In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 10

10 Always With You

Sanjana wakes up in the hospital, she was still a little light headed due to the medicines given to her, she noticed that Sam was not in the group standing besides her bed

"where is Sam?" she asked, her voice was a little sore.

"What is this nonsense sanjana, he did this to you and you still care for him?" Neha's mom said.

"Who said to you that Sam did this? " She looked towards Roy and Tia, waiting for answers from them.

"Sanjana is in jail, your family filed case against him for trying to assault you and kidnapping you. " With hesitation Tia replied.

"What? But he didn't do it? Take me to him right now." Sanjana tried to get up from the bed, but felt weakness, she rested for a minute in bed again and thought.

"Don't worry he will be fine. He just wants you to be safe, you just take care of yourself," Tia placing a hand over her shoulder said.

"Call the police, I will give statement. I can't let my Sam suffer for someone else's crime." Sanjana said looking at Tia.

Tia nodded a yes. In half an hour the police came to record Sanjana's statement, all the family members were told to go out, and her statement was recorded.

After a few hours, Sam returned to hospital, coming inside the room, he kissed sanjana on her forehead, "god knows, how much I missed you!" He said.

Sanjana holding his hand brought it to her lips and kissed,"I love you."

"I love you too, my love." He said,"I am going to ask the doctor about your discharge, then we are going back to Boston." Sanjana nodded a yes.

"No, you can't take our daughter back, we postponed Neha's wedding because of you two, and I don't trust you with my daughter." Sanjana's mother said.

"I have not given any right to anyone to speak between me and my going to be bride." Sam growled at the family. He made it evident that, Sam was not ready to let Sanjana's family take decisions for them.

Sanjana's family left immediately, as sanjana didn't support them. They were more angry on Sanjana for siding with sam.

In two days sanjana got discharge, and was taken back to the hotel. Sam, Roy and Tia were trying to as careful with sanjana as possible.

Sam took her on a dinner date, which got interrupted by Sanjana's mother, she looked angry.

"Mother, you here? How was the marriage?" Sanjana asked.

"You, how could you ask this? You ruined Neha's life. By putting the blame on Vikram you didn't put our reputation at stake but Neha's relationship with Rahul in fire." Sanjana's mom blamed sanjana. Neha's mom also came with her, but was only giving background music of sheeply cry once a while.

"What is it that I did see clearly mother I don't understand?," She asked her mother.

"Oh, so now you don't understand that you blamed Vikram, and because of which Rahul has backed off from the wedding, he won't marry Neha till you take the case back against Vikram." Neha's mom said.

"If you want any relationship with us, you better take that case back, you need to correct what all mistakes you have done in past now, for Neha's sake take that case back." Sanjana's mother trying to make her feel guilty said.

"Don't worry mother, I will take the case back, but after this you promise me that you won't have any other expectations from me, I will be returning back to Boston with Samrat." Sanjana said.

They were ready to agree on any terms, they just wanted Sanjana to take the case back.

After 2 days when Vikram was released, Neha marriage was reorganized. Everyone was equally joyous and didn't care about the incident that took a few days ago even Vikram was present in the wedding, the relatives were talking that Sanjana had framed her innocent ex husband, with her new fiance.

"There is my sanjana, I missed you so much how gorgeous you are looking!" a man of around 25 years of age, came and hugged Sanjana.

Sam And Roy got all protective and didn't pushed him saying,"who are you?"

"That's a bit strange, you are all protective about my sister, still hasn't she told you about me?." The man asked.

The word sister blink light a bulb in Sam's head, this was Kishan,Sanjana's brother.

"You are Kishan, sorry I forgot ,I had always seen you in the pics and you looked quite different." Sam apologized shaking Kishan's hand.

"Glad to meet you too Mr Samrat Shergill, talk of the wedding." Kishan Hugged Sam.

"I didn't know that I would attract this much of attention in my little time in India." Sam smirked and said.

"But I like it the way you protect my sister I think finally she has found someone who is worthy for her."he said.

Kishan was Sanjana, younger brother just 2 years younger than her, he was doing his Residency Mumbai and so was most of the time away, he was supposed to come only on the wedding day of Neha. Kishan excused himself to met the rest of the family.

When Sam went to attend a phone call, Roy and Tia were accompanying sanjana.

"You need to eat this," saying this Roy put a spoonful of rasmalai in Sanjana's mouth. She could hardly open her mouth. They both giggle.

"You have fallen so low, sanjana, first me, then that Samrat and right now this. Don't you get satisfied by one man." Vikram came near to them and said making a disgusting face.

"You won't understand our relationship." Sanjana said getting up from her seat, Roy immediately stood up to help her stand. Vikram gave a frustrated look at Roy's gesture.

"Does your new toyfriend, sorry, boy friend knows that you have developed new interest!" Pointing at Roy, Vikram said.

"What is it that I don't know??" Sam came from behind and hugged sanjana, he gave a soft kiss at her forehead looking for response from Vikram.

Vikram made a face.

"Look I have nothing to do with you. But I know this bitch and she is not worth it, she will do same thing to you that she did to me. Use you and then leave you for the next guy. " Vikram curtly Said.

"Mind your language, you are talking about my fiance, I don't want a scene, or else I would have broken all the bones in your body by now." Sam said raising his finger at Vikram.

Vikram left immediately, he knew Sam was serious.

"It's better he left,"a voice came from behind. It was Kishan, Sanjana's brother.

"I never liked him, god knows what mom and dad saw in him and married my sister to him." Kishan said.

" I can see someone sensible in the family, finally. heard a lot about you man from your sister." Roy gave a hug to Kishan.

"Me too. You must be Roy. And that makes you Tia." Pointing at Tia, Kishan said,"you are as gorgeous as my sister described you."

"How much have you told about us to him sanjana? He recognised us with out introductions." Tia said looking at sanjana.

"I know how you all take great care of my sister. And from my family accusations, I believe my sister said true that you take very good care of her. " Hugging sanjana he said.

"Sorry sis, didn't got leave. And that's why couldn't come before. " Kishan looking at sanjana said.

"I know the real reason, Kishan. You don't need to give excuses to me. I know how much you hate all this social gatherings and specially with Neha's family." Sanjana said.

"My sister knows me so well. " Kishan was not ready to leave Sanjana's arm.

Neha's Bidai happened, but the five of them kept chatting, later they went to Sam's hotel to have dinner.

"I am happy for you sanjana. He seems to be so in love with you. I know he will protect you from everyone." While driving back towards home, Kishan said.

"I know," sanjana blushed.

"And that ring in your finger is definitely something." Looking at the ring in Sanjana's ring finger, Kishan said.

"Kishan, Sam wants to get married, as soon as we reach Boston. " Sanjana dropped the bomb.

Kishan stopping the car at once, "what? Does anyone knows? Any family member?"

Sanjana nodded a no.

"No you can't get married in Boston. Our whole family is here and you want to get married in Boston. " Kishan said in shock. " You are getting married in India and I will convince the family."

At home.

"No, I am not going to spend a dime on this girl. She has made me ashamed in front of my whole family." Sanjana's mom said.

"You can't be serious mom. You care for your society more than your own children?"Kishan said.

"Sanjana's marriage will happen in India, I will talk to Samrat, I m sure he doesn't need your dime to plan this wedding. " Kishan added defending Sanjana's choice.

At hotel

"But I will send you the tickets, you can come to boston for marriage. " Sam said,"I don't want her to stay in India even for a minute."

"Samrat, dad also would like to attend, but he can't speak this infront of mom."Kishan replied.

Sam looked loving at Sanjana's face, she hasn't spoken a word since a long time.

"Ok, i will talk to the owners, we will get married in this hotel. " Sam said.

"But what about our guests?"Tia looked in doubt at Sam.

"This is a freaking 5 star resort, I think they will b able to accommodate all your guests." Kishan said.

"I think you really underestimate Shergill's. Once the wedding is declared, this will b wedding of the millennium, and all the preparations will b according to that." Tia said proudly.

"Book all the hotels of the city. Spare no expense." Sam said ordering.

Samrat Shergill's marriage is the talk on all news channels, big political leaders, gave their well wishes on television. All high profile people have started to arrive to the town. Short documentary, showing sanjana as mystery princess, is shown on TV.

Tia has lavishly arranged the buffet, with Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, french, thai, Indian, and continental.

The top floor is booked for bride and her stylist. Best designers are called from all around the world. The whole staff is under supervision to avoid any mishaps.

Sam and Roy are also staying at the hotel, but at 14th floor. Sam and sanjana has fitting for their Sangeet, haldi, mehndi, wedding, reception.

After 3 days of preparation time, today is mehndi function, sanjana is getting her mehndi done. She is wearing dark green dress. Her hair tied in a messy bun, and a golden broch fixed to her to her bun, which has an green gem studded to it.

Sam is wearing white sherwani, and is sitting across Sanjana's seat, he is their with Roy, who is dressed in blue sherwani. Tia is sitting besides sanjana.

Sam can't take his eyes off sanjana, Tia notice this and whisper to Sanjana's ear.

"Look, Sam cannot even take his eyes off you."

Sanjana giggles at this. She looks at Sam, who gives a smirk to her. Dancing and singing continue and the mehndi function comes to an end.

As sanjana is about to retire to her room a hand grabs her from behind and pins her to the wall. She is about to make noise when she finds that Sam is standing close to her.

"You gave me a heart attack." Saying this hit him on shoulder.

"I wanted to do this." He tries to come close to her, to kiss her. But she pushes him.

"Not now, after marriage, Mr Shergill." Sanjana said placing a hand on her lips, she smiled.

"This isn't fair. I waited for whole evening, you look so charming." Sam said.

"Only if you could find your name in my mehndi."sanjana said.

Sam and sanjana sat at the balcony, in moonlight, Sam is looking at sanjana mehndi trying to find his name. Sanjana is holding her hand and is smiling at Sam's frustration.

After few minutes, Sam gives up,"are you sure their is my name in mehndi?"

"Yes, I made her write."sanjana said.

"Where is it?"Sam touching her palms said.

"No", she replied.

He traced his finger above, at forearm,"here?"

"No,"came the reply.

"Here?"a little, further he went to her elbow. He was moving his fingers, to seduce sanjana.

Sanjana was feeling goosebumps, at his gesture," no" she replied.

He traced his fingers further to her arms where their is no mehndi,"here?"

This is now not a game to find the name in mehndi, but a game of passion, that Sam is playing. Sanjana has given up and slow "no's" can be heard, while Sam is tracing his fingers all over her body.

He nibbles her ear giving shiver, sanjana is breathing heavily in sam's arms. She could feel sam's breathing and his heart racing.

Before she could say, Sam is kissing her, its a long passionate kiss, before its interrupted by Roy.

"Oh! Sorry! I did know you to were together." Getting embraced Roy says.

"Oh Roy!" Sam getting up from where he was sitting said.

Sanjana is trying to cope up at what happened? She felt very shy and couldn't see in eyes with Roy or Sam.

"I think, I should go." Saying so she ran to her room.

Closing the door, she started to take her jewelry off, she remembered how Sam ran his finger over her neck. And had kissed her lips. Touching her lips she still felt sam's minty breath, and smiled.

She changed her clothes, thinking how did she became so lucky to have Sam in her life. It was a bliss.

The next evening was Sangeet, Kishan had convinced entire family to b at the Sangeet. Sanjana was happy that most of her family was present at her Sangeet.

Sanjana is dressed in jade blue cholli, it has silver thread work of small flower on it. Sanjana has her hair tied in a neat bun over her head. A few locks of hair falling over her pink cheeks are teasing her face. She has few silver bangles in her hand.

Sam is wearing black Sherwani, his jaw like compliment the sherwani, the colour of sherwani is bringing out his features. Sam is wearing his black sport watch. And his hair set with gel.

Sam did a romantic item for sanjana, and then they danced with eachother, arms in arms, lost in each other.

Love Katherine
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