In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 22

22 We Will Survive

At the city building, sanjana is sitting as chairperson, everyone is discussing when their is loud noise of blast in lower storeys, the false ceiling on them collapses. Some part of the concrete ceiling also fell, crushing two people sitting at the table.

Sanjana and other members had took shelter under to table, as they came out, dust was flying all around. All the other members rushed out in panic, sanjana waited for a minute to assess the situation and then started to leave the conference room, she was just about to step outside, when a huge ceiling block fell on other side of the door, crushing all those who had left from the conference room in hurry.

Sanjana carefully got out from the room, helping a lady on whose leg the ceiling had fallen. She helped her get out, and asked the survivor's to leave the building through stairs.

All of them were walking down on the stairs when the stair collapsed in the middle, so sanjana and the remaining group took another staircase across the hall. Sanjana was carrying a little girl whose mother had died and was rescued by Sanjana.

Sanjana was almost at the end of the group. It would have been around 50th floor where the blast had taken place, the rooms had their sprinkler on and no sign of life present.

As most of the group went ahead, the building again moved, and the staircase on which sanjana was standing collapsed, sanjana was holding the girl's hand in her hand, and trying to pull her up, as she hung by the broken staircase.

All the people ran from their, leaving sanjana hanging on the broken staircase.

"Aunty!" The girl cried, trying to hold Sanjana's hand, as she slipped.

"Don't worry, just close your eyes. Everything will be ok." As Sanjana's hand started to slip, she knew she was going to fall with the little girl to her death. Sanjana closed her eyes, thinking about Sam, trying to hold on for a little longer.

Her last finger slipped, and sanjana along with the little girl fell, but then felt someone holding her wrist, she opened her eyes, it was Sam holding her wrist.

"I got you." He said with a relief.

Sanjana smiled from cuspid to cuspid. She knew that her knight in shining armour was here, and Sam won't let his sanjana die.

"I am going to swing you down. Be careful." Sam said and swayed both of them down.

Sanjana and the girl landed on the lower floor, Sam jumped as well.

"We don't have time, the building is collapsing, we need to get out, my love." Sam holding sanjana carefully said.

Sam brought sanjana and the little girl safely outside the building before it collapsed completely. He was happy that he had managed to save sanjana from collapsing building, but when he saw towards sanjana, he found sanjana unconscious on the ground and the girl standing by her side.

Sam ran to Sanjana's side," sanjana, wake up? " Holding her close to his heart.

Tia and Roy also came by his side. He looked at them helpless," she, she just passed out."

"Don't worry we will take her to hospital come on Sam," Tia said.

"You go, I will stay here and help injured." Roy said.

Sam lifted sanjana and put her in the car, sanjana gained some consciousness," I am ok. You stay here, help others, Tia will take me home." She said.

"No, we are not going home, we are going to hospital." Tia said.

"Yes, if I stay back here, then you are going to the hospital, and getting yourself checked." Sam agreeing to Tia said.

"Ok, take me to the hospital." She knew that their was no chance in arguing with Sam and Tia.

Tia sat on the driving sit and left with sanjana, Sam saw them leaving and then went to help Roy.

"My head is spinning, I think, I am hypoglycemic." Sanjana said.

"Did you eat anything in the morning?" Tia asked, but then remembered," shit! you didn't, sorry sanjana."

She took out juice which was already present in her car, "have this, I had it placed for sam's breakfast, in case if he left."

Sanjana taking a few sips of the juice, relaxed in the seat.

"Are you feeling ok? You are scaring me." Tia asked.

"Yes I will be fine, I have sometimes fainting episode, due to stress." Taking another sip from the bottle sanjana said.

They arrive at the hospital, sanjana had recovered during their drive to the hospital.

"I don't think I would need to consult obgy." Sanjana looked all replenished from juice said.

The hospital was flooding with the victims from the building blast. They needed immediate help, all the hospital staff was running here and there trying to manage them.

"You help the nurse, I will attend the patients." Sanjana said to Tia and started attending the patients. Tia also thought sanjana was fine and agreed to what sanjana had said.

Everyone was working, when at the reception a bomb blast happened, a few

Minutes ago, the place where nurses and medical staff was working, was now smeared with blood and ash, and their corpses lying around.

Tia came running towards the reception, she found sanjana at a bit distant, with blood on her face.

She went to her and checked her pulse, a kind of relief she felt in her heart, when she found that sanjana still had pulse and her heart was still beating.

She carried her to a ward," sister please help." She cried as soon as she reached in the ward.

The sister cleared a bed and made Tia put Sanjana on it. She checked her vitals and said," I think she became hypotensive, her bp is on lower side. But it would be better if we can get hold of any doctor. I am starting IV fluids for her. Just be the here with her, I am going to check downstairs." The nurse prepared the pint and injected a needle in sanjana's forearm.

Tia sat besides her, biting her nails, when Sam entered, he face could be said as definition for panic.

"How is she?" Sam rushing to her side kept his hand on her forehead. He felt guilty on seeing the bandage sanjana's forehead, which had happened when Sam had pushed Sanjana last night.

"We couldn't get hold of any doctor till now, many of them are dead." Tia said.

"Let's go we are taking her to home." Sam stopped the IV line and took the Sanjana in his arms.

"What are you mad? She is not stable. " Tia warned Sam.

Sam thought for a moment and then took Sanjana to the car and put her in the back seat.

Coming back home, he started IV line and made arrangements of medical equipment at home. After few hours, sanjana's bp stabilized and she became conscious.

"Sam!" Sanjana said in weak voice.

"Thank Goodness, you scared us to death." Tia said who was sitting in the film's couch.

Sanjana smiled at her, she tried to speak but her throat was sore, Sam immediately took a glass of water and gave it to her.

Sanjana saw towards him, Sam was definitely worried but was trying to avoid eye contact with Sanjana.

"Sam!" Sanjana waited for a response from Sam.

Tia understood the tension and awkwardness," I take your leave, you two have lot to discuss." saying this she left the room.

"Sam!" Sanjana again called him.

"I can't see you in your eyes. I am sorry, you had to undergo so much because of me. " Sam said.

"It was not your fault, but the situation. Don't blame yourself." Sanjana holding his hand and said.

"Lie down with me." Sanjana said.

Sam hugged her and slept besides her.

Around midnight, Sam was woken up by Sanjana, "Sam, I am bleeding." she said.

For a minute, he thought what Sanjana wanted to say. The relief of having Sanjana back made him forget about the baby. He was worried for the baby, but he knew that he had a lot to manage. Most of the hybrid embryos disintegrated at 6 weeks, and Sanjana was around the Same gestational age.

For a minute, he thought that maybe he is going to loose his baby, due to his carelessness. But he changed and took Sanjana to the obgy surgeon.

The nurse took Sanjana inside for examination, as Sam sat outside in the waiting area to hear the diagnosis from doctor.
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