I'm Just An 'ordinary' Human Chapter 8-1

16 Chapter 8.1

The other objects and debris pulled into the air by the gale winds dropped down from the skies, burying the Destroyer's unmoving body. Thor walked away from it, heading towards his friends.

Suddenly, black cars appeared out of nowhere. A man in a black suit walked out from one of the cars.

"The secret agents! It's the secret agents!" Lynn cheered like a little girl.

'Wait, isn't this the guy who guarded Stark when he was grounded by Fury?'

I suddenly recalled the time when Stark is researching the method to create the new element. At that time, this man, Phil Coulson, was ordered by Nick Fury to guard Stark. I naturally sighed.

'It looks like these agents are bigger than I thought.'

Since there was nothing else to see, I pulled Lynn away even if she wanted to take more pictures. I wanted to avoid more trouble than necessary.

Before the day ended, we arrived at JFK airport at approximately 5:00 pm. Lynn appeared incredibly exhausted, directly sleeping once we entered their limo. They dropped me home before sunset.

"See you tomorrow... at work... Finn...*snores*"

"Yeah, yeah. Get a good sleep."

I closed the door of their car and watched as they drove off. I sighed.

"Good grief."

As I turned around, I can see my mom grinning widely.

"What?" I asked, irritated.

"Nothing, nothing. I'm just thinking what name would be good for a grandson..."

She put a hand on her chin while giving me a 'knowing' glance. I shrugged my shoulders, completely ignoring her antics as I entered the house.

I began to mull over some things when I entered the bath.

The battle earlier. The might of the full powered Thor. A glimpse of the teleportation method to another world.

As much as I'd like to study this stuff, I knew that once I get involved, it would be hard to back off from it. I would have to completely discard my normal, everyday lifestyle. Maybe even leave the house just so my mom could live in peace, away from troubles. I don't like that.

It's been thousands of years that I lived with the mentality of someone who doesn't have anyone he could call a companion, a friend, nor a loved one. And now, suddenly given a new chance, I would naturally try to protect my daily life just so I could live in peace with my loved ones. If the need arises, I would even create a sub-dimension similar to Earth just to protect my mom.

However, one person suddenly appeared in my life and threatened to destroy my peaceful life. She retorted to blackmailing, dragging me everywhere there is trouble. It was absolutely detestable.

But despite that, I couldn't hate the person herself.

Stuck with this reasoning of thoughts, I exited the bathroom. I opened the new Xbox 360 S as I started yet another sleepless night.


June 4, 2010. Evening.

I and my mom is quietly eating dinner, watching the TV news, when suddenly, a phone rang.

I continued eating without raising my head up.

"Mom, your phone is ringing."

"It's not my phone. It's yours, son."

"..." I forgot that I indeed have a phone.

Fishing my phone out from my pocket, I looked on and saw the name 'Lynn'. My expression instantly soured. It's been days now since the Thor incident, I wonder what trouble she has gotten herself into this time.

"Yeah, yeah. What is it this time? Did you get attacked by a giant monster or something?" I half-heartedly replied, uninterested.

"Yeah, good joke. Like that could happe--"


I was interrupted by my mom. Looking at the thing she was watching on TV, I abruptly froze.

Standing 14 feet tall, gray skin, as heavily muscled as 5 combined bodybuilders with strange bones protruding like spikes at its ankles and wrists. A horrible, snarling face that could scare a child miles away; an abomination wreaked havoc on the streets of New York.

At first, there was only one thing on my mind: when did the government decided to breed Orcs? I mean no matter how you look at it, that thing very closely resemble my Orc general.

But then, my mind suddenly jolted. I just remembered Lynn's still on the phone.

"Where are you right now?"

"Wait for me."

With that as a signal, I ended the phone call. I took my coat and headed to the door.

"Son, where are you going at this time? It's already night..."

"Uhh, gotta buy something."

"Oh... Then, buy me an ice cream on your way back."

"... Sure"

I closed the door behind my back and went on a deserted alleyway. When I made sure that no one's watching, I casted a 'simple' magic spell. Tier 7 [Space magic].

"[Instant Teleportation]"

My surroundings blurred for a moment, I felt my head splitting from the wrenching sense of dislocation. When I opened my eyes, I was no longer on the dark alleyway. In the middle of the streets, overturned and flaming cars littered the ground.

From a distance, constant explosions and gunfire can still be heard.

[Search Magic] + [Clairvoyance]

I inspected all the overturned cars on the street, finally finding Lynn a little far away from where I stand. I ran after I casted acceleration magic on myself when I saw the gas tank leaking. But despite my speed, I was still a little late.

"[Ice Freeze]!"

I barely stopped the explosion from happening by turning the surroundings of the limo into an icy ground.

Opening the frozen door, I took out the unconscious Lynn and her driver and laid them a little away from the limo.

I checked Lynn's pulse and noticed that it hasn't stopped or anything. The same goes for her driver. They were just unconscious.

It was a relief.

I don't know what I will do if she was fatally wounded or something similar happened. I don't know any healing or regeneration magic. In the first place, I was a Demon Lord; a destructive demonic aura naturally envelops me. The light and nature elements are my bane.

Secondly, I am an immortal. I didn't need magic to heal myself because of my strong innate regeneration as a Demon Lord.

Thus, I neglected healing magic in the past.
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