I'm A Duke Chapter 11

11 The Butler And The Princess

Atlantic Ocean

Five ships flying German flags were firing their cannons and anti-aircraft rifles on Swedish warships that were protecting with their lives a smaller passenger ship.

On the German ship, the Nazi soldiers aimed the anti-aircraft artillery, Flak 38 caliber 20 and fired without mercy or showed mercy.

*Zunn Zunn Zunnnn Zunnnn Zunnnn Zunnnn

Like many lights crossing over the sea, the shots of Flak 38 reached over seven hundred meters per second and hit Swiss warships in 5 seconds, creating numerous holes in the hulls of Swiss warships.

Of course, the Swiss ships also fought back using their own 20mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft weapons


Suddenly shots with explosive ammunition from the German Cannons went through a Swiss warship and exploded causing a cloud of black smoke to slowly rise into the sky.

Bodies of Swiss soldiers without arms or legs began to appear on the surface of the sea that slowly gained the reddish color, this scene made everyone understand the cruelty of war.

Without the Swiss ships noticing a small boat with German soldiers broke the circle of defense and went towards the passenger ship.

Inside the Passenger Ship

"Grandpa Nevel! I'm scared." A girl with black hair and blue eyes spoke hugging strongly an old butler's dress.

The girl was about 12 years old, she was wearing a

Dressed as a white princess, she buried her head in the old man's arms in fear of the sounds of gunshots and cries of regret.

"All right, Margaret, the soldiers will protect us." Butler Nevel spoke in a calm voice and showed a gentle smile for the Heir Princess of Switzerland but her eyes glowed with a cooler light.

Nevel was not afraid to die, he has lived a long time. He was afraid that the little girl in his arms would die in that damned war that Germany started with the world.


Old Butler Nevel's thought was interrupted by the violent explosion that occurred near the passenger ship, the explosion made the whole ship swing to the sides, causing it to unbalance itself and almost fall to the ground.

While trying to balance himself with Princess Margina in his arms, Butler Nevel heard panic cries from the maids about the ship and sounds of gunfire began to sound throughout the passenger ship, he immediately learned that the ship had been invaded by German soldiers.

Nevel knowing he had to run, otherwise, they would be caught by the German soldiers, quickly he ran holding the princess in his arms he ran through the empty corridors of the ship but being an old man, he soon got tired and leaned against the wall breathing heavily.

Nevel for the first time hated his age, he looked at the Princess in his arms and put her down while he crouched down to see her big blue eyes.

"Princess Margaret, I want you to pay close attention," Nevel spoke with a gentle smile for the girl with the black hair and blue eyes, who nodded as she looked at the old butler with tears that threatened to fall from his beautiful blue eyes.

"Princess, run to your room as fast as you can and don't leave, no matter what doesn't open the door for anyone speaking with a language you can't understand." Nevel the butler spoke looking straight into the blue daisy eyes.

"Aren't you coming with me, Grandpa Nevel?" Marguerite asked Nevel trembling as tears began to flow down his cheeks.

"Don't cry Marguerite, I have to help some people, so I'll hide with you later" Nevel spoke with a gentle smile for Marguerite.

Margaret hearing River nodded innocently and ran to her room with all her speed.

Seeing his young Princess running, Nevel pulled a Mark IV Webley revolver from his waist and leaned against the wall with his eyes closed waiting for certain German soldiers.

Some time passed and several hasty steps were heard by Nevel who was still keeping his eyes closed hiding the Webley Mark IV Revolver in his jacket.

"Schnell, Schnell finde Diese verdammte Prinzessin." A Nazi captain with a red armband with two little black rays on his arm spoke shouting to his subordinates.

[Note: The sentence is in German translation and "Quick, Quick find that damn Princess."]

The old man who understood what the German soldiers were talking about felt rage fill his heart but quickly repressed that rage in his chest, it was not time just a little more and he will make these demons pay for all this slaughter.

Nevel quickly held his breath and waited for the right moment to deliver the fatal blow to these Nazi soldiers.

"Captain! A body of an old butler." A German soldier spoke in German as he pointed at Nevel standing on the ground with his head down.
for visiting.

"If the butler's here, the princess is nearby." The Nazi captain spoke with a cool smile as his eyes glowed with uncontrollable greed.

The five Nazi soldiers, out of arrogance or perhaps stupidity, ignored Nevel's body lying on the ground without even asking whether he was alive or dead. They even ignored the fact how and that the butler died, if they only killed the ship's maids.

As soon as the five soldiers passed Nevel's "dead" body, the body opened its eyes and raised its head as it pulled the Webley Mark IV revolver from its jacket.

Nevel showed a cold smile on his aging face and did not hesitate to pull the trigger on the Webley Mark IV Gun.

*Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! *

Formerly Nevel Norvem, known as the red devil of Switzerland participated in numerous wars, no matter what weapon he used, Nevel never missed a shot at such a short distance.

In less than three seconds the five Nazi Soldiers were on the ground, expressions were still vivid in their faces, disbelief and fear of death were seen on each of their faces.

Blood slowly flowed out of their heads, each had a shot behind his head that passed all over his brain and crossed his forehead creating a 3cm hole in his forehead.

Nevel got up from the ground and quickly turned the bodies of Nazi soldiers in search of something important, soon he found a letter written in German, he had no time for it so he kept the letter in his jacket.

Knowing he was running out of time Nevel ran to his Princess's room in time, he ran at his own pace not to get tired.

Five minutes later, Nevel saw Princess Marguerite's room intact and sighed with relief, he approached the door and slammed gently at her as he spoke. "Princess I am you can open."

The same second Nevel spoke, the door opened and a girl jumped on his arms crying loudly as he held his jacket tight.

Nevel only straightened his hair to try to calm Princess Marguerite, without noticing that Marguerite had slept, so Nevel entered the room with her sleeping in his Arms and gently put her to bed.

"Now just wait for reinforcements or we're dead." Nevel thought as he closed the door and began to barricade items in front of the door.

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