Immortal And Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 1857

Chapter 1857 Raw 1869 : Admitting Defea

Chapter 1857 (Raw 1869): Admitting Defeat
He can read the lives of all the common men, yet he cannot conduct a reading to prove my innocence?
Xiao Chen felt somewhat speechless. As he looked at the ten-odd Holy Venerates surrounding him, he wondered what exactly Jiang He stole to offend this group of Holy Venerates to the point where they became unreasonable.
For one to become a Holy Venerate, ones mental state clearly would not be low, neither would ones intelligence.
However, right now, these people were obviously angered. Blood had rushed to their heads, making them want to kill Xiao Chen first before doing anything else.
Defeating ten Holy Venerates was definitely impossible for him.
All Xiao Chen could do was use his brains and not fight head-on.
Xiao Chens figure flashed, and he landed behind the unconscious Heavenly Book Scholar. Then, he knocked out the anxious maidservant with one strike.
After that, he grabbed the Heavenly Book Scholars body and used it to shield himself.
"Shameless!" The Holy Venerates immediately withdrew their moves lest they accidentally injure others.
"Ghostly Shadow Bandit, quickly release the Heavenly Book Scholar, and we can let you die an easy death. Otherwise, you will beg for death!"
The old man whose clans Soul Tool Jiang He had stolen cursed in incredible frustration.
Xiao Chen checked his surroundings. Right now, the entire Heavenly Mystery Tower was startled, and all the experts in the tower were rushing towards him.
There were even a few extremely terrifying auras heading over.
Xiao Chen could not linger here. If he did, he would definitely die.
Xiao Chen had no interest in this group of people who yelled angrily at him but did not dare to step forward.
He turned around and punched a wall.
Xiao Chen activated thirty percent of his Azure Dragon bloodline and mixed it with twenty Cauldron Force. Dragon roars rang out in the surroundings, and the force of the punch knocked a hole in the wall.
Right after Xiao Chen punched, he jumped out of the hole with the little monk still slung on his back, lugging the Heavenly Book Scholar.
The shocked Holy Venerates behind were stunned for a while. The force of Xiao Chens punch actually broke a hole in the Heavenly Mystery Towers wall. This was somewhat inconceivable.
"After him!"
After the Holy Venerates came to their senses, their figures flashed as they quickly gave chase.
"I wont let you go!"
A mysterious expert leaped up from the top of the Heavenly Mystery Tower, taking the lead in pursuing Xiao Chen.
A will of soul came out from that experts forehead, and a vast heavenly might surged.
What a fellow. He is actually a late-stage Holy Venerate, a peak expert.
Xiao Chen did not dare to clash head-on. He immediately unfurled the Azure Dragon Divine Wings, and his speed suddenly soared, allowing him to avoid this Holy Venerate Will.

He circulated the Heavenly Heart Art and opened the Heavenly Eye on his forehead.
Then, he took out the Soul Slayer Bow. He used the Heart Flame to form arrows and instantly fired ten-odd arrows.
Electric light flashed on the Azure Dragon Divine Wings. As they flapped gently, thunder roared endlessly.
This raised Xiao Chens Thunder Great Dao to its limits.
Using his nimble body and swift speed, together with the Heart Flame arrows, Xiao Chen blocked the many experts behind all by himself and widened the distance between them.
"Who is that person? To think that he abducted the Heavenly Book Scholar!"
"Isnt he meeting with honored guests right now? How come someone abducted the Heavenly Book Scholar? What is going on?"
"The Heavenly Book Scholar reads the fate of all common men. How could he possibly be abducted? Could there be someone that he cannot read?"
The sudden scene immediately caused a huge commotion with the cultivators below the tower.
As Xiao Chen slowly opened the distance, he sensed many terrifying wills of soul surging from various directions in Soaring Dragon City before he could catch his breath.
These wills of soul gathered in the direction of the Heavenly Mystery Tower.
The number of hidden experts in the city was really terrifying.
Xiao Chen quickly put on the Death God Mask. Then, he activated Masked Clone, one of the masks Secret Techniques. After the two clones landed on the ground, he executed Void Shadow, another Secret Technique. The instant a clone turned immaterial, the other fled to draw away the people chasing him.
No one noticed that a figure appeared on the roof of the Heavenly Mystery Tower at this moment. As that person looked at the enormous bright pearl crystal set at its peak, he smiled faintly. "Hehe! This Sub-Divine Crystal is mine!"
This person was Jiang He. While everyone was distracted by Xiao Chen, he appeared silently. Watching the experts of the Heavenly Mystery Tower and the Holy Venerates of various factions chasing after Xiao Chen, Jiang He said, "Brother Xiao Chen, sorry. Ill explain it to you later."
Right after Jiang He said that, he extracted the Sub-Divine Crystal at lightning speed.
The moment the Sub-Divine Crystal was removed, the sky suddenly turned dark. The expressions of the experts pursuing Xiao Chens clone changed drastically.
These people all turned their heads back and were startled. The Sub-Divine Crystal, which was more than a thousand years old, on the top of the Heavenly Mystery Tower was missing.
Another commotion broke out among the crowd. Someone actually dared to steal from the Heavenly Mystery Tower. Was that person not afraid of death?
After stealing the Heavenly Mystery Towers Sub-Divine Crystal, one could run to the ends of the world, and the Heavenly Mystery Tower would still be able to divine their location.
Most of the factions and experts in the Yanwu Dynasty could be offended, but it was publicly acknowledged that the Yanwu royal court and the Heavenly Mystery Tower were the two super factions that should not be offended.
"Damn it! This is a clone!"
When everyone caught up to Xiao Chens clone after putting in so much effort, they were all frustrated to the point of vomiting blood.
"We let the Ghostly Shadow Bandit escape again. It turns out that his target was the Sub-Divine Crystal. It looks like he had accomplices!"
"This Ghostly Shadow Bandit is becoming bolder. To think that he even dared to target the Heavenly Mystery Tower."
"However, since when did the Ghostly Shadow Bandit have a pair of dragon wings? How come I have never seen them before?"
The string of events was filled with mystery and strangeness, confusing the group of pursuers.
The inside of the Heavenly Mystery Tower was currently in complete chaos.
The Sub-Divine Crystal, which supplied energy to the entire Heavenly Mystery Tower, had been taken. Many of the formations stopped working. Some formations, which needed a continuous supply of energy, ended up ruined on the spot.
The inside of the tower was pitch-black. Everyone felt extremely confused.
The most important thing was that the Heavenly Book Scholar, the Tower Master, had been abducted. Without a leader, the situation turned even more chaotic.
The news of the Heavenly Book Scholars abduction and the Ghostly Shadow Bandits theft of the Sub-Divine Crystal quickly reached all the major factions in the city.
Such a major event had not happened in Soaring Dragon City in a long time already.
The Marquiss Residence immediately heard the news and reported it up, even startling the Soaring Dragon Marquis himself.
Xiao Chen, who managed to catch his breath, immediately brought the Heavenly Book Scholar to Jiang Hes secret courtyard.
Xiao Chen believed that Jiang He would definitely return there.
This was because this place was the safest due to the formations that Jiang He had laid, which could hide one from the heavenly mysteries, preventing others from reading ones location.
Xiao Chens gaze swept across the courtyard. Then, after some thought, he placed the Heavenly Book Scholar on the stool by the stone table in the garden.
He positioned the Heavenly Book Scholar with his back to the doors, then placed the folding fan in his right hand on the stone table.
Time slowly passed. Xiao Chen closed his eyes and waited quietly.
When it was dark, footsteps rang out outside. Xiao Chen quickly opened his eyes.
Jiang He was in a good mood. However, when he pushed open the door, he was stunned.
The scene that entered his eyes was the Heavenly Book Scholars back. He said hoarsely, "Thats impossible. I laid a Heaven Bewildering Formation here. There is no way you could have divined this location."
"You lose!"
The Heavenly Book Scholar, who should have been unconscious, suddenly turned around and opened his folding fan.
The doors behind Jiang He banged shut, and a light shone in the entire courtyard with countless shadows flashing.
When the Heavenly Book Scholar waved his fan, the Heaven Bewildering Formation suddenly turned into a Heaven Sealing Formation, directly closing off this place.
"Interesting. When did you wake up?"
Xiao Chen originally wanted to restrain Jiang He while he was distracted and make Jiang He explain everything to him in detail.
Without a reasonable explanation, Xiao Chen would not hesitate to kill Jiang He.
Who knew, Xiao Chen failed to account for something: the Heaven Sealing Formation activated in advance.
Xiao Chens sudden appearance behind Jiang He startled Jiang He even more than the Heavenly Book Scholars appearance.
"Are you not going to explain to me what happened with this talisman?" Xiao Chen prompted as he looked at Jiang He, taking out the now useless talisman.
Jiang He smiled in embarrassment. "This"
"Ill tell you for him. He made a bet with me that he could steal the Heavenly Mystery Towers Sub-Divine Crystal within one month. If I lost, I would have to conduct a reading for him once. I calculated that he would be coming to take the Sub-Divine Crystal today but did not manage to see a variable like you. He did not tell you previously because once he did, I would know.
"Even if I cannot predict you, I can figure out many of what he will do. However, he also did not take into account the variable that is you, either. Not only did you manage to escape so many Holy Venerates, you even brought me here."
The Heavenly Book Scholar stood up and spoke leisurely. As he gently fanned himself, he appeared very calm, looking like he had full control of the situation. "So, in the end, he still lost. No one can escape from my Heaven Sealing Formation. I am the authority here. Hand over the Sub-Divine Crystal and all the other items you stole."
"Pu ci!"
However, right after the Heavenly Book Scholar spoke, a hole immediately appeared in the Heaven Sealing Formation covering the sky.
Xiao Chen put down the Soul Slayer Bow, and the Heart Flame on the tip of his finger disappeared. He looked at the Heaven Sealing Formation and said, "It does not seem as incredible as you claim. I just casually fired an arrow, and a hole appeared."
Heart Force? That is not right. If it were Heart Force, the entire Heaven Sealing Formation would have been destroyed.
The Heavenly Book Scholars expression changed. He started using his divination arts, wanting to make a move.
However, the Heavenly Book Scholar discovered a horrifying aura locked down on him after just a twitch. If he moved rashly, he would die in the next moment.
"Now, who is the authority here?" Xiao Chen asked the Heavenly Book Scholar indifferently. He had swapped out the Soul Slayer Bow for the God Shadow Bow.
"You!" After a long time, the Heavenly Book Scholar only managed to squeeze out a word through his clenched teeth, never having felt so sullen before.
The Heavenly Book Scholar thought about how he was known for reading the fate of all common men, not letting anything slip by. Even if a Sovereign Personage came here, they would give him face.
However, the Heavenly Book Scholar ran into Xiao Chen, a person who broke his Heaven Sealing Formation without blinking. Just as he gained control of the situation, he received a resounding slap.
Before the Heavenly Book Scholar could think of an item, Xiao Chen had taken out a Soul Tool. That was truly unreasonable and incredibly overbearing.
"Who is the one who lost now?" Xiao Chen pressed.
The Heavenly Book Scholars expression changed slightly. As he looked at the God Shadow Bow in Xiao Chens hand, he replied with a sullen face, "Me!"
"There is a saying, those who lose in a bet have to pay up. Im not forcing you, right?"
A faint smile appeared on Xiao Chens icy face. However, he still did not put away the God Shadow Bow, continuing to lock on the Heavenly Book Scholar.
"Xiao Chen, I"
Jiang He felt warmth in his heart. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen still helped him at this moment.
"Stop wasting time. Hurry up. Since I was still willing to accompany you when I knew that you were going to steal his fan, I already intended to help you. Now that the misunderstanding is resolved, I will naturally help you to the end."
Xiao Chen did not say anything pointless, merely expressed his stance and urged Jiang He on.
"Many thanks!" Jiang He said seriously. Then, he went over to the Heavenly Book Scholar and said what he wanted to be divined.
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