In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 1

1 Moving Forward

The scene is at Chatrapati Shivaji airport, Mumbai, a girl in her late 20s is sitting alone, with her luggage.

Announcement is made to for to flight to New York being delayed. She breathes a sigh,'How much longer do I have to stay here?'

She is wearing jeans and long top, wearing a shrug over it, with Snickers. Her brown hair tied in a messy bun. She is Sanjana Gujral, who has completed her ophthalmology, MS, and now received a fellowship in pediatrics ophthalmology at Boston hospital.

Normally someone who gets this opportunity feels very lucky, but sanjana has an aura of sadness and depression surrounding herself.

She is looking at the couple sitting across her. The lady is of about same age as her. Her husband and her son are playing with eachother. She is giggling looking at them.

Sanjana feels envious of her.

Sanjana was daughter of government servant. Her father did pretty well. Her mother was a house wife. She had a brother named Kishan.

Sanjana was trying to remember how it felt when she was young, but only her mom's rules of how to be a perfect daughter and her father's absence in her former years came to her mind.

She had good relationship with her brother, but when he shifted for his MBBS, that changed, they couldn't remain that close. He came home once a month and would sleep most of the time.

Her mom had married her of when she was 23years old to Vikram. Initially for 1 year or so everything was good. Then when she got her admission in MS ophthalmology, things changed.

Vikram acted to be supportive and even her in law's acted, but they were never supportive. She would complete her routine work at the hospital, and when she came back to home, they would ask her to do household chores. She was happy to do it, but no body came to her help. At the end of the day, Vikram would fight with her, saying that she doesn't make time for him.

She once or twice told Vikram that if he wanted to spend more time with her. Then they should move out of the house.But he was not ready to that as well. Their were weird rules at Vikram's house, that sanjana couldn't talk to Vikram when any one was around, their talks were limited to their bedroom.

With time talks changed to quarrel. And when she had received fellowship letter, the bubble bursted.

Sanjana had know since 2 years that Vikram was not an ideal life partner, it was just her juggling the relationship, he was never their.

She would take care of everyone in the family but when she was sick, no one gave a damn about her.

she decided, if Vikram tried to come inbetween her carrier and herself, she would divorce him.

When family opposed her opportunity of going for further studies, she went against her family and divorced Vikram.

Sanjana's family didn't support her. But she went ahead anyways.

Now after all struggles of being unhappily married, she was now going to follow her dreams. It was difficult, getting divorced, at this age, and now her family might never want to see her face again.

The announcement to board the flight is heard.

Sanjana coming to the reality, wipes her tears off, which wasn't even aware were flowing from her eyes.

She grabbed her luggage and stood in the que, to board the flight.

She smiles in determination, not anymore, now she will be alone and no one will hurt.

She takes her seat by the window looking at the runway, in no time she is in air, her heart is fluttering like a humming birds heart, but relieved when her plane takes off.

She looks at all her struggles that she is leaving down her.
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