In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 11

11 Married To Mr. Devil

Sanjana was getting ready, a team of professional hair stylist, fashion designer and make artist were helping her to get ready, inbetween Tia would instruct them, sanjana wanted to look as natural as possible.

"Do you know your outfits will be on the front page as well as on page three on tomorrow's news paper! I m so excited." Tia said.

"And on next day that newspaper will used to clean dirty in every house." Sanjana said causally.

Tia felt a jerk by her reply. Sanjana was perfect for Sam in every way, but since the morning of the wedding she sounded disturb, as she was confused about something.

"I get it, I heard about bride getting wedding gitters on the day of their wedding, but when you will marry Sam, and meet him at venue, your all doubt will automatically go away. You love him, just remember that, rest everything will be easy." Tia said holding her shoulder as sanjana adjusted her dupatta, "you look gorgeous."

"It's not like wedding gitters, it feels like something bad is going to happen, and I have this strong feelings." Sanjana said.

Tia got tensed for a minute and then excused herself.

After this, few photographer were allowed to meet sanjana, they took a few pictures, and then left.

"Sam, Sanjana is feeling as if something bad is gonna happen, you know what that means?" Tia running to Sam's room asked.

A tall, well built man sitting in the Sam's room, same person who had kidnapped them before said,"that means something bad is definitely going to happen. She is the reincarnation of a white witch, and last of our kind, she has not experienced with her powers, but soon she will."

"Who are you? And what makes you an expert?" Tia asked.

"He is prince Rakhen-ah, brother of Nef." Sam said.

"So it's you who cursed us." Tia ran towards him, but was stopped in mid air.

"Ra please, she is my sister." Sam insisted.

"I am happy that she is getting married to you, but you know that if you hurt her you will face my wrath." Ra said,"my sister loved you, she left her throne, her people for you, to be with you, just a stupid soldiers, and what did you do?"

Sam screamed in pain, fall to the ground, his nose started to bleed. Seeing his condition, sanjana who was standing just outside, ran to the help sam,"why are you hurting him? you had tortured him before as well. Who are you?"

Ra immediately shifted his attention to sanjana," you look so beautiful." He tried to touch sanjana, who jerked off his hand.

"Who is he, Sam? How can he do this to you?" Sanjana looked at Sam for answers.

"Hasn't he told you the truth? So you were afraid that you will loose her, she deserve to know the truth, Samuel." Ra said, mocking at Sam.

"What truth?" Sanjana looked at Sam.

"You fiance here, is marrying second time. He married to my sister, Neferatti, I used to call her Nef and all of our kingdom too. My father had boycott me, so she was the next to the throne after my father died, she was in love with a soldier, Samuel, so instead of talking a prince hand in marriage, to become a queen, she ran away with him. But when a tyrant came on the rule, she returned for her people, that when you fiance out of jealousy stabbed her. Still my sister was so great that with her dying breathe, she gave him power to heal any sort of wound, and gifted him this immortal life." Ra finished his story.

"And you didn't mention that the same person, whom your sister loved so much, you were the one who cursed his soul to get tormented, and that he could never have true love." Tia came towards Ra, but stopped as he looked her.

"My sister gave her life for you, and I made sure that you suffer you eternal life, for killing her?" Ra said.

Sanjana was standing still trying to process everything, Sam didn't tell her about his wife, her death and his betrayal. She was shocked on hearing this.

"Sanjana, it's not like that, pls listen to me." Sam said holding sanjana by her shoulder. She pushed him.

"I need sometime, to think." She left the room. Following her, Ra left the room as well.

"What she left ? You should have told about your past to her. On the day of wedding, she found out that you had been married before," Roy angrily said to sam. Sam was still in shock due to Sanjana's reaction.

"Cancel the wedding, Ra achieved what he came for, he wanted my life full of misery and by separating sanjana from me, he achieved it." Sam said.

"What if she returns? She returned to you after knowing your truth. She will also return this time. " Tia said.

"She will be back for a person who killed his own wife? I think not." Sam said, disappointedly.

A knock is heard at the door, "what are you doing here sam? are you having cold feet about the wedding? come on, let's go." kishan said to sam.

Kishan pulled Sam's arm, send is very confused whether Sanjana is going to return or not with Tia, Roy and Kishan sits in the Mandap.

Roy, tia and Sam are afraid that soon they are going to be humiliated infront of the world.

The pundit calls for bride to come, but no one comes, sam's heart beats are pounding, Tia closing her eyes is praying for some miracle.

After a few minutes, people starts gossip, one of the aunty says," maybe the bride has eloped, this is her second marriage and she had betrayed her ex husband, this boy must be stupid to fall for such a girl."

Sam getting up from his seat," how dare you something like that about my sanjana, she was never at fault, and can never be wrong. Mind your language."

Tia holding Sam's arm trying to calm him down said,"don't Sam."

"Their she comes," he goes across the Mandap towards sanjana, Sam turns to see if this is reality or not? Sanjana had returned to marry him.

"Sorry, I was not informed when to come down." Sanjana innocently apologized to everyone.

Kishan with sanjana walks towards the Mandap. Sanjana stops just at the step saying,"I won't marry till.."

Sam curiously ask,"till?"

Sanjana naughtily smiles and says,"till you carry me to the mandap." Sam with a smile came towards her and lifted her in his arms. Tia giggled as Sam lifted sanjana.

Sanjana whispered into Sam's ears," never hide anything like this from me again, Sam."

Sam smiled at her,"never, my love." He gently put her down. And in the most grand way, Sam married sanjana and made her, his own. Ra also present at the wedding smiled as they did all the rituals.

All the guest showered flowers on them as they married.

On the first night

Sam entered the honeymoon suite decorated by Tia and Roy, Sanjana was standing at the balcony still in her bridal attire, she looked more beautiful in the full moon light.

"I think, the moon will be complaining about someone shining so brightly on earth today." He went close to sanjana, and hugged her from behind.

Sanjana giggled," you and you talks, always so charming, but I m not coming in your talks so easily today. Where is my gift? there is a ritual that the bride gets a gift from groom, so give me my gift."

"What can I gift you? everything that belongs to me now belongs to you you have everything that is owned by me." Sam said.

"Good, that means you forgot to bring any gift, now I can ask anything that I like from you." Sanjana said getting happy.

"What do you want, my love?" Sam said, he was confused, sanjana was never materialistic what was it that she want it now?

"A kiss like never before." Sanjana said closing her eyes, she raised her self on her feets, to reach sam's height. But soon felt that Sam was holding it back.

"What happened sam? why are you hesitating now? I am your wife." sanjana said to Sam.

"I wish to tell you the truth about my past life before, we take any steps into our married life. I want all the doubts cleared." Sam said.

"We can even talk about it afterwards, this is our marriage first night, I want to remember it, as something special." sanjana Said.

"I need to clear my conscience Sanjana, I need to tell you everything, I don't want to feel as if I am cheating you, by not telling you all the facts and the truth." Sam said.

"For tonight, I want to be just Sam and Sanjana, madly in love with each other and we can return to our reality tomorrow, you can tell me everything and I will listen every word coming out of your mouth carefully, but right now, let's not waste this beautiful moment." saying this Sanjana kissed sam.

Sam initially hesitated but later give in kissing Sanjana passionately.

Sam laid besides Sanjana running his fingers through her hair, as the moonlight fell on her face. He covered her shoulders with blanket and kissed her forehead,"I love you, Mrs Shergill."

Sanjana though in deep sleep smiled hearing it. Finally Hearing Mrs Shergill sounded so wonderful.

Love Kathrine.
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