In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 18

18 Gina

Few months have passed since the whole Warren incident took place, sanjana never bothered to ask about Warren to Sam.

Sanjana's health also improved, but the question still remained where was Gina? Still she was out and their was a chance that she could return and harm sam and his family, and what was her relationship with Warren.

Roy and Tia were more than friends now, and people had almost forgotten about the whole divorce thing. Sanjana and Sam were again the power couple.

On one weekend, Sam and sanjana took walk to the cabin in the Woods, Sam was lying in Sanjana's arms in the light of full-moon, playing with her hair, when he sensed something off.

Getting up he said," go to the cabin and call Tia, for cars."

Sanjana sensed that Sam knew something was about to happen and she rushed to the cabin as told to her by Sam.

She ran to the cabin and called Tia. 'cars ' was code name for back-up.

Sanjana then ran towards the spot where she had left Sam, but he was not their. Screaming Sam's name would put her and Sam both in trouble, so she started to find him, when somebody grabbed her by her arm and threw her to the ground, it was Gina. And their were few men with her.

"Not happy to see me, my lady?" Gina asked, she seemed angry.

Sanjana saw that the men were holding Sam with heavy chains, and were tying him to the trees. Sam was in semi-conscious state.

"What did you do to him?" Sanjana asked looking at Sam.

"Oh don't worry, I just gave him little bit of witch berry, he will be fine within few days but I am going to make sure that he suffers like hell." Gina said.

"Why did you do it?" Sanjana ran to support hallucinating Sam.

"Because I loved Warren. And being with a werewolf was forbidden by him, and I obeyed him, but when his friend turned out to be a werewolf, he severed his relationship. He married a human. So i and Warren wanted him to pay and let us be united, but he killed my Warren and now he will suffer, by seeing your death in front of his eyes and he won't be able to prevent it." Gina laughed.

The other man came besides Gina," women, I know how to make him suffer even more."

Saying this the man pushed sanjana to the floor, ripping her off from Sam and forcibly kissed, sanjana tried to push him, but he embedded his claws in her arms, sanjana shrieked, making Sam restless, he was aware about his surroundings but didn't have any strength to move a muscle.

Sanjana screamed as the man tried to force himself on her, Sam with all the power that was left in him, pulled the chains tied to him, causing the trees he was tied to break.

Suddenly everyone's attention shifts towards sam. Sanjana taking an opportunity gets away from the man. They all rush towards Sam at once and inject him with some more berry extract, Sam screams in pain.

"I won't let you die till I take revenge for my brother, Warren. I am George." The man said, poking entire knife in Sam's chest.

He then slits sam's throat, causing him to bleed slowly. Sam was definitely not going to die from it but his powers will not return till a long time. Sanjana stood at the cliff, saw Sam bleed and helplessness in his eyes. She knew that she was no match to their attackers, and after slitting sam's throat, she knew what their next step was.

Her hair all messed up, her white t-shirt stained with dirt and her eyeliner smugged due to tears, she gave one last guilty look towards sam. Sam felt as if he could read Sanjana's mind or maybe he knew her well, he knew what she was gonna do.

"No!" Sam screamed.

All their attackers turned towards sanjana, as she dropped from the Cliff, all of them ran towards her to stop her from jumping, but even Gina's Vampire speed was not enough to reach sanjana.

"If she has directly fallen in water, their are pretty good Chance that she is alive, go and find her and bring her to me." George ordered his minions.

"Don't worry she is dead anyways, sanjana doesn't know how to swim, and the tears in sam's eyes are proof to it." Gina said, showing heartbroken Sam to George.

"No, no, no, not again, I can't loose you again. No this can't happen." Sam cried tied to the tree.

George came near him,"is this true? Your wife didn't know swimming?"

"If you have any way that could destroy me then better use it know, because if I live, I am coming for your heads." Sam replied.

"That makes sense, that she is dead. Bring the stake, you know my brother had just original witch berry, but with it and some spell, I made a weapon that could kill an original like your self." George showing his stake said.

Without wasting a moment he staked sam's heart. But their was no regret in his eyes. Maybe he had content that he will be with sanjana even in the afterlife.

After math

Three months had passed since the incident at the cliff. Tia with her guards reached the cliff, where she found only sam's corpse which had started to decompose, with a stake at his heart, though Sam was dead the vampire clan survived. So the age old belief of killing original vampire will kill everyone was a fake came to light.

Other covens took advantage of Samrat's absence and reunited against Tia and her coven. On other hand, Tia was left with a few trusted men, including Roy, most of them left her to join promising coven.

All knew that after sam's death, the war was inevitable and only the strongest of them would survive. However, Tia's coven still had all the older vampires, who were more powerful than any other coven leader. The only way they could balance this was by increasing their number.

They had been recruiting army for the impending war. But the question remained when was the war going to take place.

After Sam's death, Roy's feeling for Tia were more obvious, he went against his pack to be with Tia and now he was fighting her war, with her.

Tia had brought sam's corpse back to the Shergill mansion, and tried to revive him, but everything failed. The blood didn't work, nor the herbs she was given helped. She finally consulted some witches who told her that Sam was transferred to the middle, by the stakes spell, they also told her that the spell can be performed by some old witches but the only trick was that they would require a very powerful witch to bring the person back.

Tia knew one such witch, Ra, but the question still stood that would he help, because all this years he wanted Sam dead and now he was really dead.

Tia knew that she alone didn't stand a chance against the united lords army. She started to gather her supporter from the world.

Also running behind resurrection of Sam would not help her, as that might take some time and the lord's army might attack on her.

In all this matter, she had almost forgotten about Gina's betrayal and the culprit who did this to Sam.

She didn't knew what had happened to sanjana, but her best guess was, she was dead. She tried to find her corpse but it was difficult and then due to other pressing reasons, she had to leave her quest of finding Sanjana's body in middle.

The world was tumbling down, when one of her trusted men informed her, "madam, the lord's army send a message to leave the rule to them, or they will put stake to our hearts and take rule from us. "

"Let them come, I am not going down without a fight." Tia said.

"You know this will be suicide. Their count is in hundreds." The men said.

"That doesn't matter, this is my brother's legacy, I won't let it fall in some stupid bureaucrats hands." Tia said, holding Roy's hand. Roy also gave her a nod, signing that he was willing to support her in all her decision.

The encounter started, the lord's army had surrendered the whole shergill mansion, Tia and other Vampires were devoid for hunt, they had grown weak after being not fed for 10days. When one of the man who couldn't control his hunger left the mansion, he was immediately staked and killed.

This made it clear that their enemy was not going to show any mercy on them, they just wanted to end all of them.

Tia decided that rather than die due to hunger it was better she died fighting. She asked her supporter in the mansion to join her. They all knew that their end was inevitable.

Though they all were weak due to hunger, they left the mansion to fight the lord's army till their last strength.

To Tia's surprise, the person leading the army was no other than Gina, once who was her best friend.

"I never thought you would fall so low." Tia shouted standing across the field to Gina.

"Your brother made me who I am. Blame him." Gina laughed at Tia.

"I remember she brought home, a girl who was dying on street due to plague and hunger." Tia said.

"Well you can see that I have turned that table. And with you out of the picture, I will take my rightful place as the leader of the Vampire, a leader who has a vision, a leader who will bring prosperity to them and not some stubborn old soldiers like the last master." Gina said.

"You know you can never take Sam's place." Tia replied.

"Look carefully, I have already replaced him." Gina said smiling showing Tia that her army also had some people from Sam's coven.

"I will be happy when I take over you." Gina said this to Tia and then signed her people to attack, who ran to attack the few people standing with Tia.

Sam's coven clearly losing and they only have few moments to fight.

Tia gives her last look to Roy, knowing that they both might die with others and may never have a chance to confess their feelings for eachother.
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