Immortal's Diary Chapter 2

2 Dusk Prairie

Deep within the continent of the Elves, dusk prairie existed in a remote region of the elf territory.

It was almost dusk when there was a violent fluctuation of the fabric of space at dusk prairie. A few minutes later, a youth was flung out of the fluctuating space face first onto the grassy earth of the prairie. Covered in cuts and bruises caused by travelling through space, his body was too weak to withstand all the tremors of the wormhole.

Slowly regaining consciousness with dirt covering his face and blades of grass stuffed into his mouth, Rog looked up at the rising sun in confusion as to where he was. "Where am i?" he thought in pain. He remembered that right before his hot teacher unsheathed his longsword, a voice had spoken to him and flung him out of the world he used to live in. Thinking of the ecstasy he could have indulged in, Rog began to curse his luck.

Just as he was about to get up from his awkward position, a concerned face appeared infront of him. With golden locks flowing down from her head, the serene face gazed at the poor looking Rog that looked very comical with grass stuck in his mouth and dirt on his face. She would definitely believe him if he claimed to be a lost and drunk beggar.

Becoming attracted by the face of the girl infront of him, Rog smiled at her. A smile in his current condition was capable of scaring even the boldest children away was brazenly presented infront of the girl. Seeing this, the girl let out a shrill shriek before knocking him out with a metal pole she had in her knapsack.

When Rog regained consciousness, he felt a warm sensation around his body. He could feel a pair of soft hands massaging and tending to his wounds that he sustained in the wormhole. He slowly opened his eyes to find the same girl who knocked him out massaging his wounds tenderly. He only had a thin veil of fabric from his hip to thigh, completely covering his "sword". Every now and then, the girl massaging him would move her hands closer to the sword which then directly caused Rog to become stimulated.

In a second, the fabric covering his sword now looked like a tent with a metal pole as it's support.

The moment the girl saw his longsword that was ready for intimate action, her face turned beet-red as she covered her face in shame. She let out a light exclaim and moved back a step, letting her plumpy boobs bounce tenderly.

Seeing this Rog became restless as he repeatedly urged himself to calm down. "What kind of devilish situation am i in now?!" He murmured awkwardly as he used his hand to conceal the lonsgword that was prepared for battle. Looking at the girl who was red-faced, he awkwardly asked "do you have any thicker clothes?". Hearing him finally talk, she immediately nodded frantically before running to into the other room.

Rog instinctively immersed himself into his consciousness to explore the Immortal's Diary.

Spiritual energy : 60/60

Physical strength : 40

Goodwill : 50

Energy: Multi-attributed immortal energy

The only difference Rog noticed was that his spiritual energy and physical strength have increased a bit. Right then, a dialogue propped infront of him "The glorious inheritor has increased his spiritual energy by 10 points due to the use of the spell ^Beguile^ and his strength has increased by 10 points due to the damages his body sustained during interdimensional travel"

He went through the Immortal's diary again to find that a new row has appeared with a little picture of a hand. And next to it in shiny golden letters "The lord inheritor is now able to deal damage to a target that is not more than 100m away from him, the damage depends on the amount of spiritual energy used for this skill." "F*ck this is overpowered!!!" shouted Rog in excitement jumping down from the bed he laid on, letting the thin fabric fall onto the wooden floor, revealing his distinct longsword unsheathed.

The girl who went to find Rog some clothes stood dumbfounded at the doorway timidly holding a red robe with a face redder than a tomato. Rog noticing her awkward look covered his crotch instinctively and smiled at her sheepishly before asking her "whats your name? thank you for saving me". "I...I..I'm Rose" She managed to stutter timidly. Rog had an idea to test the Immortal's Diary again. He focused his energy onto the Beguile skill and looked at Rose.

At that moment Rose seemed to be a completely different person, her beautiful golden hair waved happily as she smiled seductively at Rog "Let me be your mistress...". She shyly said. Rog, noticed his opportunity and pulled her onto his naked body, pressing his longsword tenderly on her belly and started kissing her passionately. Rose's tongue explored Rog's as his hand wandered around the curves of her body and landed on her cute petite butt.

Rog slowly began undoing the loose white robe she wore, the white robe fell onto the floor, causing her full magnificence to be presented infront of him. The beauty's face beet-red in shyness made her look even more heavenly. "Go for it.....". She whispered into his ears timidly in her soft and coy voice. Getting pumped up by the way she spoke, Rog nodded, gulping saliva.

Rog carried her onto the bed and pressed himself onto Rose, looking into her longing eyes which only screamed encouragement, he completely forgot that he had no contraceptives and it was his first time. "Craappppp". He screamed on the inside. Just as this happened, a dialogue appeared infront of him, "the lord inheritor can choose whether his semen contains the essence of life during sexual intercourse". Reading this in amazement, his eyes lit up as he howled "i love you Immortal's Diary!!!!".
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