I'm A Duke Chapter 8

8 Bloody Nigh

Australia, Perth City

News of the former mayor being a Nazi Spy spread quickly among civilians and politicians.

With this news the city of Perth was overwhelmed by the tense and silent atmosphere.

Although the war had only begun for three months, Nazi barbarity and cruelty has already become famous for the concentration camps that captured and executed Jews without Mercy, whether Child, Women or the Elderly.

Night came quickly, the streets were Fazia without anyone outside their homes.

In a mansion, Arthur was on the porch wearing only a bathrobe while holding a glass of wine in his hand.

"Arthur is cold, you are not coming." a voice full of sensuality echoed in the room.

Arthur turned his head back with a smile and saw Marilyn lying on the bed showing her tempting body to Him.

"Already, I'm just enjoying the view a little." Arthur spoke with a smile and looked up at the sky with a slightly evil smile.

"Let the resumption of imperial power in Australia begin." Arthur whispered as he went back to bed.

Walking the empty streets, Ten soldiers fully armed, their clothes were black one with a red armband in their arms.

On the red armband was written in black, [SS]. Their faces were covered by a black mask, with a red star in the upper corner of the mask.
for visiting.

The Nazi Soldiers quickly walked and came to a mansion with high walls.

A soldier went straight to the iron gate and took a key from his pocket and opened the gate.

Ten soldiers quickly walked to the mansion's entrance and violently kicked the mansion's door.


the door was opened by the Nazi soldier's kick they started shooting everywhere.


Shouts of wailing sounded throughout the Mansion. Inside the mansion, bodies scattered on all sides, blood painted the walls red and slowly the blood spread across the floor.

The soldiers quickly climbed to the second floor and once again began their massacre.

Inside the mansion's largest room, a Soldier pointed his pistol at the head of Supreme Court President David Lenson.

"You monsters, you killed all the people in the mansion just to capture me." David Lenson spoke angrily as he looked at the soldier in front of him coldly.

"Capture? No, our mission is to kill all the important politicians of the city of Perth." the soldier spoke very fluent English to David Lenson.

Listening to the German soldier speaking fluent English, David widened his eyes and considered a possibility.

"You're not a Nazi!" David spoke with a face full of disbelief and then thought of a little figure with golden hair and blue eyes.

"So that was it, it looks like he's even worse than Hitler in some ways." David Lenson spoke with a forced smile on his face and closed his eyes expecting death.

The soldier didn't answer David and pulled the trigger and shot him in the head.

Supreme Court President David Lenson was shot dead in the head.

This scene occurred in various parts of the city, cries of sadness echoed throughout the city.

This all lasted until the sun slowly rose in the sky.

January 23, 1940, SS Nazi troops invaded Australia and carried out a mass extermination against politicians and some civilians from Perth City.

Australia went on a red alert and Prince Arthur took over until he found suitable candidates for their positions.

This news was passed around the world, causing surveillance in several countries to stay on guard against spies on their territory.

United States White House

Inside the president's office. The 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt was looking at the report in front of him with a serious look on his face.

"Recovery of imperial power, by an 11 year old and quite scary. To think about." Roosevelt spoke with a serious face as he looked at the picture of a beautifully smiling boy.

"I can do nothing about it, if I accuse an 11-year-old imperial prince of crimes against humanity, this is going to be the biggest joke of the twentieth century." Roosevelt spoke smoking his cigar as he leaned back in his chair.

"This child is already so ambitious and Cruel at this age, Just imagine when he grows up." Roosevelt thought with a thoughtful face.

"Best friend, than Enemy." Roosevelt thought for a moment and decided to write a press statement.

[What happened to Australia was Brutality without a shred of Humanity, that is unacceptable. As a Human, I ask that the Nations come together against these unhuman monsters called Germany.

Franklin D. Roosevelt]

After Roosevelt's statement came out, King George VI's statement was issued the next day and stated that the United Kingdom and the United States of America are in joint cooperation against Germany.

Australia, Perth City

Arthur was eating his breakfast with a smile on his face as he stared at the newspaper narrowing his eyes.

Marilyn was beside him showing a very beautiful smile on her face as she looked at Arthur with love and affection in her eyes.

"Roosevelt, in addition to becoming England's friend, gained the lead against Germany, in addition to the favor of the Civilians." Arthur thought as he showed a happy smile on his face.

"What a man, Scary." Arthur thought with a serious face, but soon turned into a smile.

"Your Royal Highness, please go to your office, there are still a lot of papers for you to sign." Ana spoke respectfully to Arthur who showed a helpless look on his face.

"Arthur, see you at night," Marilyn said, kissing Arthur's lips with a smile on her face.

"Alright, I'll be back tonight to have dinner together." Arthur spoke with a smile and followed Ana to his office.

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