I'm The Demon Lord But I Died And Now I'm The Hero's Best Friend Chapter 125

125 Hilda: A Day Before The Battle

After Rachel and Natasha told their story about Demon Lord Kretos, Valdel kept on bothering them about what happened to the son after he became the demon lord. The two holy maidens told him that the only way they could tell him what happened is if he chooses to become the chosen hero of one of them. 

While that was happening Hilda finished reporting to the vice-guild leader and was appointed to lead the adventurers on the front lines when the undead army arrives. That position was supposed to be Nezzard's but he's currently asleep and no one knows how long he will be out. The vice-guild leader was the next possible candidate but he needed to handle other important work. That left them with no other choice but to choose Hilda the third highest-ranking adventurer in Grenton. 

Seeing as she had no choice in the matter, she reluctantly agreed. Once the talk was done, Hilda told Valdel that she would return home and prepare. She also told them that they should rest for as long as they could, for when the undead army arrives who knows when they'll get to relax again. 


Hilda returned home and as usual upon entering the house she was greeted by her two adorable little sisters. Even though an undead army was coming, and most people within Grenton were either fleeing to the next town or shivering in fear at the corner of their houses, the two little girls before Hilda still had smiles on their faces. 

"Welcome home Big sis!" 

"Karla, Nina, what did I tell you about locking the door?" Hilda spoke with a serious tone while glaring at her two little sisters. This made the two little girls cower in fear. 

"We're sorry Big sis!" The two spoke and bowed in unison. Hilda seeing her two little sisters trying their best not to cry, made her sigh. Hilda then hugged her little sisters. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"It's alright you two, I was just a bit agitated. The enemy is approaching and I'm not sure what will happen." 

"Of course big sis will destroy all the monsters!" Nina spoke with pure faith in her sister.

"Yeah, big sis is the strongest!" Karla, on the other hand, answered full of pride. This made Hilda shake her head. 

"You two, do you remember what I said if you hear the ringing of the bells?" 

"We need to lock the door, and head straight to the basement and chant the magic spell." The two happily replied.

"That's good, you need to do this properly and once you say the magic spell, I want you two to be brave little knights and protect mom. Can you do that for your big sis?" 

"Yes!" The two little girls smiled as they answered. 

"As expected of my adorable little sisters!" Hilda hugged the two girls tightly and then she took the sword on her waist and handed it to Karla. 

"Karla this is father's sword which he used to protect this family, it then became my sword which I used to protect this family and rose through the ranks as an adventurer. Now it's your sword, it's your turn to be the protector of this family." 

Karla was in a state of shock as she was handed the sword. She was overwhelmed by the numerous emotions that she couldn't understand. She was confused but at the same time felt a sense of excitement. 

"I'll do my best big sis! I'll protect everyone!" Karla held onto the scabbard tightly. 


After eating a meal with her sisters and putting them to sleep, Hilda headed to the room upstairs. Upon entering the room, there in the bed, unmoving and unchanging, was her mother Elizabeth. She then started to clean her mother up and then fed her. After all that was done she sat beside her mother, the two of them didn't speak a word. After a few more minutes of silence, Hilda spoke. 

"Mom, this might be the final time I speak with you. So I wanted to tell you something... I hate you, mom... Yet I love you as well... It's such a complicated feeling for a daughter to have. Still, I hate you because of how weak you are, when we needed you the most you turn into this."

"Not only did I hate you but, I was jealous of you as well. Unlike me, you were able to run away while I couldn't. They were here, my sisters were here and they needed you, but they settled for me. Since you run away from your responsibility, I was forced to stay and pick it up."

"To me, you became a burden, but I still take care of you and you know why?... It's because I love you still... Even though you're currently like this, that wasn't always the case. You used to be my kind loving mother that gave me courage, that gave me life."

Hilda had tears flow down through her cheeks as she continued speaking. The pain in her heart was slowly fading as she started laughing while crying. She then with her shaking hands held onto her mother's hands and spoke with her voice trembling.

"I... I'm scared mom... I'm truly scared... There's a chance that death will come for me, but I'm not ready. I haven't experienced anything yet. I haven't seen any of my dreams come to fruition. I wanted to find love, have a family, have children as you did. I wanted to restore our noble lineage! I wanted to see Karla and Nina grow up and become beautiful ladies." 

Hilda squeezed onto her mother's hands tighter.  

"I don't want to die, mom, I'm so scared, so, so, scared. I want to live, I want to fulfill my dreams... I don't want to die... Please even if it's just one last time, please comfort me like you did back when father was alive. Please tell me that everything is going to be alright... Please give me strength for one last time."

Even as her daughter pleaded and begged, Elizabeth remained silent and unmoving. Hilda didn't care that there was no response, as she continued to cry until she fell asleep
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