In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 19

19 The War

Tia's coven was loosing the fight, Roy was already captured and Gina was going to kill him, when a howl was heard. The howl sounded as if it came from a very powerful werewolf.

The war stopped for a moment to see from where the howl had come. As they turned, they saw a werewolf, much bigger in size than the normal werewolf were. His eyes glowing purple.

Without waiting for a moment, the Werewolf jumped on to the nearby group of vampire, tearing their limbs to shreds. For a split of second terror ran through everyone's heart, as they saw the wolf holding the hand of vampire in his mouth and blood dripping from his mouth.

Gina shouts looking at the wolf," attack


Her minions run to the wolf, but the wolf is very powerful. In no time, Gina's army is running away from the field. The wolf comes close to Tia and sniffs her, and is about to attack her, when Roy, now converted to his wolf form attacks the wolf. Roy was half of the size of the wolf. Tia, Roy and Tia's coven fought with the wolf, but they were no match for him.

The wolf cornered roy and was about to kill Roy, when he felt a barrier, he couldn't get pass through it.

"Calm down!" A familiar voice came behind. Tia and Roy turned to find sanjana floating mid air, her eyes glowing white.

At her voice the wolf calmed down and walk towards sanjana, sanjana also descended down but still was mid air.

She placed her hand on the wolf's head. The wolf closed his eyes, the tears filled

In his eyes fell down.

Sanjana also had pain in her eyes," calm down."she said.

With an exhale, the wolf started to decrease in size. Everyone saw this in surprise. In few moments the wolf Transformed back into Sam, His clothes torned out, still hyperventilating, his hair messed up.

Sam came back to his normal self, he hugged sanjana," you are alive, I thought, I lost you." Sam said in tears.

"I will always return for you, I promised you." Sanjana said cupping his face in her hand.

For a minute, Sam screamed in pain, Tia and others kept looking at both of them. The pain subsided, but now Sam was in tears,"no, no, no, how can I do this to you?"

"It was just due to misunderstanding, you are not supposed to blame yourself for it." Sanjana said.

Ra also came to the battlefield,"you are back, sister."

Sanjana ran to his arms and hugged him. Normally sanjana was a bit distant to Ra, but now she behaved as if she was remembered all her relationship with ra.

Sam came into house and stood infront of the mirror and broke felt guilty of himself, he couldn't look at himself. His eyes couldn't see himself in the mirror.

Tia, Roy and others came to meet sam, " I want to be alone."

All his loyal vampire left, but Tia and Roy stayed, she came to him and hugged him," I missed you, brother."

Sam was still lost in thoughts, seeing this

Roy asked,"what's matter Sam, it seems like you are burdened by something? You can tell us."

"My whole life, I cursed Nef for leaving me, and getting engaged to prince Nuz. But after what she showed me today, I may not be able to leave with this guilt." Sam said still tears in his eyes.

Ra entered," now you know her pain." He looked towards Sam.

"Nef loved staying with us in our small home, Tia. But she had a vision, in which, Nuz found us and killed our entire village, so to prevent our misfate, she decided to return to Nuz, but she was with my child, she would sacrifice herself for us, but couldn't do it, as she kept my child before anyone, and what did I do? I stabbed my pregnant wife in her back. Still she gave me this eternal life, in hope that we both will unite someday." Sam said, he can't stop his tears flowing.

"This can't be true, Sam. Nef was pregnant? I feel so guilty for always cursing her, for breaking our family." Tia was in tears.

Sanjana entered, " we need to leave in present, what all I did was to save you both, and I had no other way, I always loved you Sam, and will always love you forever."

Saying this she hugged sam, only a few words could come out of Sam's mouth,"I m sorry, I m so sorry."

"Sanjana's sacrifice on the cliff, and her death triggered her powers, she got the tap that needed for the white witch in her to awaken, Sam on the other hand was a soldier, sweared to protect the royal family went against them, he was always a werewolf, but his vampire side had made his wolf side dormant. When sanjana was awakened in her full power, she awakened Sam by bringing his wolf side as well. Sam is a hybrid now and one of his kind." Ra explained the recent events.

"So Sam could also turn into werewolf and will be vampire when he is not a werewolf, so all his weakness are gone?" Tia asked.

"Yes, but their will be consequences." Ra said.

After meeting everyone sam left for woods, Sanjana followed him, she knew that Sam was disturbed this after knowing whole truth.

"I am so sorry sanjana," correcting himself he said,"sorry, Nef."

"I will be always your sanjana and now forever." she hugged sam.

"I am so sorry I destroyed all the chances of having our family I blamed you for my every mistake, while you give me this life." Sam said, feeling guilty.

"I could die a thousand time to protect you what all I need at the party on that night was my decision not yours" Sanjana explained.

"But now I am happy that I am United with you." she kissed his lips.

Sam Also hugged her and tried his best not to hurt her by his super-strength.

"I promise I won't let you suffer anymore." sam said kissing her forehead.

"I love you." Sanjana Said.

" I love you even more."Sam replied, kissing her on her lips

After a few hours we both return back to the mansion. Sam was holding Sanjana in his arms both were giggling as sam kissed Sanjana on her forehead and on her lips and cheeks. Sanjana Also occasionally cupped his face with both of her hands and kissed his cheeks.

"Now this is what I missed for last few months good to have you back brother." roy said.

Sam Nodded at Roy, without letting sanjana leave his arms. He was not ready to part from Sanjana even for a moment.

Tia came to them and gave a hug,"I miss you brother." she said.

"Arrange for a meeting with the lord tia I need to address them." Sam said.

"I don't think this is a good idea, they consider you now as a hybrid, an abomination, they won't listen to you." Tia said.

"I won't let any harm come to my family again, call them. I need to set the scores right, they need to know that they touched my coven. And if they repeat that mistake again I will make sure that they pay with their blood and life." Sam said.

In the meeting, the Lord's retaliated, just like Tia had foretold, but they didn't have any choice, sam was much more stronger than all of them. They had no other option but to accept sam's terms. Nobody wanted another battle and after what they had seen on the battlefield there was no more chances survival. the battlefield was open from which they had flees, but this was a closed room, sam would finished them off in 5 minutes or even less.

After completing her fellowship sanjana took over sam's responsibility as a member of board of directors.

Sam made sure that his family was safe, he took more interest as New Kings and in expanding coven. While Ra Sanjana how to control her new powers.

The Lords decided to take sam as their new leader irrespective of his hybrid nature. Sam was also introduced to Werewolf and their leaders Kahn, the man who had kidnapped him and sanjana from their trip.

New peace accords was signed between Vampire and Werewolf. But till when was this peace going to last was the question still unanswered.
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