Immortal's Diary Chapter 3

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After roughly half an hour of vigorous ecstasy Rog regained his sanity. the Beauty lay by his side on the bed seemingly fatigued by Rog's stamina. Rose was astonished at his extensive knowledge on how to pleasure a women but understood that it was his first time from his excitement but didn't ask on as she was still too embarrassed and confused as to how she fell into his trap.

Rog understood another thing at this moment; Rose was not beguiled anymore which meant that there must be a time where the effects of the skill would be rendered ineffective. He still had to understand such complications. But what was on his mind now was where he was and how he got here.

Just as he thought that, as if knowing that Rog was asking such a question, the immortal's diary popped up into his vision and opened up to show a page that was detailed with various pictures of flowing rivers and high mountains and a large amount of texts. On the top of the page was a mysterious Chinese text in a faint golden luster which read "Immortal's World".

With a profound gaze, Rog started reading through the contents of the page in amazement. The page seemed to be the size of a simple handbook but the contents in it were paramount and what astonished him the most was that he could compile all the information on the page directly into his mind within a mere instant.

As the large number of information assaulted his brain, he learned a million things in a mere second.

He was in a world known as the "Immortal's world" which was a vast realm that exceeded the size of modern earth by tenfold, home to thousands of races that lived in relative harmony. There existed 5 major races; Humans, which accounted for 43% of the total population, Elves, which accounted for 17% of the population, Dwarves which accounted for 20% of the population and Giants which accounted of a mere 5% of the population while the remaining 15% were a mix of crossbreeds and sub-races.

"Woah, this feels like a MMORPG game but realistic". Rog mumbled to himself. The beauty by his side faintly shifted as she sluggishly looked at him. Rog simply smiled and patted her petite butt which caused her to exclaim softly and hide her red face under the hand-made pillow of the bed. To be honest Rog simply couldn't resist the pristine white body that had sprawled herself on the bed in exhaustion. This scene coupled with her golden hair trailing across her body presented an even more alluring temptation. But seeing that she was clearly fatigued, he suppressed himself to let her rest.

Immersing his mind back into the contents of the data on the Immortal's world he understood that in this realm, the inhabitants are able to cultivate their inner force known as qi. The abundance of natural energy in the air allowed cultivators to absorb that energy into their body and assimilate it into their fighting force.

Fighters are classified in this world through ranks; Mortal, Fighter, General, Lord, Emperor. In ascending order. With every rank exists sub-ranks which are; birth, maturity and evolution. " i wonder what my rank is...". Rog tried communicating with the Immortal's Diary and to his surprise a line of words appeared infront of him "the Lord inheritor's qi level is on the level of a Mortal at birth". "I'm soo weak!" Rog muttered helplessly with a darkened face.

Bang Bang Bang.... A heavy thudding sound assaulted the door followed by an angry roar "Little Lolli thats it! if you can't pay the rent of 25 silvers right now i shall be taking compensation from you personally!!" the voice roared maliciously. After hearing the voice, Rose who was resting soundly beside Rog opened her eyes with visible panic written over her face. "Oh no" she timidly whispered at Rog. "That man is part of a band of thieves that demand payment for no reason at all and i haven't paid them for two months". She pleadingly gazed at Rog.

Seeing the alluring and innocent look of the beauty who seemed to be the same age as Rog, he felt the struggle in her eyes and valiantly patted his chest and got off the bed in confidence and kicked open the door that was being banged forgetting that he was stark naked. When the door slammed open, a plump man with a malicious looking expression stared at the naked Rog in a dumbfounded manner. Remembering that he forgot to clothe himself just so he could act brave infront of the beauty behind him, he forget to wear clothes. Rog flurriedly reached for the red robe Robe that Rose brought him and draped it on and then resumed his brave stupor infront of the middle aged man at the door.

Suppressing the urge to burst out laughing, the man twirled his mustache maliciously and recovered from his dumbfounded expression and roared at Rog. "AUDACIOUS! TO STAND AGAINST THE RED MIST BAND!! YOU MUST BE TIRED OF LIVING!". He placed his hand on the hilt of his sword and prepared to unsheathe it, just as he did that Rog panicked as he didn't know how to deal with a man that had a weapon.

Just as he was going to find a way to retreat, a prompt appeared infront of him "does the lord inheritor wish to use his new skill?". He selected yes hurriedly and willed half of his spiritual energy into this skill and pointed at the middle aged man. Just as he pointed, a red light erupted from his finger and flashed towards the middle aged and pierced through his chest, allowing him to spurt blood from the wound. The ray of light passed through him and pierced the bark of a tree before stopping there.

Astonishment covered the middle aged man's face as he spluttered out blood from his mouth and croaked "You're a fighter!?". Before he could ask anymore questions, the light from his eyes escaped and he collapsed onto the ground lifelessly. Seeing this scene, Rog almost vomited as it was his first time seeing such blood infront of him and it was definitely his first time seeing someone die infront of his eyes, much less kill a person.
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