I Reincarnated Into A Bat Chapter 4

4 Chap 4

Here I was, moments ago dreaming about once again returning to being a human and now, what do my eyes see?

My original body is walking about on its own.

After the initial shock, fear, and self-doubt came...anger!

[ Alan Morgan Level ???

HP: 37.6/39 ]


It doesn't matter who possessed my body. I need to find a way to get it back. Though as I am now, I have no way of accomplishing that.

After a lot of internal struggle, I decided to stalk the duo to find out more about them, especially the new owner of my body.

* * *

They didn't talk much. There was nothing going on except, they kept walking, so I got bored of staring at the face I used to see in the mirror every morning and focused my attention on the girl, who I failed to rescue from death.

It came as a surprise she was also transmigrated here.

It was only now that I took a closer look at her.

[ ??? Level 0

HP: 21/21 ]

I only remembered her outfit. Now that I remember, there was an anime convention going on nearby, which I had to grudgingly miss due to work. Unfortunately, by the time I got fired from the job, it should have ended.

She was wearing that outfit, which made her look like gothic lolita, even now. Her petite frame and white-pearl skin fitted her in the outfit like a doll.

Sigh, poor me. I've read too much fiction and acted on impulse. I'm not sure I would have sacrificed myself that selflessly if I didn't see some 'otherworldly elements', like that strange and pretty dress and an outline of a little beauty.

I'm embarrassed.

Not only did I fail to perform a heroic act and uselessly sacrificed my life, but my motive of sacrifice was even more ridiculous.

Actually, I'm surprised the system didn't already give me a title of loser. Thank you system, for not stepping on me while I'm down like others did.


I continued observing the duo. As I already assumed, Fake did all the job of clearing the monsters, while the girl followed silently...Yeah, I decided to call the bastard using my body as a vessel Fake. How else should I refer him? Honestly, it's really frustrating and confusing.

I felt weird watching how badass he was. A hint of envy couldn't help but appear in my mind.

'He's using that useless body of mine better than I did. No, if I was myself again, I would definitely be better than him, definitely!' I thought. To be honest, even I didn't believe what I thought to be correct, but my already low self-esteem was once again stomped underfoot, so I couldn't help but make such type of remarks in my heart.

Meanwhile, Fake punched down a ruthless fist on disgusting large rat's head. Rat's face sunk as blood sprouted. It fell on the cold ground, squeaking miserably.

The girl suddenly neared the fight scene and lifted up a rock, but was stopped midway by Fake's bloody grip, which rudely grasped her raised hand with force.

The girl looked up and fixed her gaze on Fake's domineering stare.

'There's no need for you to fight. I'll protect you.'

Fake spoke calmly, which sounded somewhat eerie in my ears.

'But I also want to get stronger. I don't want to be a burden.'

The girl spoke up with her melodious voice, her tone filled with defiance.

Fake gave a small smile, which also appeared somewhat wicked to me.

'Relax, you are not a burden to me, and remember, I will never abandon you.'

His voice was full of conviction, but why do I feel creeped out?!

Fake lifted up his foot and ruthlessly stomped down on the large rat, which was on its last breath and crushed its skull. He didn't even look away from her gaze while doing so.

He finally, slowly let her hand go and turned around, continuing to walk slowly. The girl stared at Fake's back for a while, then looked back into the darkness.

A creepy slithering sound coming from nearby cave wall, along with the other small, mixed noises, disturbed the silence.

Her hand, which was clutching a torch trembled a bit. She turned around and caught up to Fake with hurried steps. Her black, glossy pigtails swayed along with her hurried stride.

I didn't understand what happened. The only thing I knew was, I couldn't just fly away. I had to observe the duo. Something didn't sit right with me about Fake's behavior, though.

After following them for a long while, it became clear to me, Fake was stronger than most things here and was getting even stronger the more he killed. His perception was also assumedly high as he avoided dangerous places several times. If something happened too frequently, it couldn't be a coincidence. Their survival couldn't only be attributed to luck.

'Good grief. Aren't we lucky?'

Fake sighed upon discovering a crystal clear lake-pond.

He drank the clean water with big gulps and invited the girl too.

'C'mon, don't be shy.'

Fake smiled slightly as he continued drinking in big gulps. The girl hesitated for a while, then crouched down and fetched a handful of water with her petite hands, drinking silently.

He grinned upon seeing the scene. There was a clear contrast between their drinking style. He was lying on four and drinking like an animal with hands spread out, while she was much more reserved even though she was just as thirsty.

'Want to take a bath?'

He suggested.

She stared at him unfriendlily and walked away, standing close by with back turned.

Fake shrugged and undressed unreservedly, getting rid of clothes reeking of bloody scent.

Hearing a splashing sound, the girl distanced herself from the lake even further, but she didn't dare get too far away.

'Man, how refreshing.'

He grinned as he put on his wet clothes which were washed moments ago, after bathing.

'Are you sure you don't want to take a bath? There's another clear pond there, just a few meters away.'

Fake suggested with a smile. The girl frowned and didn' answer.

His grin widened as he forcibly clutched the girl's hand as he said 'Staying up for the nights, fighting these monsters, protecting you, it's been so tiring. Celine, my love, won't you lessen a burden for me, just a little bit?

Celine's eyelashes fluttered as her obsidian eyes contracted in fear. Her body trembled in dread.

'What are you doing? Let me go!'

She screamed, struggling to free herself from a painful grip, but fake's expression was scary, telling he wouldn't give up on the idea.

My heart beat fast as I somewhat saw it coming, but didn't expect Fake to be such an animal to try violating an underage girl.

I realized why he never let her kill. It was because he was afraid she would level up and get stronger and have the power to resist him. He was afraid he wouldn't be needed. He wanted her to feel dependant on him.

I wouldn't let such thing happen in front of my eyes, but how could I help? I was clearly much, much weaker than him. Besides, even if I had power, I didn't have the courage to kill him, because if he died, I would never have a chance to get my body back.

Meanwhile, a creeping sound rang.

A disgusting huge centipede appeared in the torch light's range. The bloodshot, sleepless eyes of Fake glared at the approaching monster with hatred.

'Fuck off!'

He yelled as atmosphere turned visibly heavier.

Magically, the centipede started losing 0.1 HP every second.

It made gurgling-screeching noises and fled.

What kind of skill was this? His aura dealt a continuous damage. He never used that skill before.

'No, leave me alone!'

The girl started shedding crystal tears while struggling futilely. Fake grinned and pressed her down with his body to restrict her, then he started tearing her clothes with his strong hands.

I couldn't watch it anymore.

Heck with everything.

I grabbed a nearby rock and flew high into the air. I was nervous, which affected my aim. I forced myself to calm down. There wasn't much time left. If I didn't act in time, an unthinkable would happen. I couldn't miss this attack.

I let go of the rock with a fast beating heart. The rock accelerated in speed due to gravity and quickly dived down.

A resounding smack was heard as the rock hit Fake's head. He instantly showed white of his eyes and lost consciousness.

- 11.2!

[ Skill learned: Throw ]

I ignored the untimely notifications and flew down, wanting to make sure the girl wasn't hurt.

She quickly freed herself from the heavy body of unconscious Fake and sobbed as she hugged her knees.

My heart ached.

She had nowhere to go...

She wouldn't be able to survive alone all on her own. The problem wasn't solved yet.
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