Immortal And Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 1070

In the universe, this star would not even be comparable to a speck of dust in the world. However, it was significantly large as well, about the size of a small mountain.

Meteor was frequently used to describe a cultivator moving extremely fast. Now, with a real falling star, everyone realized that it was even faster than they imagined.

This is an Immortal Arts Magic Skill? This is incredible, truly unbelievably powerful!

Such a scene left several quasi-Emperors flabbergasted, unable to understand.

Quick, scatter. This star is not big, but given the height it is falling from, even though it is not targeting us, the shock wave can harm us.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The others reacted, their figures flashing once again, not willing to risk the shock waves.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. Gongshan Yu truly lived up to his cultivation realm, the Soul Transformation Stage. Even he felt awed at this Magic Skill.

Xiao Chen knew Magic Skills as well. Starry Heaven Storm could move real stars. However, with the Magic Energy of a Yuanying Stage cultivator, he would have difficulty achieving such a level.

If Xiao Chen was not wrong, the senior brother that Feng Wuqing mentioned was this person.

A rock that fell from the Starry Heavens could squish a person to death. This meteor heading for him was the size of a small mountain. Its might could easily be imagined.

After the various outstanding talents retreated far away, they all looked at Xiao Chen to see how he would deal with this.

There were few Immortal Cultivators, and their peak fighting force was not comparable to Martial Cultivators.

However, in battles among the same generation, especially those of similar cultivations, few Martial Cultivators could defeat Immortal Cultivators, who relied on Magic Treasures and Magic Skills.

Before it changed, the original purpose of the Four Seas Hero Gathering was for Martial Cultivators to compete with Immortal Cultivators. However, Martial Cultivators lost most of the time.

Gongshan Yus suggestion earlier clearly favored himself. However, the various outstanding talents had still agreed.

However, not only did everyone have to give Immortal Venerate Yun Chen some face, but as a Soul Transformation Stage Immortal Cultivator, Gongshan Yu also could not be underestimated.

This is strange. The star has not landed yet. Why is Xiao Chen not taking the opportunity to dodge?

He cant dodge it. Did you not see that the starlight already landed on his body? Even if he ran to the ends of the world, it would be useless. The instant the star breaks through the barrier of the sky, it will plunge through the seawater and crash into him in the blink of an eye.

Just thinking about it is horrifying. A meteor the size of a small mountain falling from the Starry Heavens to the ground will definitely produce a great impact.

I have not seen such a strong Immortal Arts Magic Skill for many years already.

Most of the cultivators did not believe that Xiao Chen stood a chance unless he could again execute that defensive secret technique that shocked everyone earlier.

However, everyone could tell that such a heaven-defying secret technique could not be easily repeated. How could Xiao Chen use it again in such a short time?

On the golden war chariot, the Young Treasure Master Yi Ling said softly, Xiao Chen was still too careless in the end. He should not have given Gongshan Yu a chance to execute his Magic Skill. In the hands of a Soul Transformation Stage cultivator, a Magic Skill can display its full might. Even a Great Perfection quasi-Emperor would not dare to underestimate it.

Yue Bingyun looked at the old man driving the chariot. Then, she said, Young Treasure Master, later, after the Azure Dragon King is injured, I would like this senior to protect him and bring him away together with Aunt Bai.

Yi Lings thoughts were very meticulous. Even though he had some doubts, he did not ask for a reason. He smiled and said, Since Miss Bingyun asked, naturally, this Young Master will do it.

Even Yue Bingyun did not think much of Xiao Chens chances. The Soul Transformation Stage cultivator had completed the Magic Skill. Given Xiao Chens current cultivation, blocking it would be too difficult.

Chu Yang and the others were even storing up power already, preparing to deal a fatal blow after the Magic Skill injured Xiao Chen and prevent him from turning things around.

Only the group of people from Myriad Fiend Island entered deep thought and did not dare to make assumptions. Mu Qingyun and Yan Shisan recalled the palm strike from fifty kilometers away from that day.

As everyone expected, after tearing through the barrier of the sky, the star plunged through the seawater in a heartbeat, crashing towards Xiao Chen.

The instant the seawater parted, a dazzling blaze gave off an even more resplendent light than the sun, illuminating the sky.

The normally dark Despair City became as bright as day at this moment. All the streetsboth big and smallshowed clearly.

This sight stunned all the cultivators adventuring in Despair City; they could not understand what happened.

However, this light appeared for only an instant. Just an instant. Even shorter than the blink of an eye.

It was so short that several cultivators wondered if the light they saw was an illusion.


A sound even louder than thunder reverberated. The sky shook, and the entire Despair City trembled intensely.

This sound was very startling, waking up everyone from their daydreams. They opened their eyes and looked at reality, trying to see how the Azure Dragon King blocked this move.

The white-clad Xiao Chen had not moved a step on the trembling ground.

A bright moon faded slowly behind him. However, lofty aspirations and hot-bloodedness lingered in the air like wind and lightning, never extinguishing, never disappearing, always there.

When the Magic Skill broke, it exploded in the air. Gongshan Yu vomited blood and fell to one knee.

His two junior brothers quickly rushed over and helped him up. They only relaxed after they checked himit was merely the Magic Skills rebound weakening him.

Not many people had managed to clearly see how Xiao Chen dealt with the star, exploding it during that most critical moment.

The few that had managed to see clearly were all extremely shocked. What kind of Palm Technique was this? How could it have such a berserk explosive power?

This Palm Technique was even stronger than the falling star. It turned the tables on Gongshan Yu and suppressed him.

Chu Yang and the others did not know whether to release the Martial Techniques they were storing up, feeling very conflicted.

Xiao Chen looked up and swept his gaze through the crowd. Aside from those loose cultivators, the ones purposefully attacking him were people from the Cyclic Astral Palace, the Sea Monarchs old guards, and the Five Poison Sect.

As Xiao Chen looked over, the quasi-Emperors preparing a sneak attack felt goosebumps and immediately scattered the Martial Techniques they prepared.

With just one glance, Xiao Chen scared these people, stopping them cold.

Now that he had accomplished his purpose, he did not remain.

Right now, Xiao Chen was not in a very good situation, unable to execute the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram anytime soon. If these quasi-Emperors launched their attacks, he would definitely sustain injuries.

As everyone watched Xiao Chen depart, the same thought appeared in all their minds.

Fortunately, such a person can live for only another twenty years. In this cutthroat world, the survivor is king. No matter how bright a meteor is, it disappears in a flash.

After Xiao Chen shattered the falling star with one palm strike, no one dared to attack anymore when he turned around again.

After the matter was over, Xiao Chen had brushed his clothes and withdrawn, not leaving any traces of himself behind for five hundred kilometers, only his departing figure and the lofty aspirations that filled the air, lingering for a long time.

A while later, Myriad Fiend Islands Di Xinhan said, He lives up to his reputation. I am not his equal.

Not every outstanding talent was as straightforward as Di Xinhan, directly admitting their inferiority to Xiao Chen.

However, whether these outstanding talents of the Heavenly Starry Ocean acknowledged it or not, without even drawing his saber, Xiao Chen had made them all submit with just one palm strike.

Yan Shisan said rationally, Quasi-Emperor is indeed a great separator. It would be very difficult to compete with him short of quasi-Emperor. This time, this trip to the heart of the ocean is a chance for everybody.

Mu Qingyun nodded and said, Thats right. We are all only one step shy of quasi-Emperor. All we lack is an opportunity. Once we reach quasi-Emperor, who can say who would be stronger?

Di Xinhan added indifferently, It is also possible that we will die here. As one of the eight great forbidden lands, the heart of the ocean is no joking matter.

Yan Shisan suddenly looked up and said, They are coming!

The major characters approaching the ends of their lifespan were indeed coming. Everyone present felt a strong might pressing down.

Although this might and pressure were strong, they contained a vague intimation of imminent endings, like the setting of the sun.

With such a special might and pressure, there was no need to guess. The long-awaited great Fiends were here!

Since these major characters were approaching the end of their lifespan, they could not be bothered with withdrawing their auras. Wanting to avoid harassment from some Profound Beasts, they purposely radiated such a strong might.

Three old Fiend Race cultivators and one middle-aged-looking man stood at the entrance to Despair City, looking at the walls with complicated expressions.

The immense might spreading all over Despair City came from the three old men.

These four were all Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors. However, in strength, the middle-aged man in the middle possessed an even stronger aura than the three old men.

This middle-aged man possessed an illustrious background. His name was Zong Boxiong, the founder of the Heavenly Evil Gate in the Black Sea, who was known as the Heavenly Evil Emperor.

In the Black Sea, Zong Boxiong ranked together with the thirteen great bandits. He still had long to live. However, for the sake of finding an opportunity to advance to Sovereign Martial Emperor, he came to adventure in the heart of the ocean.

The three old men came from Myriad Fiend Island. They were already at the end of their lifespans, their days numbered.

The heart of the ocean was one of the eight great forbidden lands. Given their cultivation as Greater Heavenly Martial Emperors, entering the heart of the ocean to seek a divine medicine to defy heaven and change their fate was simply an act of suicide.

In reality, the forbidden lands had always been where expiring Martial Emperors died.

Martial Emperors approaching the end of their lifespan would handle all their matters and let go. Then, they would try their luck in the forbidden lands. However, since ancient times, those that could defy heaven and change their fate, successfully walking out, were rare and few.

The three old men were very clear that their path led to death. They would most likely not return, adding a few more Martial Emperor bones to the heart of the ocean.

The aura of despair in the city is gone. Someone actually snatched away the source of despair! Zong Boxiong said, revealing doubt on his face.

The three old men had long sensed the absence of the aura of despair. However, their expressions did not change; they already saw past all the mundanities.

Just from this small matter, one could see the difference in attitude between Zong Boxiong and the three old men.

The source of despair can be considered a treasure. If it were one thousand years ago, I would definitely kill this person who snatched the source of despair. The gray-robed old man in the middle smiled faintly.

The words filled with murderous intent actually sounded as light as water in the old mans mouth, altogether calm.

Just at this moment, a white figure walked out the city gates. When facing the strong might of these Martial Emperors, he was neither servile nor overbearing. He merely continued forward with a calm expression.

The gazes of the four immediately fell on this person, and they revealed expressions of approbation. This youth was very impressive!

Naturally, this youth was Xiao Chen. After taking the source of despair, he did not wish to wait there for trouble to strike, so he immediately prepared to leave Despair City.

As for the heart of the ocean, Xiao Chen had considered it and decided to give up on it for now.

Ao Jiao approved of this decision. Those outstanding talents went to seek their opportunities to become quasi-Emperors. This was a trip that they needed to make.

Xiao Chen already advanced to quasi-Emperor. His promotion did not depend on going to the periphery of the heart of the ocean.

Furthermore, the people of the Cyclic Astral Palace and the Divine Dragon Palaces of the four seas were all hostile to him. If he went to the heart of the ocean, there would be a lot of danger. Given all these, he decided not to go.
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