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  • I'm Just An 'ordinary' Human

  • Genres : Fantasy
  • Status : Ongoing
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I'm Just An 'ordinary' Human summary:

A guy gets hit by a truck and sent to a fantasy world with less power than your average peasant. (Un)fortunately, he discovered his secret power of Immortality at the hands of the current destroy-the-world inclined Demon Lord and becomes experimental subject #1. After hundreds of years, the Demon Lord is killed and the job of destruction was handed to him. Being not terribly favorably inclined...

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I'm Just An 'ordinary' Human Chapters

Time uploaded
18 Chapter 9.17 days ago
17 Chapter 8.27 days ago
16 Chapter 8.17 days ago
15 Chapter 7.27 days ago
14 Chapter 7.17 days ago
13 Chapter 6.27 days ago
12 Chapter 6.17 days ago
11 Chapter 5.27 days ago
10 Chapter 5.17 days ago
9 Chapter 4.27 days ago
8 Chapter 4.17 days ago
7 Chapter 3.27 days ago
6 Chapter 3.17 days ago
5 Chapter 2.27 days ago
4 Chapter 2.17 days ago
3 Chapter 1.27 days ago
2 Chapter 1.17 days ago
1 Prologue7 days ago
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