest continued following me.

I chuckled mischievously. I'm sure he'll find the next challenge utterly confounding.


Now...Everyone, slow down!


Prepare your asses!




The skeleton sidestepped and dodged the feces, following which he looked above.

'Little bastard, don't let me catch you.' He grumbled.

Hahaha, nice dodging skills, bone man!

Welp...onto the plan E. hopefully, I won't run out of alphabet...

Our game of cat and mouse went on.

If this was a video game, and the skeleton guy - the player, I'm sure I'd be considered the most annoying boss ever.

He was strong enough to finish me off in one or two hits, but I could fly, while he couldn't. What can we do? Life's never been fair.

He tried to catch me off guard and shoot me down with long-range flame attacks. Hehe, not today, Bone Boy!

Meanwhile, I led him from one monster to another.

The rock golem, the behemoth, the Virulent spider, the colony of ants...He overcame one obstacle after another.

Honestly, I was baffled by his persistence. Just why was he trying so hard, and what was he trying to achieve, even?

Wouldn't it be better to leave me be and try again some other time?

His intelligence was revealed by the way he spoke to me and handled the monsters, yet he was being ridiculous now.

I wasn't too concerned, however.

If he's so stubborn, I'll just have to teach him a lesson.

Afraid? I'm not, since I'm the one in control!

It's just...I'm growing kind of tired now.

Moving on to the plan J! Or was it K? Who even cares now.

As I was hatching another scheme in my mind, the new system notification appeared in my head.

[ +17% Exp ]

[ Achievement unlocked: Realm surpassing kill

100 skill points, 2.5 stat points obtained ]

[ Familiarity with subordinates increased ]

My eyes lit up with joy. These guys actually did the last blow to that dying basilisk!

I didn't expect such generous rewards too. Great! Extra reassurance is never a bad thing.


I effortlessly dodged another fireball, lazily glancing at the haggard looking skeleton with now a cracked skull and torn right arm.

Just what's the point of this relentless pursuit?

Suddenly, my body tensed. I felt a little uneasy for some reason.

I instantly realized what was wrong. The terrain is unfavorable. I inevitably cornered myself after going through necessary routes...I should have been more careful!

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