I Reincarnated Into A Bat Chapter 15

15 Chap 15

POV: Lumi

'Your time is running out!'

''But so is mine...''

I can't perish here, not until exposing the truth to the light, not until making sure my sisters are fine, not until seeing him one final time...

Gods, have mercy upon this lost soul. Forgive me, for this evil rite.

Let the dying flames blaze one final time, for this scattering soul to be pieced together by the noble blood.

POV change





His aura's totally different.

Just...what did he do? Why's his whole body enveloped in such berserk raging flames?

I'm not his match, and actually never was one, especially now.

One strike is all it takes to...shit, I need to get away, right now!

System, allocate 2.0, no... all my remaining stat points into agility!

'You're not getting away!' The menacing voice sounded from behind as the skeletal figure propelled himself up using the walls sandwiching us as a foothold.

My body feels so light. Shit, there's no time to adapt to the changes.

'Ultimate slasher...barrage!' His hand blurred as the proliferated burning slash waves accelerated towards us.

With full concentration, I did quite well dodging the chillingly fast, accurate and numerous attacks. A few times it was a close call, despite my agility quadrupling.

How unfair, I didn't have time to adjust to the changes yet.

[ < -0.2 ]

[ < -0.2 ]

While I was dodging the attacks, the pitiful screeches rang around me.

Soon I realized, my gang was helplessly being consumed by the flames.

You bastard!


[ < -0.9 ]

My concentration lapsed. I barely dodged that one in time. Ooh, that could have been really bad.

I'm out of here!

I escaped at my top speed with an aching heart as notification after another came up.

[ - 2 Charisma ]


[ - 2 Charisma ]

[ - 2 Charisma ]


[ - 2 Charisma ]

Our link was cut off.

My skill points were wasted.

They died.

No, all that doesn't matter.

I need to escape! As long as I'm alive, everything can be fixed. There's a Croco-lair ahead.

It's decided then. I won't wait until he finishes his battle anymore, and flee while the gators distract him.

The plan to wear him out and land the last blow's went up in smoke.

I'm not crazy enough to jump in those flames like a stupid moth.

Involuntarily, I glanced back with worry.

I can't feel his presence.

Did he give up the chase? That couldn't have been. Then...oh no...

Cold feeling crawled down my back.

Without the tremor and sonic bats, I won't be able to detect him if he tries to hide.

No, there's no need to panic.

Even I'm overwhelmed by my own speed. As long as I keep on track, no matter how he hides, he won't be able to catch up.

I'll be safe. It's alright, I haven't lost and not going to either.

I'll escape for good. I know the path and everything. I've been sick of this cave anyway.

Still, one can never be too cautious. Even if he can somehow keep up with my pace and tries to attack, his hitting chances will be reduced as I'm going zigzags.

I even feel a little sick, bluegh~

I'm slowly getting used to this speed, that's good.

As the time passed, the more relaxed I grew since I was darting at my top speed, so the chances of the enemy catching up seemed quite low to me.

Haha, with this speed, I should have long since ditched him by now.

It's ok to conserve some stamina and fly at my own pace now, which is still at least twice as fast as my maximum speed previously.


I remember that rock pillar. The crocodiles are not that far anymore. I'll be completely safe soon.

'Did you really think...'

Huh? This voice...


[ < -4.1 ]

'...You were the only one who knows the ways around here?'

I stared with disbelief as a skeletal figure materialized in front.

The next thing I felt was an excruciating feeling of losing a limb and the lack of strength.


[ < -2.6 ]

I fell on the ground in my own pool of blood. My torn wing was lying somewhere nearby.

...How did this...?!

I couldn't understand, neither did I want to. I didn't want to accept it.


How did this happen?

I stared at the skeleton, who was slowly approaching from ahead. The flames were no longer raging all over his body.


The part of his skull broke off and fell down, engulfed into the small blue fire, then turned into ash.

'Oh...seems I've overdone it a bit...but matters not...I got what I wanted.' He said in a tired, hoarse voice.

Don't come near me!

I helplessly tried to move my wing but in vain.

I wouldn't be able to escape in this condition.

It was then, I realized, I really lost.

The skeletal hand grabbed me and lifted me up.

'Give me your sustenance!' The blue flames blazed in the skeleton's hollow eyesockets.

I felt my strength slowly leave me. My blood was being absorbed.

My body shivered from fear.

Is this the end?

I lost all hope, not bothering to struggle anymore, waiting for my death to come, but...

'How...how could this be?!'

The skeleton mumbled.

*Crack, crack

The part of his ribcage collapsed and turned into flying ash.

I slightly opened my weary eyes.

Good, at least you'll follow me in hell or wherever we are going, haha.

He started trembling.

'You...useless thing!'

My body was being crushed in his grip, which was slowly tightening.

My will to live once again flared up. I didn't have much means of resistance, but I...still wasn't willing to give up yet.

Without hesitation, I put all my skill points into telepathy and transmitted my voice.

'Please don't kill me! I can be useful to you.'

Damn it, is this going to work? I must be dreaming.

All I need is a little time. He's dying on his own. As long as I drag this out, I'll survive!

This has to work, this has to work! If not...sigh, then that'd really be the end of me.

At least I tried my best, right? Haha...

The grip didn't loosen, but it stopped tightening.

'You?! So...you could really hear me. Useless thing! Why did your bloodline have to be this weak? If this goes on, then how am I going to...everyone...how will I...'

The skeleton fell on his knees.

His body was slowly, but surely turning into dust. That's good. A few more seconds...I have to make it somehow.

'If there's any way I can help, just tell me.'

I transmitted another message when I realized he was waking from the stupor of reminiscence.

'Ha, ha, even after what I've done...are you still willing to help me, noble one?' The low, hoarse voice sounded awfully near my ears.

'Precisely!' I answered without hesitation.

''Just die already!'' I thought bitterly.

'Hehehehe, you're just bidding for time, aren't you? You're more intelligent than I thought. Maybe...you can really accomplish what I desire.'

Eh? My act was seen through? Shit! But the way he said it...Is he not going to kill me?

Still, somehow, I have a bad feeling about this...
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