I'm A Duke Chapter 5

5 Match And Pirates

Windsor Castle in the morning

When Arthur awoke he saw Marilyn naked sleeping beside her while showing a sweet smile on her face.

"Last day in the UK." Arthur thought as he looked at Marilyn's beautiful face.

Suddenly the door was opened and Ana with two other maids came into the room holding men's and women's clothes.

Seeing the room all messy and clothes thrown everywhere. The maids were surprised but quickly regained their composure and bowed respectfully to Arthur, who was lying in bed only showing his upper body.

"Your Royal Highness." the maids all spoke at the same time.

"The will," Arthur says, waving his hand at the maids.

"Prince Arthur, your clothes and Miss Monroe's are ready." Ana spoke respectfully as she glanced over at Marilyn lying in bed sleeping.

Arthur didn't respond and only whispered gently into Marilyn's ear, which slowly opened her eyes full of confusion and sleep.

"Arthur, good morning." Marilyn says yawning as she gently kisses Arthur's lips.

"Good morning, we have to get ready soon." says Arthur as he took the red satin sheet from his body.

The maids reddened their cheeks as they looked at Arthur's naked body.

"Coff" Arthur coughs to get attention.

Hearing Arthur's fake cough, the maids quickly dress Arthur as calmly as possible. The same thing happened to Marilyn, although she was nervous about other people wearing her.

After a while Arthur and Marilyn were properly dressed. And they left the room followed by three maids.

Arriving in the garden for breakfast, Arthur sees Jorge VI and Isabel eating together while talking.

"Good morning uncle." Arthur greets Jorge VI with a smile on his face.

"Good morning Arthur, looks like you slept very well yesterday." Jorge VI speaks with a knowing smile and looks at Marilyn who was red-cheeked with embarrassment.

"Humhp" Isabel looks coldly at her father, who immediately closes his mouth and begins to have his quiet breakfast.

"Good morning Isabel, you are more with each passing day." Arthur speaks with a smile as he kisses Isabel's cheek with a smile.

Isabel narrated her eyes in happiness and smiled happily, listening to Arthur's Praise and looking at Marilyn with a teasing look.

Marilyn just showed Isabel a smile and took his arm as she rubbed her breasts on Arthur's arm.

Seeing Marilyn's boldness in front of her, Isabel bites her teeth angrily and begins to eat her breakfast in a hurry.

Arthur just kept quiet watching the two women fighting while showing a funny smile on his face.

After a bit noisy breakfast. Arthur entered the

Rolls Royce Phantom along with Marilyn, George VI and Isabel and set off for the UK's second largest port, Southampton Harbor on the east coast of England.

After 5 hours

The Rolls Royce Phantom parked at the port of Southampton, and inside it came out four people.

Arthur looked out to sea and saw 31 warships moored near the harbor.

When Arthur saw 31 Ships he was surprised as his uncle said it was 30 battleships.

"Active, Class A, British Royal Navy, destroyer weighing 1,350 tons." Seeing Arthur's confused look, George VI spoke, placing his hand on Arthur's shoulder.

"It's a gift from me." George VI spoke with a kind smile to Arthur, who also showed a smile to George VI.

"Thanks Uncle." Arthur sincerely thanked Jorge VI, who only put his hand on his head and ruffled his hair.

"Go, I can't stop your information from leaking anymore so be careful. After all being the richest man in the world takes your risks." George VI spoke gravely as he looked straight into Arthur's eyes.

"I know Uncle, I'll take care of myself," Arthur says with a straight face.

After speaking with Jorge VI, Arthur turns to see Isabel crying as she looks at him sadly.

"Don't cry, you didn't say you were going to visit me in Australia." Arthur spoke gently as he wiped the tears from Isabel's face with a handkerchief.

"I know, but I'm still sad." Isabel spoke as she hugged Arthur tightly.

"Isabel remembers our promise when we were little." Arthur whispered in Isabel's Ear.

"Of course, how could I forget." Isabel spoke a little embarrassed.

"Then you needn't worry, when you stabilize my territory you come to visit me." Arthur spoke showing a gentle smile to Isabel as he ran his hand through Isabel's silky hair.

After Arthur calmed Isabel, he took Marilyn Raizer and Ana together with him to The Active Destroyer who was docked in the harbor waiting for Arthur.

On top of the Destroyer, Arthur saw Captain John Rider waiting for him.

"Captain Rider, I hope we have a Safe Voyage." Arthur spoke, shaking Captain Rider's hand.

"Don't worry, your royal highness will ensure your complete safety." Captain Rider spoke with a straight face.

"Then navigate immediately, Captain Rider." Arthur ordered as he looked at Southampton Harbor with a happy smile and waved his hand high at the two most important people of his life.

"EAT BACK SOON!" The voice of a girl Sounds reaches Arthur's ears, and he only smiles and returns to his cabin inside the destroyer.

Isabel in the harbor, She sees the fleet of ships moving farther and farther away.

"Daughter needn't worry, he comes back to you." Jorge VI speaks Straightening Isabel's head while showing her a warm smile.

Isabel just nodded and went back to the Rolls Royce Phantom along with George VI and back to Windsor Castle.

Half a month later

Arthur's fleet of ships crossed the Indian Ocean and sailed towards the city of Perth.
for visiting.

The Destroyer Active

Inside the Cabin, Arthur was reading a book when he suddenly hears hurried footsteps running to the Destroyer's Deck.

Arthur got up and left the cabin leaving Marilyn sleeping alone in the cabin.

Arriving at the Deck, Arthur sees the soldiers looking at the sea with contempt.

Following the Soldiers' vision, Arthur looks and widens his eyes Shock. Five ships made of Madeira coming toward him, the one that drew the most attention was the black flag with a Skull Raised in the five wooden ships.

"Pirates!" This is Arthur's only thought of seeing the five pirate ships made of Madeira.

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