In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 3

3 In Your Arms

Boston hospital,

Today is first day of sanjana at the hospital. She couldn't sleep entire night due to excitement. She was so sure that everyone at the hospital was going to like her. It was her nature, she was pretty easy going, and helpful, all the staff liked her very much.

She was assigned to bring the children from ward, for which she went, but was met with nurse running behind kids.

"If you don't stop, I am going to complain to the director, and then that devil will come for you, see, see what I am going to do." the nurse shouted at the kids.

Stopping the sister in middle, sanjana said,"sister, leave them to me, I will handle them. "

"Oh no! dear you don't know them, they are night mare. I won't do this on your 1st day. " The nurse said.

Giving a gentle nod, "don't worry I will manage."

Saying this, sanjana went behind the kids.

"This is the new doctor. Don't let her catch you." Before she could do anything a boy took the water pipe from the garden and directed it towards sanjana, within minutes she was all wet with cold water.

"You are really naughty, come here." Giving a smile she runs behind the boy and takes the pipe from him.

"The devil is here." One of the girl shouts looking behind sanjana. Confused, sanjana holding the pipe looks back.

Their stand Samrat shergill, man craved from marble, with his eyes closed due to direct spray of water, from the pipe that sanjana is holding in her hand. In seconds, his white shirt is all wet, and his muscles could be traced from it. Perfect built with 6 ft height.

Coming near to sanjana, he takes the pipe from her hand and drops it on the ground. Without saying a word, he leaves.

Sanjana is dumbstruck at the amazing creature she encountered.

Rachel standing near by,"now she is gone, she made him wet, he is director, and now her seat if fellowship is definitely out of questions." Giving a curt smirk she leaves.

It strikes to Sanjana that she is in deep trouble the person on whom she had spilled water is no other than the director himself, and he may change his mind about her Fellowship at the hospital.

She rushed to her locker room and changed, without even trying to dry her hair she rushed to the directors cabin, Samrat Shergill was written in bold letters on it's door.

"What the hell, Sanjana how could you managed getting kicked out on the first day of your Fellowship. you struggled so hard for this fellowship, I cannot let him do this I will make him see more to me so that he doesn't cancel my Fellowship." she thought to herself.

Thinking this she knocked on the door but no reply came from inside. After a few seconds she again knocked on the door but this time also no reply came from inside.

In desperation, sanjana opened the door and went inside. It was a beautiful cabin designed in white, there were many trophies assembled on the cupboard is she went near it a Trophy from the top shelf fell.

Now only this was left! he will blame me for this as well! I shouldn't have come inside ! what were you doing sanjana now ! how can you be so desperate! thinking all this she lifted the trophy to put it back at its place.

But the shelf was a little above and her height was just 5feet 2 inches. Without thinking much further, she looked around and found that no one was there in the cabin she got the stool and climbed on it to put the trophy back.

To Her dismay, the door of bathroom opened, trying to look at who was it, she lost her balance and fell from the stool.

Good now you will end up with a fracture or so, she thought to herself and will be kicked out for trying to steal from directors office.

But she didn't end up on the floor she felt warm arms supporting her. She peaked from one side of her eyes to see who was it.

It was the sam man, she had seen at the garden but right now he was shirtless and he was damn hot. Water running through his bare chest and his neutral expression with their bodies almost touching eachother, gave her goosebumps.

He gently placed her on her feet. Sanjana took a few seconds to recover.

He took his shirt from the chair and Woh it within that time. Sanjana was trying to hide her eyes and feeling shy.

"Do you need anything miss?"Sam asked.

"I am so sorry sir, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to spill water on you, but the kids were playing with the pipe and if you had seen that I was totally wet, when I took the pipe from them, they suddenly ran off saying the devil was here and when I turned, it was you standing over there and I couldn't think anything and the water fell on you and I couldn't see..."she jumbled with the words.

"Its ok miss. it happens sometimes." sam Said subtly.

So you forgive me oh that's good thank you he is about to leave when she thinks of something am I going to get rusticated for this I have seen it in some movies that
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