Immortal Path To Heaven Chapter 384

Chapter 384 The Two Ladies Meet For The First Time

He Xinfang gritted his teeth and made his decision.

No matter what, he was not going to be timid in front of Ou Yangming. Even if he was not the fearsome half-spirit beasts match, he could not show a weak impression.

At the end of the day, they were in the prefecture where there were tens of Supreme Great Ancestors. As powerful as the half-spirit beast was, it was by itself. Unless it was an irresistible creature like the Earthly Dragon Beasts from the upper realm, He Xinfang was sure he could persevere until he received support.

"Master Ou, Ill handle the half-spirit beast. You may go to rest first!" He Xinfang raised his eyebrows and expressed proudly. He later turned to signal one of the other men with his eyes.


Since he managed to secure the job to guard this wall, he had naturally made preparations in advance.

The man was a distant disciple in the Ye family and had been sent to Changlong Countys prefecture as an informant long ago. When Ye Xifang finally entered the city, he made the move to contact him.

He immediately understood what He Xinfang meant, so he backed away and soon disappeared in the dark.

He Xinfang was secretly elated. Although it was embarrassing to seek help from a comrade, all Supreme Great Ancestors who came to Changlong Countys prefecture knew it was extremely important to work together before the disaster happened.

As compared to rogue cultivators, the Supreme Great Ancestors from aristocratic families knew better the meaning and the importance of cooperation.

Ou Yangming smiled strangely. "Brother Ye, lets go together."

He Xinfang was stunned for a while, and he even turned a little pale. He felt his head shake like a rattle drum when he responded without any hesitation, "Master Ou, you mustnt."

He was aware of how powerful Ou Yangming was. After all, the three Earthly Dragon Beasts, who everyone else was helpless against, killed themselves because of the young fellows Simulated Spiritual Fist.

Even so, He Xinfang dared not agree to let Ou Yangming help. If-even if it was a one-in-10,000 chance-Ou Yangming came to a bad end, He Xinfang would end tragically.

Nonetheless, Ou Yangming waved his hand and jumped down from the top of the wall. While the other people shrieked with fear, he landed softly as though a pair of invisible hands supported him at the bottom.

Ou Yangming adopted the body technique that he secretly learned but combined it with his comprehension. It made him look elegant and graceful as if he was indeed a deity.

He Xinfang experienced a sudden blackout, but he quickly ordered in a hoarse voice, "Quickly sound the horn again to call for help!" Before his voice died away, he jumped off the wall. Nevertheless, the great ancestor dared not learn from Ou Yangming. He gently tapped the tip of his toes on the wall while he was in mid-air, to slowly disintegrate the strong falling force. As such, he seemed inferior to the young fellow be it in terms of speed or the visual impact.

Despite that, the soldiers at the top could not be bothered to admire them at all. They took the horn and sounded it as hard as they could.

The thunderous sound spread far and wide in a split second, where it alarmed numerous Supreme Great Ancestors.

On the other hand, Ni Yinghong was dumbfounded as she watched. Everything happened so quickly that she could not stop them in time. Seeing as how the others were panicking like ants on fire, she could not help but smile bitterly. Its such a huge misunderstanding! Ah, Lil Ming, why didnt you explain just now

He Xinfang dashed forward regardless of the situation as soon as he landed. He was determined to catch up to Ou Yangming, but deep down he thought, Little devil, even if youre courting your death, please dont do it in front of me! If you do, not only me but the whole He family will be affected too!

Ou Yangming was more than just an ordinary blacksmith. His strength and hidden potential were remarkable and unimaginable. The young fellow guided 100 powerhouses to become Supreme Great Ancestors and was going to customize a weapon each for them. Most important, it was evident from his status as the consort that the imperial family and Her Royal Highness approved of him. Therefore, even if Ou Yangming wanted to die, he could only die after He Xinfang!

Having said that, He Xinfang suddenly realized that Ou Yangming was much faster than he imagined.

Moreover, the unknown, terrifying half-spirit beast seemed to have noticed Ou Yangming and He Xinfang too. It widened its large mouth and roared as it ran in their direction.

This time, He Xinfang was truly frightened out of his wits because he could see that the half-spirit beasts target was Ou Yangming.

He Xinfang would not have been as horrified if he was the beasts target instead!

With that, the Supreme Great Ancestor roared and reached for a thin urumi. Countless sparks filled the air when he wielded it.

The news spread swiftly at the top of the city wall. Almost within three breaths after the horn was sounded, several figures arrived.

They were Elder Universe, the Ni familys Three Great Ancestors, Fang Zhaoyang, and some other Supreme Great Ancestors from the prefecture. Of course, Li Xinfan and Deng Xiyuan were present too.

Even though the great ancestors from the prefecture managed to secure the tasks to guard the walls, the prefecture was home to Changlong Countys powerhouses, who could not be fully at ease. Hence, they were the first to arrive when there was a sign of trouble.

When the powerhouses looked in the distance, without needing to be briefed, they instantly noticed the shocking scene. Far away, a fearsome giant half-spirit beast was charging toward the city. Ou Yangming and He Xinfang braved themselves to confront the beast. It was clear from the reflections from the latters magic tools that the opponent was unfriendly.

"Oh no!"

Without further ado, Elder Universe and the powerhouses jumped off the wall.

They would not have acted so recklessly if someone else was involved in the fight, but they did not think twice because Ou Yangming was the one who would be in danger.

After all, Ou Yangming was one of the most important people in the prefecture.

If anything happened to him, their morale would be greatly affected, and the Supreme Great Ancestors from the capital might not help Changlong County anymore. "Grandfathers!" Ni Yinghong screamed, but the Ni familys Three Great Ancestors only turned to glance at her for a second before they left.

The young lady stomped her foot and put her hand on her forehead because she was completely speechless.

At the spur of the moment, she was moved because she sensed something.

When she turned to look, she noticed a lady, whose face was covered with a scarf, staring at her from a distance away. Ni Yinghong could see her face, but she had a feeling that the lady was an unusual beauty. Furthermore, the lady carried a noble yet indescribable bearing, and Ni Yinghong could not help but feel ashamed of her inferiority.

Whos that? Ni Yinghong tensed up a little.

She was considered a God-favored daughter because she received a great education from a young age. Due to her aristocratic familys 1,000-year inheritance, she was naturally noble, but the lady was superior to her.

The lady walked gracefully toward her and asked, "Youre Ni Yinghong?"

"Yes. Youre" Ni Yinghong responded.

"Hes in danger, so why arent you going to save him?" The lady asked.

Ni Yinghong was slightly startled. When she turned to look at Ou Yangming and the big yellow dog, who were getting closer to each other, she curled her lips into a smile. "Hes not in danger at all, so why should I go?"

For some reason, she could tell who the lady was referring to.

The lady came to a sudden realization and remarked, "I see. Youre quite capable to be able to keep such a powerful half-spirit beast."

Ni Yinghong furrowed her eyebrows and asked, "Who are you, miss?"

"Im Wu Hanning."

"Wu Her Royal Highness?" Ni Yinghong was surprised. She was not as ill-informed as Ou Yangming, who was an orphan. She had never been to the capital, but she knew the famous figures over there. Besides, Wu Hanning was the most formidable God-favored daughter from the imperial family in the generation and was an outstanding figure who could protect the Humans. Ni Yinghong had heard so much about her that her ears were beginning to have calluses.

"Thats right." Wu Hannings eyes were bright, and she had a strong fighting will. "Dont you know who I am?"

"Of course I know who you are." Ni Yinghong lowered her head. She did not doubt the ladys identity because she could sense arrogance from her. A person as arrogant as her would not be bothered to impersonate someone else no matter how noble the status was.

Wu Hanning fell silent for some time before she sighed. "You dont know"

Countless thoughts crossed Ni Yinghongs head at that moment, and she found the princess strange. Is something wrong with Her Highness? Is she trying to get me to solve a riddle?

When Ni Yinghong looked up, she noticed that Wu Hanning had looked away. She quivered when she looked where the princess was looking

This was because she noticed that Wu Hanning was staring at Ou Yangming.

Ni Yinghong had an upsurge of emotions at that moment, and her feelings were so complicated that they were indescribable.

Below the citys wall, Ou Yangming stopped abruptly. A roughly 10-meters long giant beast pounced on him with unparalleled momentum, which could shatter the Earth.

He Xinfangs furious roar was heard before a sword-light passed by Ou Yangming and went for the big yellow dog.

Ou Yangming hesitated for a while, but he did not stop it. The big yellow dog sensed his thought right away. It squinted its eyes and lifted its paw to swing it at He Xinfang. "Pow"

After a deafening sound was heard, He Xinfang flew backward, and the hand he used to hold his urumi trembled slightly.

This half-spirit beast was mighty.

However, the big yellow dog withdrew its paw as well and looked at the red trace of blood on it. After some time, it turned to roar furiously at Ou Yangming. Magic tool-its a magic tool!

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