I'm A Duke Chapter 7

7 Torture R 18

[Warning: The content below will be rated R-18, not a sex scene, but heavy torture, so for children please ignore this chapter.]

Australia, Perth City

You should never underestimate the Civilian Force. As Arthur thought in less than 24 hours the citizens caught the killer trying to flee Australia by boat.
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Inside the Destroyer Active

Arthur looked at the Killer kneeling on the floor with bruises all over his body, he even saw signs of torture on the killer's body.

"I don't like wasting my time, so you have five seconds to tell who told me to kill me." Arthur spoke as he looked at the killer with a cold smile.

Listening to Arthur, the assassin didn't speak and kept his mouth shut.

"You don't want to talk, so don't blame me for being cruel." said Arthur, seeing that the killer was not going to say anything.

"Root, grab and a pan of boiling water and throw it into his mouth." Arthur spoke with a cold smile on the Kneeling kneeling on the floor, who trembled at him.

Raizer said nothing and left the room. After a few minutes Raizer came back holding a Bowl of boiling water.

"As we are polite, let's take a shower first." Arthur told Raizer, who threw a bucket of boiling water at the killer.


In the room you can only hear the sizzle of boiling water burning the killer's skin.

"Aahhhhh" the Assassin couldn't take it anymore and started screaming to vent his pain as he looked at Arthur with hate-filled eyes.

Seeing the look of hatred on the Assassin, Arthur walked over to him and kicked him hard in the mouth cracking a few teeth.

Arthur held his hair up and looked into the killer's eyes.

"Don't look at me with your dirty eyes, if I'm not going to throw you alive for the sharks to eat you, understand." Arthur spoke coldly to the Assassin, who still looked straight into his eyes.

"Root in his mouth now." Arthur told Raizer, who immediately opened the Assassin's mouth by force and threw it into the boiling water into the assassin's mouth.

The killer tried to close his mouth, but could not and only felt the boiling water burn each of his internal organs. The killer's body began to twitch hard for a few minutes and then stopped suddenly as if dead.

Seeing this, he took an adrenaline syringe and slammed it into the killer's heart and injected the adrenaline into the killer's heart.

A few seconds later the killer revived and slowly opened to see Arthur smiling at him with a gentle smile.

"We still have a long day ahead, you can't sleep like that." Arthur spoke to the assassin who showed a look of despair in his eyes, listening to him.

A few hours later

After that Arthur and Raizer tortured the killer in many different ways. Good thing I only had Raizer and Arthur in the room, otherwise no other people would have hurried out of the room just to escape this hell.

Entire room smelled of blood, urine and droppings all mixed together making it still disgusting.

"Demon" was the only word the Assassin spoke to Arthur during the torture session.

Arthur looked at the body of the killer that was missing some parts, others were burned to black, the part that made him a man was no longer where he should have been. The legs were cut off, the ears were also cut the whole face. has been deformed.

"It was the mayor." A low whisper from the totally deformed body was heard by Raizer and Arthur, who showed a pleased smile and Arthur pulled a pistol and shot coldly into the Assassin's head, ending his pain.

"Raizer you did something today." When it was all over, Arthur asked Raizer that question.

"No, your royal highness I was in my room all day." Raizer spoke to Arthur with an expressionless face.

"What is it." Arthur pointed to the killer's deformed body.

"A lot of trash that will be thrown into the sea." Raizer spoke without thinking twice to Arthur, who nodded with satisfaction and left the room with a gentle smile on his face.

As Arthur left the room, Raizer finally breathed a sigh of relief. He knows the prince better than anyone. Although he looks like a beautiful and innocent boy was totally in reverse, he was a child-shaped demon.

Raizer looked around the dirty room and began cleaning until there was not a drop of blood or smell and then threw the Assassin's body into a black bag in the sea.

Inside the mayor's house, Aron Vasque, the mayor of Perth, was packing his things in a hurry to get away with his family from the UK.

Bang !!!

The door of the house was opened and the royal army entered the house holding weapons while pointing at all the people in the house.

"Everyone is under arrest for the assassination attempt on Prince Arthur." a colonel spoke coldly to everyone inside the mayor's house.

After that the colonel arrested Mayor Vasque's entire family and went to the Supreme Court for public trial.

Inside the supreme court

Countless civilians and politicians were sitting waiting for the trial.

Arthur was sitting next to Supreme Court President David Lenson.

David lenson saw Mayor Aron Vasques sitting in the pale dock and showing fear in his eyes.

"Today we are here for the trial of Aron Vasque for the attempted assassination of Prince Arthur." David spoke loudly in his strong, husky voice.

"Where's the killer." David asked Arthur with a sad, helpless smile.

"I sent my guards to question the prisoner, but he could not resist the injuries caused by the citizens." Arthur speaks softly but everyone in the room listens.

The citizens were a little ashamed to hear Arthur, and they will regret beating the killer.

"You have no evidence against me so let me go." Aron spoke arrogantly as he looked at Arthur with contempt.

"Wait, while we searched Mayor Vasque's house we found that." Arthur spoke as he asked Colonel Enter to hold a silver cross-shaped medal in the center of the medal bearing the famous Nazi symbol of the third German empire.

All the people in the High Court saw the medal and turned their faces to anger and a little fear.

"You fucking traitor, how dare you be a spy for the German demons," David Lenson said, shouting angrily at Mayor Vasque.

"That's not mine, I swear to god."

Aron vasque spoke showing a desperate face as he tried to explain but no one believed him.

"Get him out of here and arrest him for life." David Lenson spoke coldly without even judging anything or anything.

While Vasques was being dragged by force he raised his head and saw Arthur smiling at him with a cold smile on his face as he looked at him with contempt.

Vasque understood everything, it was Prince Arthur who blamed him as a spy from Germany. He wanted to say something but nothing came out, no one would believe a Nazi spy so he was silent just watched Arthur stare into his cold blue eyes.

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