I'm Just An 'ordinary' Human Chapter 6-1

12 Chapter 6.1

Naturally, Lynn attracted quite a lot of astray missiles. I became busy as I tried to protect her with the barrier magic while making sure that no one will see it.

"Save them!" Lynn suddenly shouted, pulling my sleeves as she pointed at the people being caught up in the explosions.

"Why?" I don't understand what she meant, so I had to ask.

"Wha--" Lynn was astounded. "Is there supposed to be a reason just to save them?!"

I looked around.

True, some people are being caught up in the explosions. The 24 Hammer drones targeted and destroyed all the things they see in sight, not sparing anything. The unlucky ones that get caught up in the explosions suffered a mild to intense injury or burn. There are kids, there are elderly people; all women and men, regardless of age and gender, wouldn't get spared from a robot's calculated missile.

Nevertheless, I still failed to notice the essence of why I needed to save them just because they're 'humans'. Just because humans are intellectual beings, it doesn't give them the right to be spared at all times. During my time as a Demon Lord, I killed indiscriminately, humans and beasts alike. For me, humans are no more than just slightly better thinker than other animals. It goes on without saying that that mindset has been engraved in me for the past thousands of years.

"I still don't get why I need to save them." I honestly stated my thoughts to her.

Lynn's eyes widened. "You..."

I blocked a missile headed her way by discreetly casting barrier magic around us. The explosion engulfed both me and her, but the barrier kept the fire out. As the explosion subsided, I can see the resolution in Lynn's eyes.

"If you don't want to save them, then..." Lynn ran off, not finishing her sentence.

In the distance, an elderly woman is having the trouble of moving her wheelchair. There are no people around her that dared to help as they cared for themselves first before others. Just this scene proved that even the kindest people cower in the face of death.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, a blonde girl appeared to help the elderly woman. It was Lynn. She helped the woman push the wheelchair out of harm's way. However, before she could do so, an astray missile fired by a Hammer drone went straight towards them. As Lynn witnessed it, instead of running, she embraced the elderly woman instead.

*Boom!* They were engulfed by the fire.

When the spectators were sure that the two were dead, Lynn and the elderly woman appeared unscathed. Naturally, it was because of my barrier magic; or else, even if Lynn has 9 lives, she would still get blown to bits by the missile.

I sighed. Lynn looked at me with a smile for a moment before proceeding to push the elderly woman. Only after finding the woman's family did she came running back towards me.

"Finn, thank you!" Lynn ran up to me with wide open arms. I know where this is going so I immediately put a stop to her by grabbing her head.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." I shrugged her off. "I didn't do it for you so don't be thankful. I just remembered that my salary came from yours, so the work that I did for the last week would've been for naught if you suddenly died."

"You can have my salary then! Just let me hug you--"

"No thanks, you can have it."

'You can't die until I solve that mystery of yours. Or at least leave a body for me to dissect.' I thought in my mind.

Of course, I didn't say it out loud.

Lynn finally stopped struggling. Standing up straight, she looked at me with cute puppy eyes. She repeatedly blinked her long eyelashes. "Finn, please? Just this once..."

"As I said, I don't see the reason why I must help. It's not like these people--"

"Ahhh man, the upcoming Xbox 360 S will be released in 20 days huh. I heard there's also a game called, what is it again? Call of Duty: Black Ops, right? Yeah, that game. It sure is nice to have those sets huh. If only there's someone who's willing to help..." Lynn said while glancing at me.

Hmph, you think that can entice me?

"Consider it done." Replying curtly, I took a quick stride to a nearby Hammer drone and touched it on its back. Immediately after, electric sparks ran over the course of its entire body. The next thing that happened was; the drone fell into several pieces, turning it into useless junk.

Tier 3 magic, [Disassemble]. It simply returns back the item's original state before it was modified or made. A simple magic spell that all craftsman can cast.

I continued doing that to the drones before the manipulator noticed something amiss. After I disassembled the 6th one, the remaining 18 drones finally targeted me. The missiles and machine guns focused their fire in my direction.


I can hear Lynn's worried voice outside of the fire zone that engulfed me. I transmitted a message through telepathy magic.

She was surprised at first, and then I heard her voice again.

'Isn't she getting the hang of it really quick?' I silently thought to myself. 'But then again, it's just Lynn. So maybe she just did it on impulse...'

I shrugged these useless thoughts out of my head and focused on the situation. The short moment they reloaded, I immediately seized the chance.

"How about you get a taste of your own medicine? [Magic Missile]."

A hundred magic circles surrounded me, giving an ominous light. The most basic tier 3 magic filled the sky as they blasted all the drones into nothingness.

"[Erase magic trace]"

Finally casting that unique Dragonian magic, I left the place with Lynn in tow.

On the way to the parking lot, where Lynn's driver is, a speeding Stark in his Iron Man suit passed us by. He flew towards the direction of the stadium. The previous shiny suit is now ragged and full of scratches.

A little while later, I heard several muffled explosion. I used [Clairvoyance], wondering what's happening.

Then I saw the drones that I had not destroyed, those I disassembled, exploding in flames. Oops, it looks like those drones have a self-destruct mechanism. Thankfully, I destroyed most of them.
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