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  • Imperfect Desires

  • Genres : Contemporary
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Imperfect Desires summary:

"Are you looking for your Mr. Right?""Why would I wait for him? Mr. Right is lost on his way."He quirked his brow at her answer with a faint smile at the corner of his lips."Then what are you doing?" He questioned in amusement.She placed both her hands on his chest and pushed his masculine body against the wall taking him by surprise.Her honey-brown eyes blinked at him with mischief dancing in them as she planted a firm kiss at his jaw and said, "I'm planning on taking advantage of Mr. Right Now!"His eyes widened dramatically in disbelief. Before his eyes darkened with desire and passion.He placed his hands on her small waist and she could feel the heat of his big hands through the flimsy fabric of her shirt.His head leaned ahead as he whispered close to her ear, "Feel free to take whatever you want."She felt his hot tongue licking her earlobe making her heart to beat erratically.Chen Xiu; A Superstar loved by millions of fans died an untimely death. All alone carrying the burden of her shattered heart and her imperfect desires.Having woken up in a new body and at a new place wasn't something she could ever believe in. At least, not until she became Bai Xiu out of the blue.The day she thought to be her last became her first as a second chance awaited her.But what could this previously famous superstar do with this new life when she didn't even ask for it? What was the purpose of her survival?Regrets? Anger? Hatred? She had died with all these emotions but buried deep within her. She never desired for revenge.No matter what the purpose of her survival was. She only desired a normal life. But how was she supposed to live a normal life when she had no recollection of the original owner of this body? Wasn't she supposed to be given the right to live with those new memories? Then why her memory only held her own miserable ones? What was blocking the memories of the original owner?Who she was? And where she was supposed to go? She had no answers but she had one thing; her desire to live to the fullest this time. Because that's what she owed to herself as Chen Xiu and to the real Bai Xiu who died mysteriously.But what awaited her was something she couldn't have possibly imagined. A journey of a lifetime needs someone to share it with.Will she be able to find that one who would happily share the journey of imperfect desires? Or was she meant to walk this difficult path all alone?~~~ "I'm broken," she had said. "I'll keep your pieces safe," he replied. "My heart is already carrying the burden of broken promises," she added "But my promise is for your soul. Just like my kisses that wants to touch your soul." He replied. "I can't love you," she insisted. "Then love us. Because I do love us together." He whispered.

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