I'm Just An 'ordinary' Human Chapter 1-1

2 Chapter 1.1

"Hey, what are your superpowers?"

A blonde woman said with sparkling eyes. She wore a loose cardigan on top of her black shirt. Her legs wrapped in tight skinny jeans. On her left chest is a nametag: Lynn Walsh. The woman gave a very familiar feeling as she approached me.

I know I just said that I will live my life normally but, what can I do.

Several months after I woke up from the coma, I completely ignored the fact that the world was littered with humans with superpowers. If not for my mom's existence in this world, I would've made this planet a much 'better' place, with corpses littering the ground. Instead, I minded my own business.

I continued my daily life of watching anime and playing video games. I completed all the shows that I missed and started watching new ones. You can see me playing video games if not watching animes.

All went well until today.

During breakfast, my mom ordered me to go outside and walk the dog. But the dog can't even walk with me holding the leash. Animals have a much keener sense than humans, so it must've sensed my dreadful aura. The dog is trembling even now.

When I was walking with the dog, three clichd thugs suddenly approached me, extorting some money. One of them even flashed a knife in front of me.

I was surprised.

This was literally my first time for the past 2000 years to be threatened. In my previous life, after I became a Demon Lord, I vowed that I will not let myself get hurt or threatened ever again. It became a habit of mine to obliterate anyone who threatens my safety the moment they appeared. And as they say, habits require a long time to erase.

These guys... deserved 'praise' for threatening the herald of death.

I stretched out my hands. Under their clichd ridiculing snickers, a blue magic circle with complicated runes appeared.

[Shock], a tier 1 variety of [Lightning Magic: Human]. It's a magic created for beginner lightning-element human mages. It has no other uses than to shock your friend awake if he ever gets sleepy during a night patrol.

Magic is generally separated into three: Human magic, Demonic magic, and Dragonian magic. I know them all, all down to basics. Why? Try spending 2000 years in boredom. Dragonian magic is the strongest of the three, followed by Demonic and Human magic respectively. Although there is a higher class of magic, I'm not going to explain it yet as it will be mentioned in this novel sooner or later anyway.

In short, Human magic is the weakest of them all.

But because I, a Demon Lord, used it, the tier 1 magic appeared like a tier 3 [Electric Bolt]. Needless to say, the three thugs became like burnt lizards sprawled on the ground.


A familiar sound.

When I turned around in response to that sound, another katcha resounded with a flash of light. A blonde haired girl was standing right there, flashing her camera.

And that's how we got here.

"Hey, hey, are you a superhero? You are, right? Tell me about your superpowers. Can you let me see it? Please let me see it. Ah. Do you know Iron Man? Are you two acquaintances? Hey, please answer me..."

I hid my intention to kill the woman as I tried to find a way out of this. If I remember correctly, in this world, you don't immediately kill a witness. Unless you're a psychopath. But I'm not a psychopath (said the genocidal maniac who caused a planet's destruction). I turned over a new leaf, or at least I tried to.

A thought flashed in my mind. A harmless method that guaranteed success no matter where you are, or what the circumstances are. The strongest card that humanity used when I invaded their countries. Their last resort.

"P-please delete the picture?"


The woman blinked. I never killed a single soul ever since arriving here, so my records are still clean. Trust me, those thugs are not dead yet. See, one of them even twitched in response. They look fine if we ignore the fact that they smelled like burnt crap.

I am not against killing, but I don't kill without a reason anymore. I'm a perfect example of a reasonable person, after all.

"Don't wanna."

'Let's kill her.'

I desperately tried to calm myself down so as to not accidentally kill this woman.

"Pretty please?"

I tried once again. A Great Demon Lord, even greater than Satan himself, begging to a puny human. If Demon God bro knew of this matter, I would be ashamed to death.

The woman imitated a thinking posture. And after a while, she raised her head.

"On one condition."

You dare blackmail me? Me?! The Great Demon Lord?! I stepped on countless Kings' heads as they groveled before me, made dragons reheat my food, and even made the summoned heroes my servants. Now, this puny woman dares blackmail me?!

"Hahaha yeah, sure. Anything within my capabilities."

I said with a forced smile. The woman then grinned widely.

"Become a superhero."

"Miss, have mercy. Anything but that."

I flatly refused her; the last thing I wanted was to become of those philanthropists. I don't want to wear briefs on top of my pants while flying around the city, mind you. I don't want to wear a skin-tight spandex suit either.

Seeing my earnest refusal, the woman gave up on the superhero-thing, much to my relief.

"Hmmm. Let's see... if you don't want to become a superhero... then maybe..."

Just as I was planning to teleport away while she was busy murmuring to herself, she exclaimed.

"Alright! But this one you can't refuse. If you don't want to become a superhero, then work with me!"

Work? That's the other last thing I wanted to do besides being a superhero. As I was about to refuse her, I suddenly remembered the conversation I had with my mom last week.

"Son, when will you try to find a job?"

My mom suddenly said while picking up the plates.

"Don't worry, mom. I will never leave your side and always guard the house. I will make sure that it is protected from thieves at all times."

"*sigh* If you say so..."

After that, my mom went to the kitchen. And thanks to my enhanced hearing, I accidentally heard her soliloquy.

"*sigh* What should I do to our son, honey. Where did we go wrong? I just hope that I can still support him with this frail body until the day I die..."

After that, I did consider finding a job. But it's hard to find one with a dropped out record like mine, add to that my below average grades. I thought of going to college again, but my lazy nature got the best of me as I instantly rejected the idea the moment it appeared.

'This situation... might be an opportunity.'


Explaining magic for a bit.

Another difference between Human, Demonic and Dragonian magic is the language used in casting. But because it's already translated into English, you can't really tell it apart. That's why I'll put a 'Demonic' or 'Dragonian' if either language is used.

[Human magic]- Only has tier 1-10 and Unique tier magic spells

[Demonic magic]- Has tier 1-10, Unique tier, and Demonic-God tier spells

[Dragonian magic]- Only has Unique tier and Dragonian-God tier spells

[God magic]- It's God-tier magic

Additional: He didn't lose the memory of all the magic he casted before so he can still use them if he just uttered the word.

About the mana usage: If a magic circle appeared, it means borrowing the mana from the surroundings, thus no need for the mana in his body. The magic circles are also created/memorized by his brain.

If he will use the mana inside his body, he can cast a spell without a magic circle (useful for stealth casting)
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