I'm A Duke Chapter 1

1 Artur Michaelis Phantomhive Windsor

city of Windsor in Berkshire, England, United Kingdom [1940]

Windsor Castle

In a luxurious room, a boy slept on a large bed in the center of the room.

The boy looked eleven years old, his short golden hair gleaming in the sunlight, his pale white skin further enhanced his beauty that was comparable to the gods.

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Suddenly the bedroom door was opened, is a woman dressed as a Maid entered the room carefully not to wake up, the boy sleeping.

The woman had curly blond hair and green eyes. Her beautiful body fit perfectly into the maid's attire, creating a sensual and elegant aura.

The maid walked slowly to the bed, and saw the boy sleeping in the red silk sheets.

The woman lost her breath, seeing the 11-year-old boy, he looked so beautiful and perfect that shocked the maid.

"Every time I see, little duke, I'm still shocked by such beauty." the maid whispered softly feeling her heart beat faster.

After she calmed her troubled heart, the maid came close to the boy and whispered right into his ear.

"Your royal highness, now and day, breakfast is ready." the maid whispered in the boy's ear, which slowly opened his Blue Eyes like two beautiful diamonds.

"Ana, get my clothes ready." The boy spoke in a lazy voice as he stood showing his naked body to Ana.

Ana's face began to turn red with embarrassment, looking at her master's naked body.

"Yes, your royal highness." Ana bowed and quickly ran from the room, leaving the boy smiling with an amused smile on his face.

"Haha, she's already twenty years old and still as shy as a teenager." The boy spoke with a laugh as he looked out the window with a smile on his face.

"I have come to this world 11 years ago, although it is not so bad, since I was born a Duke of the United Kingdom." the boy spoke while showing a nostalgic smile.

He was 21st century but died in an accident and after a while he appeared in the Body of a Baby in 1929 Son of Edward VIII.

Although in his timeline his father, Edward VIII died after World War I, leaving Prince Arthur Michaelis Phantomhive Windsor orphaned. George VI as king of the United Kingdom adopted his nephew and raised as his own son.

Suddenly the door opened, taking Arthur out of her thoughts, and Ana walked in with two more maids and began dressing Arthur.

After a while, Arthur looked into the mirror and saw a boy wearing a beautiful Black outfit with golden patterns on his shoulders, he looked very elegant and noble. In his hand was a gold ring with a coat of arms of the Windsor Royal Family.

Arthur nodded with satisfaction and left the room, showing a serious face.

Leaving Arthur's room, he saw an old man wearing a butler suit waiting for him.

The butler, watching Arthur leave the room, he bowed and spoke respectfully.

"King George VI invites the presence of Duke Phantomhive for breakfast." the Butler spoke Respectfully and with a serious look.

"Andrea, you can guide the way." Arthur spoke with a smile as he looked at the butler with a serious look.

Andrea nodded and started walking toward the garden.

After walking for a while, Arthur came to the garden and soon saw a man in his thirties, wearing imperial clothes and holding a cup of tea with a smile. He was King of the United Kingdom, Ireland and British Overseas Domains
for visiting.

Emperor of India George VI.

George VI seeing Arthur, he smiled kindly and invited Arthur to sit at the beautifully decorated stone table.

"Arthur, you look better with each passing year." George VI seeing Arthur sitting, he did not hesitate and praised Arthur, with a gentle smile on his face.

Arthur narrows his eyes, he knows when his uncle makes that kind of smile he wants something.

"Uncle, thanks for the compliment." Arthur spoke as he sipped his tea.

"Arthur, can you do me a little favor." Jorge VI spoke with a friendly smile to Arthur.

"Uncle, before that, I have a request." Arthur spoke as he looked seriously at George VI.

"Speak" seeing his nephew's serious look, Jorge VI was also serious.

"I want to change my territory." Arthur spoke slowly as he looked into George VI's eyes.

"For which?" Jorge VI spoke frowning, he felt a bad premonition.

"Australia," Arthur said as he sipped his cup of tea.

"No, Australia is a barren, poor territory." Jorge VI hearing Arthur, he immediately refused.

"I have my reasons," Arthur said with a serious look at George VI.

"Which?" Jorge VI frowning.

"Isabel" Arthur just said that, and was silent. Your uncle and an intelligent man will know why.

Listening to Arthur, George VI frowned and soon knew why. Elizabeth his daughter was and the heir to the Throne, but with Arthur the son of the former king he also has the right to rule. Unlike Isabel, Arthur showed his genius from a young age whether Political, Economic, or Command, so all Citizens expect Arthur to be the next King of the United Kingdom. If Arthur Goes to Australia rules, Isabel has to assume the right to Rule.

Jorge VI looked at the 11-year-old boy in a complicated and relieved way. This problem has always been a headache for him, but his nephew has thought of everything and done it the easy way.

"Thank you, Arthur" Jorge VI spoke sincerely to Arthur.

"Uncle, no need to thank you and Isabel have always taken care of me, so this is the least I can do for you." Arthur spoke with a smile as he looked seriously at George VI.

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