In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 7

7 Why It Happened To Roy?

Sanjana lost in Sam's thought, and about their last night entered the hospital. Casey came to sanjana and breaking her from her thoughts said,"do you know what happened last night?"

Sanjana looked at her confused and asked," what happened?"

Casey in one go said," Roy had a very bad accident, his car was all wrecked it was like some animal had attacked his car. And he has not even come today. I hope he is ok!"

"What? Roy? You should have called me." Sanjana screamed at Casey.

"I tried to call you but you were out of network range." Casey replied.

Sanjana felt guilty, that she was not with Roy and was enjoying when her friend needed her the most,"I going to check out on him." She left immediately.

The Oberoi mansion

Security were high near Oberoi mansion, but the guards allowed sanjana inside. She had been to Oberoi mansion for a few times, and Roy had instructed his guards never to stop sanjana.

She knew her way around, so directly went to Roy's bedroom.

Roy was lying on his bed, his lips dried and his face shunken. His forehead covered with sweat and was covered with black blanket. He was burning with fever, unable to even lift his eye, to see that sanjana had come to see him.

"What has happened to him have you shown him to any doctor." Sanjana asked Mr Oberoi who was standing beside his son.

"You don't need to interfere in my family matters please go away." Mr Oberoi said, he was a scary Man, He being in his late fifties was still looking very athletic and hardly in his late thirties.

"I just want to help Roy, that's all Mr Oberoi." Sanjana replied.

Roy woke up by the sound and held Sanjana hand," Sanjana you are finally here?" he asked.

"Yes, I am here don't worry." Sanjana placing hand over his forehead and pampered Roy.

Mr Oberoi couldn't do anything now, presence of Sanjana was making Roy feel a little better.

With every passing hour, Roy's fever increased. Sanjana was struggling to convince Mr Oberoi to call a doctor, or to shift him to the hospital. this was not something ordinary that she was seeing, happening with Roy.

But Mr oberoi was very Adamant on keeping Roy in his room only. Sanjana and Mr Oberoi were arguing, when Roy started screaming in pain, he had broken his arm, in few minutes his ribs cracked and the noise of his bone breaking was heard even outside the house.

This was very scary within half an hour Roy was converted into a full black wolf. Sanjana was shocked, but Mr Oberoi was calm as Roy converted, he even had pulled Sanjana behind him when roy had started to convert, his behaviour was as if like he knew it. The Wolf growled at Sanjana, Sanjana was very afraid but when Mr Oberoi shouted at Roy he jumped from the balcony and disappeared into the darkness.

"I think you need some answers, we shall talk about it on the dinner table Mr Oberoi." said to still shocked Sanjana.

As they set on the table, Oberoi started having His dinner. Sanjana was still confused her best friend had grown into a full wolf.

"Roy and I belong to a very old cult. Our people used to serve to very powerful Master, but when we failed to protect her she cursed us with this. when we are in wolf form we don't remember what we do, we are very powerful at that time and can't even hurt our loved ones. we are the Werewolf" Mr Oberoi said.

"Does this have any sort of treatment?" Sanjana asked Mr Oberoi.

" My dear child, if there would have been any treatment I would have tried on myself long ago and many before me would have also found it and tried it, believe me it torture to transform." He finishing his food wiped his mouth with the napkin."now will you excuse me, I have to find my son before he makes any mess, and looking at your concern for him, I know you won't tell a soul about our secret."

Sanjana nodded yes. Mr Oberoi smiled and left in search of Roy.

The next day Sanjana couldn't concentrate on her work she was worried about Roy even sem could feel that she was lost in some thoughts but give her some privacy immediately after her shift she went to Oberoi mansion, seeing Roy all fine, she slapped him," you should have at least called me and informed that you are ok, you idiot, I was worried for you the whole day!!"

"I am sorry it just went out of my mind" Roy said still watching the TV.

"Why you sound so depressed? let's go outside." Sanjana said to Roy switching the TV off.

"After what happened last night, I won't be going out in the near future, I was a mess and I can't risk people around me." roy said switching on the TV.

"Look I think your problem will be having some solution, you can even work. look at your father, he works, he is also same as you. maybe with time you will know how to handle it." Sanjana said looking at Mr Oberoi.Mr Oberoi also gave Roy a nod," she is right, you can't spend your life locked in the house forever."

"Watch me!" Roy made a face towards Mr Oberoi.

After hours of counselling, Roy was finally convinced that he can join the world back, after few days of training with Mr Oberoi.

The next few days passed, Sanjana after her duty went to meet Roy at his house, she and Mr Oberoi would help Roy in controlling his anger, he was getting better at it.He even join the hospital back.

But the thing was in all this Chaos, Sanjana was lying to sam. Same initially trusted her but with time he knew that Sanjana was lying to him and going for something else.

One of the evening when she left same followed her to Roy's mansion. He was shocked that Sanjana was meeting his best friend behind his back, what were they up to? He trusted Sanjana but the reasons were difficult to understand.

He wanted answers so he went and opened the gate. Sanjana was talking to Roy, her hand placed on Roy's forehead, he was looking Ill.

Seeing sam their, Sanjana was worried she knew that a werewolf bite was lethal for a vampire, sam was definitely very strong, but from what she had learnt from Sam, a werewolf bite might make him mad.

Roy was burning already with the fever there was a chance that he might shift to wolf form pretty soon and sam was not even aware of the danger.

"Sam, you need to leave now." Sanjana said, making him away from Roy.

"Why are you making me leave from her?e is there anything that you want to tell me? are you in some problem Sanjana? you can share anything with me you know it." he came close to her and tried to cup her face.

"Just leave, just leave from here, sam, I don't want you here, "she pushed him not allowing him to touch her face this was very heartbreaking to Sam.

"What is a roy? why is she behaving like this to with me? have you told anything about me to her? look whatever I told you about her before was just so that you could keep your mouth shut, I didn't mean all those words. how could you do this to me?" he Pushed Roy thinking that why was the reason of Sanjana getting away from him.

"Stay away from me, Sam" Roy almost growled at Sam in Anger. Roy when saw sam in his eyes, his eyes turned blue.

Sam immediately took a few steps back. Sanjana was constantly talking to Roy, to not to let His anger take control of him, but all this talk was little late. Roy had started to convert and he leapt towards Sam, but before sam could react Sanjana casted herself in middle. Roy turned back with guilt in his eyes clearly evident, though he was in wolf form.

Sam supported Sanjana falling body Roy head bit her on neck. Her carotid artery had ruptured and she was bleeding profusely.

When she woke up she found herself in Sam's bedroom. Sam was sitting besides her cupping her hand in both of his hand. Seeing her awake sam said "you almost scared me, my love."

"I am sorry sam, it was not my secret to share." Sanjana apologized.

"Its ok, you rest right now. we will talk about it later, I have to find the Werewolf, he might be creating problems somewhere." sam said.

"Are you going to hunt him down? sam, this is our Roy." Sanjana said trying to get up.

"Do you really think that I would kill my best friend? I am just going to find him he might be in trouble. the young werewolf are never good at handling them self and might end up in Hunters radar." Sam said calming her down.

"I will soon bring him back we will have dinner together don't worry." he assured her, covering her with white blanket he left the room.

In the evening the dinner was served, Sanjana and Sam were sitting besides Roy, he looked pale, they were concerned about him.

"I am sorry, Sanjana. I didn't mean to hurt you, I am sorry, Sam. I was very afraid that I would hurt you or Sanjana, that's why I was pushing you away but that resulted in burst of my anger and I Transformed." Roy said.

"I think it's better that the two of you talk a little bit about your secrets with each other, I will leave you alone." Sanjana finishing her food leaves.

The evening is spend with the two friends Reconciling with each other and share their secret. Sam help Roy to gain control over his wolf abilities. Getting his friend back again Sam was happy even roy felt that he could Count On Sanjana and Sam with his problems and they would help him in all the way, they can.

Love Kathrine
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