In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 17

17 Dont Mess With The King

Sanjana enters the Shergill mansion, the people and servants wait for a minute, she is still dressed in her purple dress, but now a black blazer hangs on her shoulder. She doesn't expect any joyous response from any body in the mansion, after all she betrayed Sam.

Their expression are like they are going to kill her, she still stands uncomfortable at the door, Sam comes and puts his arm around her waist," come, let's go inside, my love."

Seeing the care in his eyes, sanjana feels comfortable and enters inside. He takes her to his room, Tia looks at the whole scene confused, how did Sam and sanjana ended together.

Sam asks sanjana to change, everything still is on its place as sanjana had left, it felt as if like the room was locked since the time she left. She sat on the bed, curling the bedsheet in her fist, unable to believe that she was out of Warren's hell.

Sam saw Sanjana's body language, and knew that she was not in any capacity to discuss.

"You should take some rest. Do want anything to eat?" Sam said, putting a lock of her hair, gently behind her ear.

Sanjana nodded a no, she went to change, Sam saw that sanjana was just trying to act normal, and was crying whenever she could hide her face. She went to the bed and took blanket to cover herself, but Sam said," let me help you with it." He tucked her inside and slept besides her.

Sam had lot to discuss, about Warren with Tia and his coven, but sanjana needed him more, she was mentally broken, and leaving her alone was not a good idea, if he wouldn't have come on time at the terrace, maybe he would have lost her for ever.

Sanjana woke up, locked in the Warren's store room, for a second she thought, where is Sam? And how did she again ended up in the storeroom, she started to climb the stairs, when the door opened, to her surprise sam was standing on the other side, she felt relief for a moment, but then noticed that Sam looked abnormally pale, when she took a few steps towards him, he collapsed on his knees, and fell on the floor, she rushed to help him, but he was not breathing, he was stabbed from behind. Sanjana felt her voice stuck in her throat, Sam laid dead on the floor. She tried to scream for help but her voice didn't came out.

As she was about to touch sam's body, someone grabbed her hand," not so fast, dear. I had my revenge with him, but I am not done with you, you Rot in my store room forever, knowing that your husband body lies just a door away, and you are the reason for his death." Saying this Warren pushes sanjana to the store room and locks it. Sanjana asks him to have mercy and open the door, when she is woken up by Sam in her bed. The dreadful nightmare still felt true for her.

"Sanjana, it's ok, you are safe." Sam could only say this, when sanjana hugged him and started to cried.

"I don't want to loose you, please. Warren, he is mad. He will hurt you." Sanjana mumbled still holding Sam tightly in her arms.

"My love, your state is hurting me more than anything. Nothing will happen to me, and the mole is already punished. You don't have to worry any more, I won't let any one even touch you anymore." He hugged her tightly, trying to calm her down.

After Sam made her sleep again, he went down to meet Tia, the anger burning in his eyes, and determination to make Warren pay.

"You brought sanjana back? Did she got her senses back? Or that Warren pushed her out of his house?" Tia angrily said.

Sam gave her a stare, which was enough to make her stop talking.

"Find that Warren! I want him to pay for what he made my sanjana go through." Sam said.

"What happened??" Tia asked.

"That piece of dipshit, he found sanjana when we were on our honeymoon, he had scared her that he would use witch berry on us, and do you know who helped him?" Sam interrupted while Tia was talking.

"Who?" Tia asked.

"Gina, our trusted Gina, after all liberty I granted her, she went against me and got sanjana in trouble." Sam said.

"Gina can't do this! Maybe sanjana was mistaken." Tia retaliated.

"Sanjana didn't knew about the mole, it was I who found that, believe me, it had hurt me as well." Sam replied.

"The thing I am more angry about is that they made her suffer, their are bruises on her back, and on her legs, the more I see them the more my anger grows." His eyes glowing purple. Tia was afraid, Sam when had blood rage his eyes turned red, but right now it turned purple.

"How can he dare to make our family member suffer like that!" Tia's anger grew after learning it.

A shriek was heard from Sam's room, it was sanjana. Tia and Sam ran to the room, sanjana was screaming, Sam tried to reach for her, but on his touch she started to scream more loudly, Tia reached the switch board and switched on the lights.

Seeing sam and Tia infront of her sanjana realised that she was not in the store room but at Shergill mansion. She hugged Sam and started crying.

"I can't get out of that store room Sam, not even in my dreams." Sanjana cried.

Tia was able to see the bruises on Sanjana's body, Sam slept besides sanjana and kept the lights on, so that even if sanjana had a bad dream she could realise that she is safe and is in her house.

Next morning when sanjana got ready for the hospital, Sam told her that she has nothing to worry, as he is not going to leave her alone now even for a second.

Sam and Tia had tripled Sanjana's security details, Sam wanted to personally take care of Gina, but after seeing Sanjana's condition, he thought that punishing Gina can wait, but if he looses sanjana again, he might not be able to find her again.

At the hospital

Sanjana entered the lobby along with Sam, holding his hand. The attention of staff and their co-workers fixated at them. Roy ran to sanjana," don't worry Sam, I am not going to let her out of my site."

Kissing her forehead, he let her out of his sight.

"Sanjana, I m sorry. I don't know how can I ever get your forgiveness, you always have been a good friends, yet I didn't think for a second to doubt you intentions and your love for Sam." Roy had guilt in his eyes.

"You don't have to apologize, I am happy that Sam will always have your loyalty and Tia's support, whether anyone is their or not." Sanjana said, with pain in her voice.

"And with a queen like you by his side, Sam will invincible." Roy tried to cheer her up.

"Even in the game, queen is only successful, if she protects her king or dies protecting him." Sanjana said.

"What are you thinking sanjana? I definitely think it's not good." Roy asked.

"Roy I feel like i am dead weight on Sam, everyone retaliating against him in his own coven, and Warren trying to corner him by approaching me. I feel I make him weak." Sanjana was almost in tears.

"You can never make me feel weak, my love." A voice came from behind.

"Sam!" Sanjana shocked at what all she said to Roy in front of Sam.

"The way you have supported me, no one can, all others have power and strength, but you are more powerful than any of them, because you have a more power will. And you tried to protect me from any harm that was on my way multiple times." He hugged sanjana,"now it's my turn."

After a minute Sam consoled sanjana and she resumed her duty. Sanjana had extra duty lined up, so she was working late, when she started to feel uneasy.

The incharge sister arranged someone for her replacement and requested her to leave for home.

She was hardly in any condition to drive, so took a cab home. When she reached inside, the guards were not present at the door, normally Sam prefered the mansion to be guarded all time by heavy guards.

She went inside, she could hear screams coming from basement, she stealthy went to the basement.

Sam was torturing someone, and the person was in lying in the pool of blood. Tia and Roy were also standing in the room, before she could see any further, Sam turned, their was shock on his face.

"Sam! What is th.." before she could finish her sentence she fainted.

When she woke up she was in her bed and Sam sitting by side, running his fingers in her hair.

"You scared me, my love." Sam kissed on her forehead.

"Who was in the basement?" Sanjana directly came to the point and tried to get up, however she had weakness and failed to get up on her own.

"I won't lie to you. It's Warren." Sam replied.

"Warren? Why do you have him in our home. I don't want to be anywhere near around him." Sanjana panicked.

Sam hugged her," don't worry my love, I won't let his shadow fall on you. I shifted him to other site. And that was the reason that I arranged for your extra duty."

"Would you like to eat?" Sam asked.

"No, I m feeling nauseating. I just want to sleep for some time." Sanjana said, Sam agreed and rested her on her bed.

Sam later joined Tia and Roy on dinner.

"Where is sanjana?" Tia asked.

"She is not feeling well." Sam replied," she is bit nauseated."

"Wow! Nausea, weakness, fainting, are you expecting??" Roy blurted out.

"Roy." Tia eyed Roy.

"Excuse me, I don't have appetite either." Wiping his lips on napkin he left.

"Don't you know vampire can't procreate, Sam would be feeling so hurt, he always hated his immortal life and you showed him one more cons of his immortality." Tia explained Roy.
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