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  • Immortal's Diary

  • Genres : Fantasy
  • Status : Ongoing
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Immortal's Diary summary:

Every time an immortal's soul perishes, he lets go of his experiences and legacies which he compresses into a diary. The immortal lord renowned across the realms had died. Millions of years later, his legacy had solidified into a diary which chose Rog, a 16 year old as the sole inheritor and sent him into the world of immortals. Watch as Rog maintains his Harem and conquers worlds from the bottom...

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Immortal's Diary Chapters

Time uploaded
6 Felicia7 days ago
4 Commitmen7 days ago
3 Light Sho7 days ago
2 Dusk Prairie7 days ago
1 Inheritor7 days ago
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