In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 8

8 Love Is Not A Game Sanjana

Samrat has been gone away for a week, and when he comes back to Boston, sanjana had planned to return to India, for her sister, neha's wedding.

Roy, Tia and sanjana were busy shopping for Sanjana's family, but Tia found it strange that sanjana wasn't interested in shopping, she was sad, maybe because she had to go away from Sam, or maybe because was not in the town. Anyways she didn't wanted to poke in her personal space.

Sanjana was all packed and Roy was pushing everything in one suitcase, when they heard the door bell.

"I will get that for you." Tia said.

About for a minute no one came nor Tia say about the guest, so sanjana asked,"who is it, Tia?"

As she asked, Roy giggled looking behind sanjana, before sanjana could react, Sam pulled her in a hug, and lifted her and twirled her twice,"I missed you so much, my love." He said, kissing her one her head.

"I missed you too." Sanjana smiled as felt that Sam was not ready to let her go.

"Guys get a room." Tia said.

"You standing in her apartment, leave." Sam smirked.

"You are always mean to me, Sam. Look at him sanjana he is already picking with me, even before you left, what will he do with me in this 15 days!!" Tia complained to sanjana.

"You fight still like kids." Sanjana taking bags from the bed placed on the floor ready to leave.

"I will load the cargo." Roy said signalling Tia.

As they left, Sam said," I brought something for you." he pulled out a bunch of white calla lilies.

"Oh my god! sam, they are so beautiful." taking the bunch of flower in her hand said.

"Not as beautiful as you, my love!" sam said. Sanjana blushed at his comment,"we need to capture this moment." taking out his phone, he took a selfie of himself and Sanjana holding the flowers.

"I love you Sam." Sanjana said and hug him.

" it's just 15 days, my love and then you will be with me again you don't have to worry about anything." sam assured her.

He then along with Roy and Tia, went to drop sanjana at the airport. Sam could sense that sanjana was upset, but he knew Sanjana and when she was up to hiding something, she won't tell a soul about it, right now something was troubling her and she was not interested in telling anyone about it.

At the airport, when Sanjana was about to leave, Sam pulled her arm and stopped her, he then pulled a red velvet box from his pocket, everyone walking around froze at there point.

Sanjana had almost Tears in her eyes, Roy and Tia were getting excited, but as sam opened the box, it contained a blue sapphire diamond necklace, it was beautiful, but not what everyone had expected, even the disappointment was clear in Sanjana's eye. "This will remind you about me forever." he said and held her to wear it.

Sanjana holding the necklace in her hand, sat in the aeroplane she was still thinking" how she got so lucky that she had sam in her life,Who loved and cherished her like this."

"Are you dumb sam? you should have looked at Sanjana face, she was so heartbroken, when she found out that there was a necklace instead of a ring, she was expecting a ring in the box." Tia said angrily while getting in the car.

Sam while sitting on the driver seat, pulled out another box from his other pocket and opened it, it contained a Solitaire diamond ring it was very delicate.

"Wow! you are a duffer, you pulled out the wrong box in front of her." Roy exclaimed from behind.

"No, it's not like that, I didn't wanted to force the decision on her by proposing her in front of so many people, I wanted her to take her time and decide whether she wanted to be in a permanent relationship with me or not, and by seeing the disappointment on her face today I ,now can ask her the question."Sam explained his intention of gifting The Diamond Necklace instead of the Ring.

"You are smart same now I am proud to call you my brother." Tia said.

At India

Sanjana has reached India, her one of the cousin came to pick her up, she was taken directly to the venue of the wedding, it was all nicely decorated and her whole family was enjoying, the cards and the gifts were being assorted by the ladies.

And there came Neha. Neha was actually similar to Sanjana in many facial features, but Sanjana was natural beauty while Neha preferred cosmetics to look more like Sanjana.

Neha had been always jealous of Sanjana she was brilliant in studies and was more beautiful than her. She didn't like the attention that Sanjana got, when their families put their biodatas for marriage in society.

But now, she thought that the tables had turned, she was getting married to a rich man and Sanjana was divorced. All the family member were paying more attention to Neha, while they were angry with Sanjana for breaking her marriage with Vikram.

SHe came to meet Sanjana,"hello Sanjana! so finally you are back to India, did they throw you out from US!" She in her croaked the voice said.

"Congratulations neha, where is your fiance?" sanjana said without paying any attention to Neha's comment.

"Oh! you should totally meet Rahul he is gorgeous he is fair, handsome and totally rich and he belongs to very powerful family, wait, I will show him to you." She points towards the man, who waves her a hi.

"He is definitely good, Neha congratulations, once again." Sanjana tried to leave.

But Neha pulled her," good? No, he is not just good, he is the best." And then left by making a face.

Sanjana's mother and her family were distant from her, they didn't let her get involved in the rituals.

They were only interested in getting Sanjana married. they showed her their 'so called eligible groom' one of whom was around 18 years elder to Sanjana, with no hair on his head.

Neha's mother also showed her a possible groom, he was already married once and his wife had left him, with whom he had a daughter, the daughter was also 25 year old, just a few years younger to Sanjana his name was Gaurav.

At Boston just after sanjana had left

"I can't keep my feelings all bottled up like this, I need to tell her how I feel, I am going to India." Sam said to Tia.

"You know what she said before going to India, she would have taken you with her if she wanted, but right now she has not told her family anything about you. you need to wait and let her speak to her family before you go to India. Give her some time Sam." Placing a hand on Sam's shoulder Tia said.

"I will stay away from her and her family. I just need to see her, I am going to go crazy if I stay in Boston away from her." Sam said pleading to go to India.

"You know what will happen if she finds out that you went against her and went to India behind her." Tia warned Sam.

"I know my Sanjana, she will be glad that she got me, who followed her all the way to India from Boston." Sam boosted in front of tia.

"Ok do whatever you like." Tia said.

In India

Finally the next day, everyone decided to go for shopping, Neha was trying expensive dresses and Choli for herself, other ladies were also trying out sarees and choli, Sanjana also liked one of the choli and went into the trial room to try it out.

"Wow Rahul! look at that Dupatta, it's so pretty! it would look so good on me? Neha said showing the dupatta of sanjana's Choli.

"Yes Neha! it would look good on you." Rahul replied

"and as such you won't be needing it, Sanjana you have so many dresses from your marriage time." Neha said.

Sanjana brokenheartedly said," if you like it you have it, Neha."

"Look, Neha who is here? meet my best friend, Vikram." Vikram coming forward gives hug to Rahul "hi Rahul" listening to his voice, shiver sends down to Sanjana's spine.

"Hello Vikram! I thought you will never come to my wedding, due to your issue with my cousin, thank you for attending our marriage, it means so much to me." Neha said to Vikram.

"You know I wouldn't miss your marriage, due to some problems with that lady." Vikram replied.

Sanjana was overflowing with the emotion, how could her family allow Vikram to attend her cousins wedding, when she had divorced him. She rushed towards the changing room, but in the middle of her way, got dashed with a waiter carrying a tray of coffee, spilling it on her choli.

The manager of the shop game towards her,"do you even know what is the cost of the choli? how could you be so careless?"he raised his voice against Sanjana.

"Sorry sir, it was by mistake, I will pay for the choli as soon as I reach home." Sanjana knew that her family was not interested on spending any money on her.

"Some people tends to make mess in everything they do." Vikram taunted from behind bringing more tears to Sanjana's eyes.

"No, we couldn't allow you to go back home, this is a 2 lacs Choli. If you couldn't afford it, why did you try it on? God knows, from where this beggers come in the shop!" The manager exclaimed in disgust.

Getting humiliated in the shop, was the worst thing, and none of her family members came to her aid. Sanjana was earning well by her Fellowship, but she didn't have 200000 Rupees in her purse and the manager was not ready to let her go. To pay that sort of money, she needed help from her family who had come for shopping and had money with them.

"How could you do this Sanjana, you don't like me getting married, you ruined my shopping!"Neha exclaimed in anger.

"No, its nothing, Neha." a few words could hardly came out her mouth.

"My love! that thing looks hideous on you I thought you had a better taste, don't worry I will buy you something extravagant." a voice came from behind, grabbing Sanjana by her exposed waist in her choli, a kiss planted on her forehead. Sanjana Turned in shock to see, it was sam, her knight in shining armour.

"I heard you say this is of 2 lakh, the payment is done already on the cash counter, you can check it now, we need to leave." sam said and took Sanjana with him in the car.

The family was sitting on the so far off the living room, They were discussing about Sanjana and the stranger, whom they met at the shop.

"Who was that guy? and why did he pay 200000 rupees for the disaster choli?" Rahul asked.

"god knows, what sort of relation your daughter has with that stranger? And what benefits he is getting from her? she is a black spot to our family reputation, first she gets divorced and now she is running around town getting our respect at Stakes." Neha's mother angrily said.

"She is not even ashamed and went with that stranger, she should have come with us or at least asked for your permission." neha's father said to Sanjana's mother.

Neha's mother was fuming she thought that her daughter was defying her again.

When all this talk was going on a car parked at the gate of the bungalow Sanjana along with Sam came inside.

"Have you had enough fun? now you won't be going out at all, till the wedding Nehal Bidai, you are getting married to Gaurav." Neha's mother said.

"What mom what is she saying?" Sanjana asked looking at her mother.

"Don't look at me like that. you are running around with strangers, now we have to do something to control you, and Gaurav will be our imposed control on you." Sanjana's mother agreeing with Neha's mother Said.

Sanjana was almost about to cry when Sam intervened.

"I know it's your family matter, but I need to introduce myself, I am Samrat Shergill, I work with Sanjana at Boston. I am the CEO of the hospital, she works in you can Google me out". And then dropping on one knee in front of Sanjana, he said," I love you Sanjana and want to marry you, will you accept the ring and let me make you, the happiest woman on earth?" suddenly sadness had been overtaken by Joy in Sanjana mind, all the pain that she lived in for today had went off. Sam was on his knee proposing her to be his wife in front of her family, this was all she wanted.

She immediately nodded yes, her eyes flowing with tears, covering her mouth with both of her hands. Sam lifted her in his arms and twirled her, he made her wear the ring and kissed on her cheeks.

"What is this nonsense?" Neha's moms scream at sam "how can you be so shameless and behave like this in front of the whole family?" Pulling Sanjana away from Sam's arms, she said. Sam was still holding her hand, not allowing her to leave him.

"Isn't this what you wanted? to get SanjanA married, now she is getting married to me, what problems do you have left? your daughter is getting married to one of the most eligible bachelor of America, who is also a doctor what is do you want? you all may agree or not, I don't care, if my love wants to get married, we will get married, as the most celebrated wedding of the millennium." He pulls sanjana towards him, his other hand on her waist, with both arms he is holding her as if he is going to hide her from the whole word.


With Sam and Sanjana being engaged, the atmosphere of the marriage stirs up, Vikram hates how sanjana has moved up in her life, he wishes to bring her down.

Love Kathrine
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