I’m Really A Superstar Chapter 1524

At night.

All the lights in the villa were switched off except for a bedside lamp in the bedroom.

Zhang Ye carried his blanket into the room. “Daughter.”

Wu Zeqing smiled and asked Sisi, “Will you let Daddy come in?”

Sisi, who had already tunneled under the blanket, softly affirmed.

“Great.” Zhang Ye was very happy to hear that. He walked over and got onto the bed, then kissed his daughter on her cheek thrice. “Alright, Daddy will tell you a bedtime story.”

Sisi said, “I wanna hear a new one.”

Zhang Ye said without hesitation, “Alright, Daddy will tell you a story that no one has ever heard before.”

As he was speaking, Old Wu’s cell phone rang on the other side.

Wu Zeqing took a look at her cell phone. “It’s from my dad.”

Zhang Ye put his index finger to his lips.

Wu Zeqing answered: “Dad.”

On the other end, Wu Changhe said: “Sleeping yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Haha, have you heard?”

“Heard about what?”

“About PeterGo losing!”

“Yes, I’ve heard about it.”

“It’s so satisfying! It’s simply too satisfying! Hahahaha, what did I tell you, Zeqing? There are all sorts of capable people here in China, and someone was bound to beat it! Did you think that only your Little Ye knows how to play Go? Did you think that he’s the only one who can play well? Just look, there are other experts around!”

Wu Zeqing smiled as she glanced at Zhang Ye who was beside her. “Yes, you’re always right.”

Wu Changhe said: “That rascal, just let him rot in there. Even without him, we have others raising the flag of our Go world.”

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes.

Wu Zeqing said: “Dad, I have a surprise for you and Mom when I get back to Beijing.”

Wu Changhe asked: “What surprise?”

“Hur hur, you’ll know when I’m back.”

“Don’t keep me guessing. Tell me right now.”

Wu Zeqing looked to her side and said with a smile: “I’m afraid it’ll shock you if I tell you now.”

The call ended.

Zhang Ye said in a speechless manner, “Is Dad mocking me again?”

Wu Zeqing smiled. “No.”

“I heard it all,” Zhang Ye harrumphed. “They can beat the AI even without me? If this bro didn’t come back, did they really think that someone could win?”

Sisi cut in, “Daddy is the bestest!”

Zhang Ye said proudly, “Of course! Who do you think your daddy is?”

Wu Zeqing asked, “Have you thought it through yet? About accepting tomorrow’s challenge?”

Zhang Ye shrugged. “I suppose I’ll give it a try. Master Xiang, Little Tian, Sister Chen, and so many others have left me messages on my alternate account, so it’s not like I can reject playing.” He said with a laugh, “In the past, I couldn’t because I wasn’t around. But now that I’m back, there’s no reason why I should allow that American-made AI to carry on winning like this. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to explain when I meet my old friends.”

The next day.

In the morning.

The outside world was flying off the handle.

On Weibo.

“What time does it start?”

“10 AM.”

“There’s still no response from HEOR?”

“Maybe he doesn’t want to play?”

“I heard that PeterGo only lost because of a bug.”

“Huh? Are you serious?”

“That’s how the American newspapers are reporting it anyway, so who knows!”

“I suppose we’ll find out what really happened in a short while.”

“Eh, will there be a live broadcast on Central TV today?”

“Yes. Not only is it going to be on Central TV, it’ll also be broadcast live on several other satellite channels. TV stations in Japan and Korea will also be covering the event live, and a large number of American journalists arrived in China overnight too.”

“This is going to be interesting.”

“Would it not be? The war between humans and machines this time is absolutely comparable with the one that happened several years ago.”

“Speaking of that time, hai, what a pity it was.”

“Yeah, time really flies by. There’s a world of a difference now.”

At Central TV.

“Are the hosts here yet?”

“Go and hurry them up. The rest of us, get into position.”

“Yes, Producer.”

“The guest has arrived. Go meet them and bring them over. I don’t have to emphasize how important today’s live broadcast is. The people of the nation have their eyes on us, so we must do well!”


At China Qiyuan.

Wu Changhe arrived.

“Teacher Changhe.”

“You’re here so early?”

“Yeah, it’s just past 7.”

“The president will be here soon as well.”

Wu Changhe looked at everyone. “Whoa, you’re all here already?”

Hu Liang, Li Yi, and many other familiar faces started showing up at the Qiyuan. Some of them had retired from the scene while others had turned to coaching. But whatever they were up to nowadays, all of them descended upon China Qiyuan at the same time without prior arrangements. It was just like the day from four years ago.


A reporter was interviewing a Korean Go master who was the current world number seven.

“Teacher Park, what do you think of the match that will be happening today?”

“I’m also waiting for it and am looking forward to seeing the game.”

“Who do you think has a greater hope of winning?”

“I don’t know, but I hope that HEOR will win.”

“But isn’t he Chinese?”

“At this stage where Go is on the verge of death, is there a need to differentiate between whether he is Chinese or Korean?”


The highest ranked Go master in the country had been invited by a television station to appear as a guest on the live coverage of the game.

“Teacher Yamashita, whose chances are you more optimistic about?”

“Peter definitely has a greater chance of winning, but it’s not going to be that straightforward either.”

“What do you mean?”

“China is a country of fascinating depth. Four years ago, a Chinese man beat PeterGo, so who can say that they won’t win a second time four years later?”


Tian Weiwei and the others had booked a small conference room at the hotel.

Chen Qiqi said, “I tuned the signal.”

Chen Niannian said anxiously, “Can we really win? Can we?”

Chen Ying looked at Tian Weiwei. “There’s still no news from HEOR?”

“No, no response of any kind.” Tian Weiwei gave a bitter laugh.

Chen Ying smacked her lips and said, “Tell me, who could it be?”

Tian Weiwei sighed. “I gave a call to Teacher yesterday, but he couldn’t guess who it might be either. It’s a problem because there was no game record made available from yesterday, so everyone can only make wild guesses for now.”

Chen Ying said, “We should be able to find out today whether this person is a master or a fluke.”

A former professional Go player turned coach said, “I hope that he’ll stand forward and turn the tide just like how that person did back then.”

Tian Weiwei started reminiscing.

Chen Ying also remembered that person from the past.


At a company.

Ha Qiqi was reading up on some Go-related news on her computer and started spacing out.

Over the past three years, Ha Qiqi had gotten more crow’s feet. Her hairstyle had changed as well, and she was sporting short hair that made her look very capable. If Zhang Ye were here, he would probably not recognize her immediately.

Knock knock.

Someone knocked on the door and came in. “Director Ha, the script is ready. The boss wants you to have a look at it first.”

Ha Qiqi didn’t even turn her head and said, “Got it, just put it down.”

That person peeked at the computer screen and said with a laugh, “Eh? You’re getting ready to watch the live broadcast of the Go match too? Everyone says that PeterGo is very difficult to beat. The Go world is gonna be in for a disappointment again.”

“That so?”

At another location.

Zhang Zuo sighed softly as he read the news on his cell phone.

He mumbled to himself nostalgically, “The war between humans and machines?”

In an apartment.

Yao Jiancai was watching television and drinking beer as he unwittingly started thinking of someone.

It was yet another battle between humans and machines.

On this day, and at this moment, a lot of people couldn’t help but think of that person and his story.

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