In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 5

5 His Engagemen

"Just one day has passed since your discharge and you are running around hospital, you should take rest. " Roy stopping sanjana while she was walking to the operation theatre.

"I get bored when you all don't let me work. Now mr Michaelson needs me. Will talk to you later when I get free." Sanjana excuses herself from Roy.

Sanjana was still confused about her miraculous recovery. But she thought herself lucky.

Few days pass, sanjana had noticed that Sam was even more distant to her than

Before their road trip.

Casey came to sanjana,"have you heard it? Sam is getting engaged to Rachel."

The words fell like rocks on Sanjana's heart. He was getting engaged and he didn't even told me this. Maybe he never considered me close to him! But then what was everything that he did when we were on the road trip. What are you doing sam?? Sanjana was thinking all the reason that could be present due to which Sam didn't told her about his engagement.

At the lunch time, Roy sitting next to Sanjana said,"I can't believe Sam is getting to Rachel, don't get me wrong, I m happy for my friend finally can have someone to share his life with, but Rachel, well everyone knows Rachel, she won't be able to keep Sam happy."

"You know Sam very well? Maybe he might have thought of this before saying yes to engagement." Sanjana reasoned.

"Yup, but deserves someone loving and caring, not some conniving bitch like Rachel." Roy stillwas not convinced.

"It's his sister, last time when we met she was so adamant for this relationship, she is back in town and must have forced him to say yes." Roy said.

Hearing this possibility sanjana had hope, maybe Sam didn't want this engagement but it was imposed on him.

"And I forgot to mention that I m invited tonight for the engagement and you are my date." Roy said to sanjana.

Roy and Sanjana entered the grand doors of Shergill mansion, decorated with the lights, the driveway looked majestic. Celebrities and important people from the continent were present, dressed in black tie.

Roy is wearing black suit Sanjana is wearing black evening gown with long Diamond earrings her neck is looking beautiful by the Hanging Diamond earrings her hair I losely falling till her waist in curls.

Sanjana's eyes were desperately searching for Sam.

Announcement is made "here comes bride and groom" Sam enters holding rachel's hand. sam is wearing a black suit while Rachel is wearing Golden evening gown she is looking stunning her blonde hair, Cherry red lips and perfect figure made her look like model.

Sam doesn't even give Sanjana a look and goes to his business associate with Rachel and starts talking after a few moments Roy leaves Sanjana to talk to Tia, sam's sister.

Sanjana is all alone, the loneliness is more in her heart, than physical.

She goes to the bar and orders,"one tequila please" in 15 minutes Sanjana has 4 tequila shots down.

Tia coming near Sanjana says ,"you know that you don't Belong with him. he belongs with someone is extravagant as Rachel, you should accept it and leave him."

Sanjana was heartbroken at Tia's words, what had she done that she deserve this kind of treatment from a total stranger.

Tia going towards the stage announced," I invite you all to the engagement of my brother with the most beautiful girl in the world that I met, Rachel. please come forward rachel, Samrat." She gestured.

Sam and Rachel came to the stage same was not looking at Sanjana. Sanjana trying to see whether sam look at her or not. She tries to move forward but gets dashed with a waiter carrying tray of champagne.

Sanjana tries to apologize but Tia taunts,"not everyone deserves to be in high society, not everyone can behave. I am lucky that I have a sister in law as classy as Rachel, while there are few gold diggers amongst us who don't even know how to walk and how much to drink, I am lucky that my brother didn't fell for them." she gestured towards Sanjana.

Sanjana was overwhelmed with emotion she ran out of the house not looking behind she set in a taxi and went away. sam was just behind her he had left his engagement to comfort her, he left Rachel on stage. But she was not there to see this.

Tia also came running behind them ,"you cannot do this to rachel they will cancel our agreement."

"You really think that I care about money? I will happily give up all my wealth if I get to stay with Sanjana just for one day. I was staying away from her for her own safety. If something happens to her, you will regret going against me, little sister!" Sam said.

He tried calling her but her phone was switched off after a few minutes Sam's phone Rang, Sanjana's name flashed on the screen.

"You gave me a heart attack deer please come back I will explain everything to you." Sam sad without getting a response from the other side.

A man from the other side spoke," you shouldn't have left her alone, now see what happens to your princess! if you can save her, she is running on the highway just across your house, save her, if you can!."

Sam rushed out of the gates. Sanjana was struggling to cross the road, she was in the middle of the road, with cars passing by her in full speed. sam immediately to a few steps to save her, but before he could reach she had an accident with a car.

Sam lifted her carefully in bridal style and made her sleep on his bed she was bleeding from her head.

"she is going to die, sam." Tia said "there is nothing we can do."

"You can't do anything but I can." sam said with the determined look on his face.

"No you cannot do that. if you do that she will hate you. she will see everything you do. She will know everything that you know." Tia said.

"I will be satisfied that she is alive, rather than worrying about hiding my secret from her." Sam said.

Sanjana woke up on soft cushioned bed, enormous room which was design in white. She tried to recall what happened she cursed herself for drinking too much and making a mess at Sam's engagement party. But the damage had already been done.

She suddenly has a dream where a man is screaming and she is drinking blood from his neck. The vision breaks she is terrified for a moment. This visions repeat themselves for several time each time a new face screaming for Mercy. At last she could see the hands, but to her surprise, they are not her hand. She raises her gaze towards the mirror in the mirror and reflection who wipes blood from his mouth by his arm.

After a few moments Sam enters the room," how are you, my love?" He asks.

"Don't come near me. I know you are a monster, you killed all those people. I remember everything now, how I had an accident and you did something to me that has link the US and now I can see whatever you are doing are you going to kill me as well?" she asked.

Brokenheartedly sam asked ,"do you really think that I would hurt you? Believe me Sanjana. they were bad guys whom I killed. I wouldn't use my power over innocent."

"Don't come near me. I want to leave, please, please, let me leave now." Sanjana bed for her freedom.

"OK, I will have you dropped at your apartment." sam said disappointedly. he thought that Sanjana would accept him but the situation turned other way around.

"Is there a catch? are you going to get me handled by someone else?" Sanjana asked.

"Do you really think so little of me?" grabbing by her arms he said," I love you Sanjana and I don't want any harm to come to you, even if that means i have to stay away from you."

Sanjana was scared, sam immediately left the room. As promised Sanjana was dropped to her apartment.

For a few days the link was strong enough for Sanjana to have the visions frequently a week has passed since the engagement incident the link has been severed and sanjana is not at all connected with Sam.

She is now feeling guilty for behaving bad with sam. he never asked her to love him it was he who wanted to be with him.

One of the afternoon Dr came running 2 Sanjana,"are you happy? are you happy now, you have ruined my brother. Because of you, I won't be seeing him for centuries now. God knows when I will see my brother again." she sounded sad.

"What are you talking about?"Sanjana asked.

"My brother was heartbroken by your denial so he decided that he would lumber for a few centuries." Tia said.

"We need to leave now. we have to stop Sam. I cannot let him do this to himself." Sanjana said being almost ready to leave.

Seeing a Ray of hope Tia jumped into her car and started to drive, with sanjana by her side. She was sure that sanjana can change sam's mind.

Tia parked her Lamborghini near a cabin in the Woods, there were few men and women dressed in black waiting near the cabin, as if they were guarding someone. Tia gestured and they moved giving side to Sanjana and Tia.

Reaching inside same was tied to a chair and had an IV line attached to him.

"Stop all this. don't tell me that you have done something to yourself? I love you, I love you sam. don't do anything so stupid that I might not be able to see your face again my whole life." Sanjana coming near to Sam said.

"I thought you hated me." sam was clearly delirious.

"How could you believe a word that came out of my mouth at that moment? I was hit in the head at that time. my head was haywiring, and I was having those stupid visions. I don't care about anything. I just want you in my life please, please, please, come back to me." Sanjana hugged sam tightly.

She felt a hand over her back, someone had released Sam's arm bandage and he was replying to her hug. tia was relieved and was crying with happiness.

"You know what this means don't you! you will be stuck with me for an eternity, because I am a vampire king, or you can call be Dracula like the kids these days have made the stories." Sam said with a smirk.

Love Kathrine
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