In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 6

6 Being Official

Sanjana is getting ready at her apartment, she blushing thinking about Sam. He has told her that he will be picking her up.

Finally all the confusion were gone, nothing could separate the two of them and they knew it. Sanjana was divorced and Sam was vampire, she was middle class, he belonged to High society, but they were going to make it work no matter what all difficulty comes in their way.

As she hears the Door bell, She dressed in violet dress and had her apron hanging in her arm, grabs the cream purse by the side and leaves her room in excitement to met Sam.

Sam as usual is wearing black suit And black sunglasses, looking as refined as anyone can be, he watches Sanjana for a minute and says,"oh my god! sanjana, you look like cherry on the top of ice cream, no matter how much you like the entire ice-cream, the joy of having the cherry is beyond words." He kissed her on her forehead.

"Isnt This is a very weird comparison,Sam?" She asked blushing at Sam.

"You can say any thing you want, my love, but I can clearly see your blush.." he pulled her into a hug.

"Ok, I don't want us to be late. People will blame me for your unprofessionalism." Sanjana pushed Sam to the door.

"Unprofessional? who? Me? Na.. no one dares to say a word against me at the hospital. Thinking of which if they are going to tell me unprofessional, I will get you labelled unprofessional as well." Pulling sanjana is his arm he pinned her against the door, not allowing her to open the door.

"You know your this charm won't work on me."sanjana putting a finger on Sam's chest said.

"I think I am going to attain what I am wishing for." He moved close to her face to kiss her, but ducked and he kissed the door.

Sanjana giggled at this.

"Ha ha ha! very funny!", Sam said making a face.

"Awe!" Pulling sam's cheeks she kissed then," But we need to go."

"Ok! Let's go then." Sam said.

At the hospital

Sam parked his car in front of the gate, sanjana got down from car, the staff was seeing this.

She stood their for around 5 minutes when Sam came from behind and kissed her forehead. "Shall we my love!" Sanjana was shocked at Sam suddenly kissing her forehead in front of everyone.

"Sam! everyone is seeing."sanjana whispered.

Sam pulled her waist in his arm,"I don't care for everyone, I love you, my love."he kissed her cheeks. Her cheeks turned red.

"I am not used to this kind of attention." Sanjana getting uncomfortable, hiding her face by trying to fix hair said.

"My love! You need to get used to it. This is just working staff, by being with me, you chose a eternity of spotlight." He smirked.

"When did this happened? And why did anyone of you ever told me about this ever?" Roy looking at sanjana and Sam asked.

"Roy just last night. We weren't sure till then." Sanjana still feeling shy said.

"Aren't you happy for me, mate." Sam asked.

"I am happy that, finally I won't have to hangout with that Rachel. Her constant bickering was giving me a headache."

Roy said hugging Sam.

"But you both need to make it up to me for hiding your feelings from me. I am your best friend and you never told me anything." Roy gave an angry look.

"Don't worry, we will make it up to you." Sanjana said," I need to leave, I am already late for work."

Sanjana left them to talk and headed towards the lift. Sam and Roy also left, the hospital staff couldn't even digest, how can a new comer like sanjana, who looked just ordinary could woo Samrat shergill, the most eligible bachelors of America.

The news of the stunt that Sam pulled in morning, at the entrance, had spread all over the hospital.

At the time of lunch, when Sam, sanjana and Roy were sitting at the cafeteria and having lunch Rachel came towards their table and flunged sam's dish in air.

"How could you be with someone so middle as her?" Rachel asked making a face towards sanjana.

Roy and sanjana stood up, they were scared for sam's reaction.Sam maintained his calmness, he took a tissue and wiped off some drops of coffee that fell on his suit.

"Are ignoring me, Samrat shergill, for this savage?" Rachel asked pushing sanjana.

Sam was maintaining his decency, but Rachel did something that she wasn't supposed do. Sam got up from his chair, taking his place between, sanjana and Rachel.

"You need to talk to me, touch her one more time and you will pay dearly for it." Sam warned Rachel.

Rachel's attitude softened, Sam was known for his temperament. Rachel wouldn't like flipping Sam to that phase.

"You know if I say this to my daddy, he will cancel the deal with your elder sister. I will tell your elder sister about this." Rachel said.

"Do you really think that I care about money?? And if you want to complain to my sister go ahead, I will also like you to try." Sam crossed his arm and said.

Rachel dialed Tia's no., But it went to her voicemail, she dialed her another number, but same thing repeated. After a few try she left the place, to avoid further humiliation.

"I think someone's ego is injured like hell. That was so awesome, Sam!" Roy giving a high five to Sam said. They both laughed, while sanjana was still struggling with what happened right now.

Sam noticing it said,"you need to stay strong and speak for yourself, being my better half you need to know how to show people their places, no one can treat my girl like that."

Sanjana nodded a yes.

Sam and Roy paid for the food and then they left from the cafeteria.

Issue with Rachel settled in few days. Tia had become acquainted to sanjana, she had started to like her.

On one beautiful evening, a boy came with big box at Sanjana's apartment."This was given by Samrat shergill." He said.

This was new, Sam had sent someone to give a present for sanjana. Sanjana taking the box inside called sam,"what is this Sam? Why didn't you came yourself to give this to me?"

"So hearing your question I know that you haven't opened it, just open it up." Sam said on phone.

As she took the lid off, their was beautiful jade blue evening gown And a letter with it saying, " for the love of my life."

"Wow, Sam! it's beautiful.!" Sanjana said.

"Now listen, I will be picking you up at 7, we are going for dinner." Sam said.

"But I have emergency duty." Sanjana said.

"Don't worry I have got everything under control, you just get ready." Sam said this and hung up.

Sam came to Sanjana's apartment, dressed in jade blue shirt, matching with that of sanjana's gown.

"I think this is the first time I am seeing you in colour. You look good in colours." Sanjana coming close to Sam, she corrected his collar.

Sam blushed at this comment.

"You should look at yourself." Pulling her in a hug. Sanjana blushed at him."shut up, Sam."

"Ok we need to leave, I have planned a special evening for us." Sam said locking the apartment's door.

After driving for around half an hour, the car stopped. Sam had blindfolded Sanjana, she acted like an anxious toddler, asking every five minutes,"are we their?"

Sam helped her get out of the car, the voice of water falling from height made melody with the cricket singing in the background, he helped her to walk, it was evident from misty, cold breeze that they were near to some waterfall, in middle of jungle.

Sam opened her eyes, their was a dinner table across water stream beneath a giant tree, decorated with lights, few candles were present to light their way.

"Oh my god! Sam, this is so amazing, how did you find the spot? Shouldn't we be afraid of wild animals?" Sanjana was excited by looking at all the arrangements.

"My love, being in the arms of world's most dangerous predator, you worry about some kitty to scratch us?" Sam made it obvious that being with him, she was safe.

He pulled a chair for Sanjana, someone came their with a basket and said,"master, your dinner."

"Ooooh...! Sam, I didn't knew that you were hopelessly romantic!!" Sanjana giggled.

Sam blushed.

He served the food to sanjana and then for himself, he poured some wine for her And scotch for himself.

"Wining and dining? What's the occasion Sam?" Sanjana eyed towards Sam.

Sam carefully wiping his mouth,"how is the food?"

"It's great." Sanjana placing a piece of pasta in her mouth said.

"Thank god! I thought I had burnt it!" Sam whispered, but sanjana could hear this in silence of the forest.

"Samrat Shergill, what? Did I just here hear that you cooked for me??" Sanjana was apparently in shock.

"I think you ears are ringing. You wish I would do that for you!" Sam said still continuing with his meal and not trying to see sanjana in her eyes.

"Sam since the time I met you, I think I know you enough, and can tell when I you are lying." Sanjana said," I need to know what so special about today? Don't tell me it's your birthday!! I will be the worst girlfriend ever, wait a minute, I really don't know your birthday!! Oh my god! I m really the worst girlfriend ever."

"Stop it, Sanjana, you are just babbling. And you are the best girlfriend ever. For your satisfaction, I too don't remember my birthday, it's better that way." Sam said to Sanjana. He sounded sad, immortality had its cons.

After finishing the food, Sanjana asked,"what now?"

"Now we dance." He replied.

"But there is no music." Sanjana said.

Sam set classic jazz in his phone, he grabbed sanjana by her waist and with music their bodies swayed. It felt like the time had stood still, sanjana matched sam's steps while her head rested on his chest. His heart beat she could hear, which gave peace to her, someone cared for her so much that he was not ready to part with her for even a minute. If it was possible, Sam would have united with sanjana by mind, body and soul.

Sanjana on their way back home, slept in car. Sam gently carried her to her bed and removed her sandles. He then covered her with the blanket and sat above the blanket, pampering her head.

He was happy that he could take sanjana to the place and have food with her and also had danced with her.

Love Kathrine
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