I'm A Duke Chapter 4

4 A Busy Day

Brown's Hotel in the morning

In the bedroom, Arthur woke up completely refreshed in the morning and looked to the side to see Marilyn sleeping Nude on her chest with a peaceful smile on her face.

Remembering yesterday, Arthur showed a very funny smile, after all and not every day he can leave without worrying about anything.

Arthur got up, careful not to wake Marilyn, and went to the bathroom and took a step into a foamy bathtub.

Suddenly the bathroom's glass door opened, and Marilyn stumbled into the bathroom. She walked over to the tub and entered the tub. Snuggling into Arthur's arms, Marilyn breathed a sigh of relief and closed her eyes to carefully feel the warmth of Arthur's body.

Embracing Marilyn's waist, Arthur reached close to her ear and whispered gently. "Good morning, my little lover."

"Who said I was your lover." Marilyn spoke with a very charming smile on her face.

"I said." Arthur spoke with an evil tone as he hugged Marilyn tighter.

"Tomorrow, I will go to my Territory, you will go with me." Arthur spoke, kissing Marilyn's beautiful neck.

"Where?" Marilyn asked curiously, although she knew that Arthur is noble, she doesn't know what position.

"All of Australia and mine." Arthur spoke without caring much.

Marilyn was shocked, although she doesn't know much, but she knows Australia is still one of the largest wool producers in the world. And only this sector in the country has a profit of billions of pounds annually.

And just this sector, imagine the profit of an entire country 300 billion to 500 billion annually. And so many zeros that Marilyn has already lost count, so she turned to Arthur and looked at him seriously.

"What's your title?" Marilyn asked with a serious face to Arthur.

"Prince and Duke." Seeing Marilyn's serious face, Arthur answered truthfully.

Hearing Arthur, Marilyn's eyes widened with shock, and a sense of Inferiority began to spread throughout her immature heart.

She is only an orphan who has moved from orphanage to orphanage all her life, and as for him and the prince of the greatest power in the world.

Marilyn bit her red lips in frustration. she took the prince's first time from the UK and is taking a bath with him, it made her heart a little proud and also lost.

Seeing Marilyn's face change many times with different expressions, Arthur narrowed his eyes and immediately knew the problem.

"I think you're thinking too much Marilyn. In this life, you belong to me forever." Arthur spoke with all the arrogance in the world as he lifted Marilyn's chin with his finger and looked straight into her eyes.

Listening to Arthur, Marilyn's turbulent heart finally calmed down. Although Arthur was treating her like an object, she didn't complain but accepted happily. That means Arthur won't leave her for anything.

"Though I can't marry you Marilyn, but I'll take care of you forever." Arthur spoke, softly kissing her red lips as he looked sincerely at Marilyn.

"I know, I'm content to have you in my life." Marilyn spoke as she wrapped her arms around Arthur's neck and looked straight at him with a beautiful smile.

They both hugged for a while and left the bathroom to have their breakfast.

After breakfast, Arthur left Brown's Hotel with Marilyn holding his arm.

Just as Arthur left the hotel with Marilyn, he was surrounded by countless journalists holding cameras.

Countless flashes came out of the journalists' cameras, temporarily mowing Arthur and Marilyn.

"Prince Arthur, there are reports that you went in with this lady last night and only left this morning, you slept with her." a reporter quickly asked Arthur who immediately felt a strong anger hearing the Reporter's question.
for visiting.

But before Arthur burst into rage, Raizer and the other bodyguards arrived and formed a circle around Arthur and Marilyn protecting them both.

Arthur took Marilyn's hand and walked toward his Rolls Royce Phantom parked by the roadside.

Under the protection of the bodyguards, Arthur and Marilyn quickly entered the Rolls Royce Phantom.

"Quick, get back to Berkshire." Arthur spoke breathlessly to Raizer, who quickly accelerated.

Seeing the Journalists away, Arthur sighed with relief, he finally knew, which was the persistence of a journalist for his story.

"Probably tomorrow, on the front cover of the newspaper, it's going to be both of us." Arthur smiled with a smile at Marilyn who was still shaking a little, but not from fear but from excitement.

Seeing Marilyn not respond, Arthur just showed a helpless smile, it seems that Marilyn was born to be an Actress, but that made him happy, if no one has Ambition they can never grow in the world.

"Your Royal Highness, Ana has gone first to Windsor Castle to prepare all the things the Prince will need on his trip to Australia." Raizer's serious voice was heard behind the black glass.

"Well, let's save time like this." Arthur listening to Raizer spoke with satisfaction.

"Marilyn, do you have anything to pick up at your place?" Arthur asked Marilyn who finally came out of the euphoria of journalists.

"No, there are only a few old clothes," Marilyn said with a smile as she lay on Arthur's chest.

Listening to Marilyn, Arthur only stroked her blond hair as he stared at the distracted window.

"When I get to Australia, I have to get all three legislative, judiciary and executive powers." Arthur thought and showed an evil smile as his cold blue eyes stared at Australia.

After a few hours of travel Arthur arrived in Berkshire and returned to Windsor Castle.

Getting out of the car, Arthur took Marilyn's hand and walked to the Castle with a calm face.

Entering the castle, Arthur saw Isabel waiting for him as he looked at Marilyn from time to time.

"Arthur, is that it?" Isabel asked Arthur as she looked Marilyn up and down.

"My lover." Arthur answered without caring much. But for Isabel it was like a bomb exploding in her head.

Isabel since childhood Never had any friends, but that changed when Arthur arrived at the Castle, the cold boy three years younger than she was always calm as an Adult. But still he was always close to her, whether taking care, comforting and even playing House with her, and over time she grew and found that she began to have feelings Arthur. And now she finds out that the person she loves brought a little lover into the castle without caring about anyone, it made her very uncomfortable but she didn't let it show on her face.

Then Isabel looked coldly at Marilyn and looked at Arthur with a gentle smile.

"Come on Arthur, dinner is ready." Isabel spoke completely ignoring Marilyn, and pulled Arthur's arm as she walked toward the dining room.

Seeing the hostility in Isabel's eyes, Marilyn smiled calmly and walked behind Arthur with a polite smile on her face. She has guessed almost everything, Princess Isabel is in love with Prince Arthur, if it came out in the newspapers this seriously considered one of the biggest scandals of the twentieth century.

Arriving in the dining room, Arthur saw George VI looking at him with a knowing smile.

"Arthur, my dear nephew, you seem to have brought a beautiful lady to dinner with us that beautiful night." George VI spoke looking at Marilyn with a kind smile.

"Your majesty, Marilyn Monroe pays tribute to you." Marilyn speaks bowing to George VI with respect.

"What a polite girl, but she doesn't need formalities at the table, so she can be comfortable, child." Jorge VI spoke kindly to Marilyn, who relaxed listening to Jorge VI.

When everyone was seated at the table, the maids immediately served the plates and drinks.

"Arthur, morning everything will be ready, and you can travel to Australia." George VI spoke to Arthur as he gently shook his glass of wine.

"Thanks Uncle." Arthur thanked him as he wiped his mouth with a white handkerchief.

After everyone had finished dinner, Arthur led Marilyn to her room, under Isabel's death glare.

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